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Room 0

Room 0, where Spooky welcomes the Protagonist.

Spooky greets the player in the first room, Room 0; her cute appearance and humorous dialogue may lead one to believe that this is going to be a harmless parody game that pokes fun at other horror game clichés. She explains the main goal of the game: to make it through 1000 rooms alive. Afterwards, she flies through the ceiling.

Rooms 1-50

In the first 50 rooms, no monsters or death traps appear, and the only jump scares are the Specimen 1s, which may cause one to completely drop their guard. The first and only indicator that things are not as they seem are the notes that appear randomly on Specimen 1 and furniture which tell ominous accounts of the previous travelers of the mansion. Once the player reaches Room 50, which is an elevator, they are rewarded with a save point before pressing the button and continuing to the next floor. This is where things begin to change.

Rooms 51-99

In this section, dark maze-like rooms surrounded by abysses begin to appear, as well as out of place objects such as the Brainframe Room.

Room 60.

However, the real scares don't begin until the player reaches Room 60, a room with a mysterious black and green puddle in the center, and a note on a table that reads:

"Spouting, Splashing, Soaking.

Innards, Ingest, Invoking.

Nailing, Never, stops the Choking"

Once the player puts the note down, a loud choking sound is heard; this is the indicator that Specimen 2, the first hostile enemy in the game, has appeared. The player is then chased by Specimen 2 through several rooms, which during the pursuit, have slime puddles on the floor that slow the player down and increase the chances of getting caught.

In the HD Renovation, Specimen 2 emerges from the slime puddle in the middle of the room instead of coming in through the door.

Once the chase ends, the rooms continue as normal until the next chase, or until Room 100, which is another save room/elevator.