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In Room 410, a line of text appears on the floor that reads "Threshold of Consciousness". When the player passes this line, a mysterious Cat appears and asks the player if they are lost.

There are several rooms on both sides of The Cat. When going forward in the central room, the player enters a dark room, with The Cat standing in the center, and an illuminated door. Interacting with The Cat results with it warning the player the danger that lays ahead. When entering through this last door, the layout of the rooms turn demonic, with a red tint covering the player's vision, and Specimen 7 now starts the chase.

After escaping Specimen 7, the layout of the rooms return to normal.

HD Renovation

For the HD Renovation of the game, Room 410 has been drastically changed. Now, the player will see a hallway with the threshold of consciousness sign on the floor. The player will have to run into the wall, breaking through it, and into a large room with a huge clock (from the original game) in the middle of it.

On each side is all the doors for the other rooms. The player must enter a door which leads to the normal room layout for a few rooms. In these few rooms, other specimens may give chase, albeit for a very short time.

The player will do this to get to the side the right of them 3 times. Then, a door can be opened which will lead to the dark room, which will lead up to the chase.


  • Before the 2.7 update, the rooms in which Specimen 7 chases the player did not count: the counter simply remained at Room 410.


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