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Rooms 910-994

The first area of Room 910.

In Room 910, the player finds themselves in a large room with fountains on either side. There is hardly any light, rendering navigation difficult. The notes seem to come from marine biologists studying the mysterious recent deaths of whales. The door at the end leads to a corridor with two doors, one locked with a password and the other leading to a view of what seems to be either a huge fish tank, or the ocean. A whale passes by the window after the player picks up the note in the room.

The door on the right of the entrance room leads to a corridor with two doors. Inside the rooms are more notes, including one with the password, 4132, and a lantern which allows the player to see better in the dark and use the number lock on the door. The password locked door contains a note and a key, needed for the locked room which contains a water pump, which will lower the water level and allow the player to open the metallic door in the main room. In the HD Renovation, the password locked door contains the water pump and note instead.

Specimen 13 sitting on a crate.

After shutting down the water supply, the player can enter the next rooms which are completely flooded, and the lantern is snuffed out. There is one last note and a locked door. After finding the key and opening the locked door, moving deeper into the room the player will find Specimen 13 sitting on a floating crate and, when approached, will dive into the water and start chasing the player.

It chases the player through flooded rooms and floating crates until about Room 930. This specimen will never return after being encountered once in the original game; for HD Renovation, Specimen 13 can re-chase the player.

Rooms 995-1000

Room 995 contains the final save point/elevator of the game.

Exit Door.png

At Room 1000, the "final" door can be found. It takes the player "outside", with a blue sky and green fields. Then the sky seems to crash with an error message as Spooky appears, looking disappointed that the player survived. But she perks back up when she hears Specimen 9 screaming, stating that she is sending the protagonist on a final test "to prove your fortitude or dedication. Or something".

A door appears and the player finds themselves in a short, white hallway that leads them to a small area with a radio on a white table. A voice says, "I'm taking all those 'logs' they keep throwing out... And I'm nailing them together".

White Room.png

To the right is a door that the player can go through that leads to a hallway with many doors, but only the door at the end can be pushed open. The door leads to a room with three other doors, and again, only the door straight ahead can be opened. A small panel reads 731, and a weird voice whispering this number unintelligibly can be heard. Going into that room triggers a cutscene of Specimen 9 transforming into its boss form.

The player is then transported to a room where the new form of Specimen 9 is floating in front of them, and the final battle begins.


The player will get one of two endings depending on what they've done through their playthrough.

In addition, there's a joke ending in HD Renovation.


Room 910

Research Report 1

More whales are being shipped
to the facility tomorrow, one for
a health inspection and two that
are already dead for autopsies.

More and more beached whales
keep appearing around those
islands and I still can't find what
is causing it.

Research Report 2

Whale 014-D has strange small
bite marks. They appear from
another smaller mammal, but
the strangest thing about them
is their placement. They are in even
rows inside the whale's stomach
all about 5 feet from the 'bottom'
of the stomach lining.

Research Report 3

Whale 015-A is still alive but
gets into fits of thrashing and
is surfacing more often than
natural. I think there may be a
problem with its lungs, but I
don't have any tools that would
allow me to check it without it

I will have to allow it to die
from whatever is causing it
and then do an autopsy.

Research Report 4

Whale 015-D has died much
sooner than I expected while
I was away on holiday. I regret
not being here, but I had
estimated it would live much
longer. The team that did the
autopsy said nothing seemed to
be wrong with the lungs but the
stomach had a circular hole about
2 feet in diameter all the way
through to the outside of the Whale.

This pretty much confirms a
parasite is the cause of death.

Research Report 5

The research facility is now in
dire need of more engineers.
We have a whole block that is
flooded, and some vital staff are

Research Report 6

I hear a girl.
Or an animal.
Or something...

Singing to me, pleading that
I come outside my locked room
and let the sweeping waves
comfort me.

Research Report 7

All the staff is gone.
Only I remain.
For no purpose, I remain
here, resisting the call from
behind the sealed door.

But I will remain...
As long as I can.
Don't open that door.

Excerpt 4132
And then I watched carelessly
as the sea rose above the sky
casting waving shadows over
the world.

I saw the silhouettes of
creatures both familiar and
forgotten. And suddenly I
found myself falling upwards
towards an ocean of darkness.


  • The lantern is most likely a reference to the one in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
    • However, unlike the one used in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this lantern doesn't require oil to be used.
  • The final boss fight is very similar to the numerous boss fights with Ganondorf of the Legend of Zelda series, particularly the one from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • The strange white room is very similar to an easter egg found in the game IMSCARED.
  • The file name of the whale's texture in HD Renovation is named big chungus. [1] [2]