Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Wiki
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Rooms 700-749

The fast food restaurant.

At Room 710, the player will enter a room that looks like a fast food restaurant, with a lot of posters proclaiming the local food has "100% BEEF!". Notes are spread around talking about an employee's strange work experience at the restaurant. The player must first go to the bathroom. One of the stalls has the key to the playpen laying on the floor. The last stall is locked, with blood spreading on the floor, and a strange suction sound coming from it.

Outside Play Area.png

Once the player enters the play area, they must go into the multicolored children exploration tunnels, with more notes spread around to read, and get the key to the freezer right before the exit.
Once inside the freezer, the player can see hanging slabs of meat. At the end, there is the exit key. After picking it up, the player will be chased by Specimen 11 for the first time.

Rooms 750-799

At Room 750, there will be a save point and Spooky will appear to gift the player "Infinite Stamina", which makes the player unable to run, but the Axe can be swung as many times as it is desired. After 15 rooms (10 in the HD Renovation), it will go away, and the player will be able to run again.

The third and final password, this time, is "CAKE".


"Leave your shoes, leave ALL your shoes.", the play area's theme:


  • There is a human skull in the lower right corner of the shoe rack in the play area.
  • The third rule of the play area could be a reference to the 1962 horror movie Eegah, in which there's a scene in a desert where one of the characters says "Watch out for snakes."
  • The slabs of meat can be pushed around and smacked with the axe in the HD Renovation.