Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Wiki
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Rooms 500-549

The "out of order" door.

Room 500 features another meeting with Spooky and a second password plate, "CHEESE", which allows the game to start from Room 500. Spooky's gift to the player this time is "fixing" the door, which temporarily sends the player back to Room 50.

The Express Tunnel.

Nothing is new up until room 60, where the player finds the "express" note on the table. However, instead of releasing Specimen 2, reading the note creates a door to the Express Tunnel, which will send the player to Room 512. It should be noted that specimens can spawn in the short walk from Room 50 to 60.

Rooms 550-599

The "forest".

Starting at Room 550, the player will traverse through forest-like rooms, with violent deer that attack the player when approached. The player then finds and equips an Axe in Room 554, that was embedded into a tree. The axe can kill the deer but one could take damage if not careful. Interactions with the deer also occasionally display strange messages. There are a few cabin rooms with notes about the deer.

At Room 556, the player will stumble upon a giant, stone-like cubic structure covered in strange symbols. Inside it (Room 557), there are several doors the player can open. Going through the right door leads to a room with a record player that can be played, which causes W.A.M to appear. In the room to the left, the player can find a key to open the middle door. Going through the middle door leads the player to Room 558 (557 for the HD Renovation), where they have to use the axe to break the boards nailed to the door.

Room 559, the room Specimen 8 appears in.

Once the player reaches Room 559, (557 for the HD Renovation) Specimen 8 appears in the front hallway and begins to chase them. The rooms after this will revert back to normal.