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As of July 21 2015, the final rooms have been added.

Rooms 910-994

In Room 910, the player finds themselves in a large room with fountains on either side. The walls are black and there is hardly any light, rendering navigation difficult. The notes seem to come from scientists studying the mysterious recent deaths of whales. The door at the end leads to a corridor with two doors, one locked with a password and the other leading to a view of what seems to be either a huge fish tank, or the ocean. A whale passes by the window, after the player picks up the note in the room.

The door on the right of the first room leads to a corridor with two doors. Inside the rooms are more notes, including one with the password, and a lantern which allows the player to see better in the dark. When one comes back to the password door and inputs the code, one can turn down the water pressure to open the metallic door in the main room.

The player is then led to a flooded room with one last note, and a locked room. After finding the key and opening the locked room, Specimen 13 dives into the water and starts chasing the player.

It chases the player through flooded rooms and floating crates until about room 930. This specimen will never return after being encountered once.

Rooms 995-1000

Room 995 contains a save point, similar to the ones found every 100 rooms (some new posters may appear, to confirm). At Room 1000, the final door can be found. It takes the player "outside", with a blue sky and green fields. Then the sky seems to crash with an error message as Spooky appears, looking disappointed that the player survived. But she perks back up when she hears Specimen 9, stating that she is sending the protagonist on a final test "to prove your fortitude or dedication. Or something".

A door appears and the player finds themselves in a short, white hallway that leads them to a small area with a radio on a white table. A voice says, "I'm taking all those 'logs' they keep throwing out... And I'm nailing them together". To the right is a door that the player can go through that leads to a hallway with many doors, but only the door at the end can be pushed open. The door leads to a room with three other doors, and again, only the door straight ahead can be opened. A small panel reads 731, a weird voice whispering this number unintelligibly can be heard. Going into that room triggers a cutscene of Specimen 9 transforming. The player is then transported to a room with no doors and the new form of Specimen 9 floating in front of them.

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Scripted Rooms

  • Room 910, the water aqueducts. According to the notes in the rooms, whales have been mysteriously dying to some predator, which they note from the bite marks in the whales' bodies. The player finds the lantern in one of the rooms and unlocks a door using a code hidden in one of the notes. After shutting down the water supply, the player can enter the next rooms which are completely flooded, and the lantern is snuffed out. After finding a key and unlocking the next door, Specimen 13 appears underwater and attacks the player. This specimen can easily catch up to the player.
  • Room 995, the final save room/elevator.
  • Room 1000, the room that contains the door leading to the "exit," which is actually the way to the final boss.


Currently, there are 3 endings :

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

Good Ending

If the player uses their axe swings wisely during the boss battle with Specimen 9, the roof collapses on them when the battle ends. Spooky suddenly appears again, claiming that the player died so tragically that they are now a ghost. After this, both the player and Spooky float off the floor. The floor folds up to reveal the player is standing on a ledge overlooking a huge room filled with Spooky's army of ghosts. Spooky appears on a large video screen in the center of the room, stating that her forces have finally reached the required number. She then states that her goal is to lead her army in a quest to stop people calling ghosts "cute" or "adorable." After this, the game ends.

Bad Ending

If the player swings their axe at enemies too many times (including Specimen 9's Boss form) they will get the bad ending. Instead of being crushed by the ceiling, the player keeps swinging the axe at the boss, and the screen is slowly tinted red with each swing. Then Spooky appears in a similar fashion to how she appeared in the other ending, except this time, her dialogue is different. She congratulates the player and says it was interesting to see the player swinging the axe around aimlessly. She then says she thinks they'll make a fine specimen. After this, the player is shown dragging a bloody axe behind them, the screen says "Bad Ending", and the game ends.

Joke/A_Rival Ending

If the player disables jumpscares and specimens in the options and goes through all 1000 floors from start to finish, they will get the joke ending. Instead of being confronted by a final boss, they are shown a cartoony room with balloons, a "1000 Rooms!" banner, and a set of exit stairs leading up. Spooky shows up and gives the player a half-hearted congratulations for getting to 1000 rooms. She tells them if anything changes she'll let them know.

The player starts ascending the stairs as the epilogue text flickers on the screen: "You escape the manor and tell everyone about its enormous empty basement, hollow corridors and general lack of substance. No one believes you. But you live on... Somehow."

Getting this ending (Assuming you have started from the very first room) grants you the "A_Rival Mode!" achievement.


  • The final boss fight is very similar to the numerous boss fights with Ganondorf of the Legend of Zelda series, particularly the one from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • The strange white room is very similar to an easter egg from Imscared.
  • The white room and the boss room are the only rooms in the main game where Specimen 9 cannot appear through idling.