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This page contains spoilers about the game. Read with caution.

This page contains all achievements and the hidden achievements present on Steam for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation.

Achievement Description Requirements
I'm glad you're here. Start a new game in Story Mode.
You made it this far! Make it to Room 250 in Story Mode.
Halfway There
Always forward, never back. Make it to Room 500 in Story Mode.
The Final Stretch
You'll need unlimited stamina to race to the end! Make it to Room 750 in Story Mode.
You Did It!
Just go towards the light! Make it to Room 1000 in Story Mode.
Achievement goodending.jpg
Welcome to the Army
Spooky believes in your potential! Get the Good Ending in Story Mode.
Achievement badending2.jpg
It Was Never A Mask
Who is the real monster? Get the Bad Ending in Story Mode.
Achievement axe.jpg
New AXEuisition
Extra-dimensionally choppy Get the Axe in Story Mode.
Meta gamer.jpg
Spooky inception! Play all 3 of the arcade games in Story Mode.
Avid reader.jpg
Avid Reader
These are their stories. Read all the notes in Story Mode.
Speedrun Strats
I admire your confidence! Complete Story Mode without saving.
Near-death expiriance.jpg
Near-Death Experience
Almost got you! Escape a chase with almost no health in Story or Endless Mode.
Specimen researcher.jpg
Specimen Researcher
Were you taking notes? Encounter 23 specimens total from Story Mode and Endless Mode.
Just keep moving Walk / run for 26 miles in Story Mode, Endless Mode or Karamari Hospital.
Visiting hour.jpg
Visiting Hour
Welcome to Karamari Hospital! Get to the lobby in Karamari Hospital.
Karamari hospital good ending.jpg
You Should Go Now
This place should be shut down... Get the Good Ending in Karamari Hospital.
Karamari hospital bad ending.jpg
She Fears You
Please don't hurt me. Get the Bad Ending in Karamari Hospital by killing most of the Monsters.

Hidden Achievements

Achievement Description Requirements
Death achievement.jpg
Game Over and Over
You just... can't stop dying can you? Die to all 12 hostile specimens from Story Mode.
Try and restrain yourself Do not use your axe with the exception of cutting terrain and the boss fight in Story Mode.
A rival.jpg
A_Rival Mode!
I am super scared! Reach Room 1000 without turning on Specimens or Jump Scares in Story Mode.
Brain power.jpg
Brain Power
Oops... Get killed by The Brain in Story or Endless Mode.
Clone wars.jpg
Seeing Double
Double the specimen, double the fun! Encounter two of the same enemy at the same time in Endless Mode.
Room 1001.jpg
This Isn't The End?!
Just...just keep going! Reach Room 1001 in Endless Mode.
Love is over... Get Sunshine Academy's second ending in Karamari Hospital.
Backseat gamer.jpg
Backseat Gamer
You're doing it wrong, give me the controller! Get killed by Monster 4 while playing Sunshine Academy in Karamari Hospital.
Knife to meet you.jpg
Knife To Meet You
Where did you get that sword? Complete New Game+ on Karamari Hospital.


  • A_Rival Mode! and Speedrun Strats cannot be obtained simultaneously.
  • All specimens needed for the Specimen Researcher achievement appear in Endless Mode. Note that Karamari Hospital does not count for this achievement, meaning the Monsters need to be encountered in Endless Mode alongside the Unknown Specimens.
  • In order to get the Bad Ending in Story Mode, the player needs 20 counter points.
    • For example, hitting Specimen 1 variants will add 1 point, while hitting other specimens will add 3 points.