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In Rooms 610-617, another GL Labs area can be found with a futuristic look, albeit chronologically older, equipped with newer technology such as ventilation and holographic screen for vertical doors, which reset if disregarded for too long.

As the player advances throughout the facility, they will find some notes in the form of holograms written by a former GL Labs' Assistant who has been assigned to retrieve some "things" at the request of Spooky with the members of his team as a company. The notes reveal that the old lab was most likely constructed with a much larger budget, but done carelessly, as some equipment is barely functional. The power still has the potential to work, but will go out for a short while even after a generator is activated.

The lab seems to have no power, and the player must interact with spare generators found in various locations to get the doors and lights back online to progress. The player ends up travelling around until they get to Room 614, where the power runs out and to continue, they must travel through the ventilation system. After entering and exiting numerous air ducts, the player will find themselves in Room 617, where there is a generator to the left of the room, and a note in the middle of a blood puddle. Using the generator and going back to the door will spawn the old Specimen 10, which is, in fact, the host for new Specimen 10. The parasite will erupt from the old one's head and start chasing the player for the first time.


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