The Foggy Maze is an illuminated room that uses trial and error as its puzzle source. This room is randomly encountered.


After entering the main area, the player may go left, forward or right. If the player chooses the correct direction, it will be indicated by a piano note, if the player is going in the wrong direction an acoustic guitar sound will play. Once the player makes four correct choices they will enter a room with a door in front of them and two blank areas to the left and right. If the player makes an incorrect choice the rooms will reset and they'll have to begin again. The correct turn combination changes each time the maze is encountered, but to date always requires four correct choices in a row to complete.

As the Foggy Maze does not function with entirely randomized paths, six different predefined paths have been reported:

  • Front, front, front, left
  • Left, front, front, left
  • Left, front, front, front
  • Left, left, front, left
  • Front, right, right, left
  • Right, right, front, left


  • This is most likely an homage to the famous "Lost Forest" style puzzle popularized by The Legend of Zelda.
  • It is worth noting it is a "safe" area, as no specimen keeps chase in these areas, allowing one to rest momentarily.