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Room 810

Upon entering Room 810, the player will find a two-story Victorian-styled mansion, Specimen 12 itself. According to the notes scattered about, there is a commotion going on below the kitchen. There are also hints of what seems to be a man chasing after the note writer.

The mansion consists of a wine cellar, a parlor, a dining hall with a fireplace, two hallways, a library, and two bedrooms, all of which can be explored by the player. Once the player hears The Old Man, they must hide using the local objects, otherwise he will quickly sprint towards the player, instantly killing them. The player will eventually find the fake book in the parlor. Using it on a bookcase in the library reveals a trapdoor to the underground room, where the exit room key can be found. After escaping the room where the key is acquired, The Old Man continues to chase the player like another Specimen.


Room 810

What is this?

Wow, what a mansion!
Inside another mansion.

Maybe I've
made it all the way to the end of
the house. Maybe this is like a
resting place or another entrance
perhaps? Whatever the case, I
think this is a good spot to rest.

This mansion is strange...

I think the bricks and wood are
actually just painted on. Everything
still feels kind of fake. Also I keep
hearing movement and voices
below me. Maybe other survivors
are hiding down there!

I can hear him coming down
the hallway! I need to hide, but
I don't know where.

I now know this is not an exit or
a resting place. It is just another
specimen room!

I think he's outside the door now.

I somehow managed to get away.
But I don't know for how long.

I hear him, even when I know
he's not there. It's like he isn't
even real but instead my own
fears manifesting themselves
and stalking me.

I have a theory.

I think it's this pseudo
mansion. I think it's
playing with my head.

I still hear him...
I must find that man
and kill him with the
sickle I found in the


  • There is a very rare chance that a hanging corpse will appear for a split second above the dining hall door at the entrance. It has not been added back in HD Renovation, however.
  • The Old Man will not quickly sprint towards the player in the HD Renovation, instead slowly walking up to them, giving them more time to hide and avoid instant death.