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Endless Mode is a gameplay mode in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion that was released as part of a large update on July 4, 2016.


The player starts in Room 0 with the Axe already in hand. The gameplay is exactly the same as the main game, although the mansion continues endlessly instead of ending after Room 1000.

New room layouts are added, such as more maze-like, narrower rooms with very irregular turns, limiting movement. Two room types are also present in this mode, known as hotel rooms and lab rooms.

There are save points every fifty rooms until Room 200, where they occur every 100 rooms instead. After Room 1000, save points are available every 200 rooms. Dying will lead to the deletion of the player's save file, forcing them to start anew. Quitting the game is also disabled during a chase.


  • Specimen 1 - New unique designs including a boot/shoe, doughnut and candy corn as well as new sound effect clips.
  • Monster 3 - New chase added. Please see page for more details.
  • Monster 4 - New chase added. Please see page for more details.
  • Monster 5 - New chase added. Please see page for more details.
  • Monster 6 - New chase added. Please see page for more details.

Unknown Specimens

  • Unknown Specimen 1 / "White Face" - The floating 8-bit White Face from the popular indie horror game IMSCARED. Makes a loud noise as it gets closer to the player. Screen flashes red when the player looks at it, causing it to teleport away from view.
  • Unknown Specimen 2 / "Otto the Otter" - An animatronic otter with a deep laugh. Moves very slowly and does minimal damage.
  • Unknown Specimen 3 / "Spooper" - Some form of parasitic lifeform that takes the innocent appearance of a human with a bed sheet ghost costume. Slowly drains player's health in every room. Has an ability that temporarily freezes the player and makes them vomit, which takes away a portion of health.
  • Unknown Specimen 4 / "Tirsiak" - Forest warden girl. Shadow creatures block the path. The player must kill them to progress and rooms are covered in a blue hue.
  • Unknown Specimen 5 / "Lisa" - Before she appears, rooms gradually turn red and faded Specimen 1s will appear with ominous notes attached to them. During the chase, Lisa behaves similarly to Specimen 6 and Monster 4, but will slowly move when being looked at.


  • Specimen 7, Specimen 13, Monster 1 and Monster 2 are the only enemies that don't appear in the Endless Mode.
  • Notably, the Endless Mode lacks special Rooms such as the Foggy Maze or Minigames Room.
    • However, the Endless Mode contains a lot of new rooms that don't appear in the main game.
  • If the player dies in the Endless Mode, the game over screen will say "Your soul wiggles in agony", which is different from the original game's and Karamari Hospital's "Your soul wanders in an endless maze" game over screen.
  • This is the only gamemode in which Spooky does not appear.

Endless Mode returned in Spooky's HD as a free patch on October 20th, 2017, with differences from its original counterpart.

The starting area in Endless Mode


In contrast to the original's Endless Mode, where the player started in a random room, they will now begin outside the mansion, with a boarded-up door in the middle of the area. The player is given a choice of which weapon to take; the Axe is lodged into the frame of the door, and the Sword is lying on a surgical instrument table found at the top-right of the starting area (only if the player has cleared Karamari Hospital at least once). Both weapons work the same way against all enemies, although the sword's priming animation is five frames faster than the axe's. The axe's swing animation is six frames faster than the sword's, however. In short, the sword is released faster but the axe ends its attack animation faster.

Exclusive to the HD Renovation and worth mentioning for this mode, the player will be invulnerable while going through a door, and they have 0.35 seconds of invincibility, meaning no other enemies can hurt them for that window of time if they've already taken damage.

For more stats in Endless Mode, see here.

Exiting the game during a chase via closing the window or force-closing the game (Alt-F4, Task Manager, etc.) will now delete the player's save file as if they had died. A report screen will show up when the player dies, showing their settings and old best score if they had any.

Also unlike the original, each specimens' scripted room from their original appearances (i.e. Story Mode and Karamari Hospital) will also appear. In each floor of 100 rooms, one of these rooms will randomly appear. From that point on, the specimen in question will be available to chase the player, much like the previous Endless Mode. Specimen 2 is the sole exception to this rule, as it is in the "Rechase Pool" (explained below) by default, though its starting room can be encountered rarely. New starting rooms have also been created for the Endless Mode-exclusive "Unknown Specimens", though White Face and Spooper still do not have proper starting rooms.

Sometimes, large spider cobwebs will cover parts of some of the rooms the player encounters. They can be destroyed with one swing. If not, they will slow the player down, similar to Specimen 2's puddles. More room types have been added as well.

Chase Mechanics

It is now possible to encounter more than one specimen at once, significantly increasing the difficulty. This includes getting chased by 2 of the same specimen or getting chased by multiple Specimens simultaneously, up to a maximum of 5. The way this works is assumed to be as such:

  1. After a specimen's chase begins, that specimen is added to a "Rechase Pool."
  2. At the start of each room, the game checks to see if the player can encounter a specimen.
    • This check occurs even if the player is already being chased by another specimen.
    • This check automatically fails if the player is inside of a "Safe Room" (Elevator, Foggy Maze, Brain Room, LP Room, or the Minigames Room), inside Room 0, if they enter another specimen's spawn room, or if they are already being chased by the maximum of 5 Specimens.
  3. If the check passes and the game rolls to spawn a specimen, a random specimen from the "Rechase Pool" will be spawned in that room.
    • Each specimen has an equal chance to spawn, though the chance for each one lowers with each specimen added to the pool. (i.e. 2 specimens is a 50% chance for each, 5 specimens is a 20% chance for each.)
    • This can include another copy of a specimen already chasing the player; the first occurrence of this will earn the player the "Seeing Double" Achievement.
    • Specimen 2 is added to the "Rechase Pool" at the start of every run, regardless of whether its spawn room is encountered.
    • Specimen 7 and Specimen 9 can be encountered, but are never added to the "Rechase Pool."
  4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated for each room until the player dies, ending the run.

At the end of a run, a results screen is displayed, showing the player's stats for that run; whether or not jumpscares and specimens were enabled, the room they made it to, whether or not they surpassed their best score, and their global ranking.

Checkpoint System

The SCARE Room

Upon surpassing 1000 rooms in Endless Mode, a hatch covered by a plank will appear near the door at the start of Endless Mode. This hatch will lead into a room with the SCARE (Secure Central Access Resource for Employees). When interacted with, the SCARE will show the amount of enemies the player has encountered in Endless Mode (measured as their CAT-DOS training), which will allow the player to skip rooms up to a maximum of 2500 through the use of the Express Tunnel.

A screen will show a list of enemies the player is able to select. The selected enemies will be added into the player's re-chase pool. The amount of selected enemies that are chosen equals to the amount of rooms the player will skip. Each selected enemy represents 100 rooms. Depending on how many enemies are picked, the player is forced to choose from 1 to 5 of these enemies to chase the player at the same time (the same enemy cannot be selected, however). When the SCARE is properly set up, the player has to walk through the door on the right which will lead them into a few Express Tunnel rooms. When the player is out of the Express Tunnel rooms, the chase will begin.

Specimen Changes

  • Specimen 4 - Her second form now has its own starting room: a short school-like corridor with a wall of static. Entering the static will dismiss it and Specimen 4 will appear. The mechanics of her second form's abilities have been changed. Instead of a constant static overlay over the player's vision, it will now take the form of a wall of static appearing in the room, most often near the exit. This wall will come and go similarly to her previous ability. Her third form can be seen but is rarer than the original endless mode, and appears to go slightly faster than the second form.
  • Specimen 7 - Its starting room is identical to its Story Mode counterpart (Room 410) which has changed a lot from the original, although it will not give chase more than once.
  • Specimen 13 - Its starting room is identical to its Story Mode counterpart (Room 910). It will chase the player only through the flooded rooms. Specimen 2, Specimen 5 and The Old Man can join the chase, if able.
  • Monster 2 - It can now randomly appear. Its starting room is a small, lit, circular room filled with many body bags, one of the body bags will raise (Monster 2) and start the chase. When it hits the player, it will teleport back to the entrance of the current room.
  • Monster 3 - Hitting it with the Sword or Axe will teleport it to somewhere in the current room. Its starting room is a small, two-way rusted catwalk. It will appear at the center of it and will proceed to chase down the player.
  • Monster 4 - It can now be attacked using the Sword or Axe. Attacking it will make it disappear for the rest of the room, much like Specimen 6. Hitting it enough times will end its chase. Its starting room is identical to its counterpart in Karamari Hospital. However, the hallway normally leading to Monster 6 is blocked with crates.
  • Monster 5 - Can be attacked with the Sword or Axe which will put it back to the entrance of the current room. Its starting room is a rusted maze similar to the Isolation Room from Karamari Hospital, although shorter.
  • Monster 6 - Chase mechanic has been changed. It will sometimes come out of the exit door when the player approaches it and try to hit them. Its starting room is identical to its counterpart in Karamari Hospital, with the difference that the hallway is not nearly as long. Also, the doors normally leading out are locked, forcing the player to walk down the hallway.
  • Unknown Specimen 1 - White Face itself has been considerably nerfed in speed and teleports away less often but does not teleport away when observed. It will sometimes come from the exit door.
  • Unknown Specimen 2 - Now possesses its own starting room; a pizzeria-like restaurant, very reminiscent of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. At first, Otto will be standing harmlessly on a podium with a slice of pizza next to him. Consuming the pizza will display the text "DELICIOUS", and will awaken Otto, beginning the chase with a short jingle. Otto is now larger and faster.
  • Unknown Specimen 3 - This specimen will now appear randomly at a door in its "bed-sheet ghost" form. It now has the ability to teleport in front of other doorways to block the player's path to the next room, rendering it impossible to delay its chase, as the player could in the original. The parasite version of Spooper is much smaller and slightly slower than its original counterpart, and is seen less often. The first time it appears is considered its starting room. The extremely bloody bed-sheet ghost form of Spooper can appear alongside the parasite version as another hallucination.
  • Unknown Specimen 4 - Now has its own starting room, reminiscent of a snowy tundra forest that has a little inaccessible cabin on its left and a few tall trees on its right. The chase will start about halfway into the room. Tirsiak's shadow animals are now far larger and take one hit to kill. She will no longer fall back when she attacks.
  • Unknown Specimen 5 - Possesses its own starting room, which resembles a house-like interior with several bookcases. The room will begin to loop, and will change with each loop. A phone will appear and constantly ring, the walls will become deteriorated, and the screen will get redder in tint and her chase will begin much like in OG. This time around she doesn't go through walls, goes slower and deals a lot less damage.
  • Husks - They have their own starting room, which takes from a lot of scenes and elements seen in The Doll House. They can spawn in numbers, either all active or dormant and these dormant ones can sometimes become active if the player gets close. They can be dispatched with the Axe or Sword and will cease to chase after being killed.
  • Woormy Charles - Woormy has its own starting room, resembling the storage room found in the West Wing. When being chased, he will appear somewhere in the room and wander around until he sees the player. It can be struck with the Axe or Sword.
  • The Clown - An optional chaser for Endless Mode, The Clown can be found in Unknown Specimen 2's starting room and can be opted to be added to the Rechase Pool or not. It's still harmless.
  • Hooked Doll - Her starting room resembles the maze-like area she appears in the Root Cellar. Her mechanics are unchanged outside of dealing slightly less damage and having a blue fog and old film grain covering the player's screen when chasing.


  • With the addition of Specimen 7, Specimen 13 and Monster 2, Monster 1 is the only enemy that doesn't appear in Endless Mode.
  • It is now possible to encounter rooms not originally scripted for the original endless mode, including Specimen 9's endless hallway, the brain room, the Minigames room, the foggy maze room, and Howard's room, although the CAT-DOS room still cannot appear.
  • The 50/50 room found in Story Mode was modified for Endless Mode: The player now starts inside a short hallway in the middle instead of just spawning in the middle of the room. This room was changed in order to prevent unfair scenarios where multiple specimens could easily catch up and kill the player if they picked the wrong door.
  • If the player pauses the game while in a chase, the option to quit has been disabled and the text changed to 'No Escape'.
  • An error screen will pop up on the SCARE if the player tries to summon enemies that cannot chase alongside others such as Specimen 13 with any other specimens that aren't Specimen 2, 5 or The Old Man.
  • The SCARE reuses the model of the Kira Genesis found in the ritual room in The Doll House.