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GL Labs, also known as Generic Lab Labs, is the mansion's mysterious laboratory, the employers of Generic Lab Assistants, and is presumably owned and funded by Spooky's Father. They are responsible for containing, classifying, and testing the mansion's various specimens and use the CAT-DOS system as a means of recording their data.

The current state of GL Labs is unknown after the escape of Specimen 3 and new Specimen 10's attack, as no members are ever seen in-game, only events described on some notes.

In Endless Mode, a total of eight notes can be found. The notes seem to be written by Spooky herself and they foreshadow her relationships with GL Labs and its workers. In the fifth note GL Labs workers are referred as GL Lab slaves and were tasked with spamming invitations to the mansion as frequently as possible. In the seventh note a GL Labs worker informs Spooky about issues the name of their house might bring and is sent to investigate the case further. According to the eighth note, the worker said that with enough funds the issue could be avoided, but Spooky decided to keep the money toward dried noodle sustenance and scary things.

In The Doll House DLC, there's an entire area dedicated to the GL Labs. What is found in this place explains the nature and origin of certain things in the game. Furthermore, notes from assistants can be found throughout the dollhouse, related to the experiments and events that had undergone here.


  • GL Labs is humorously similar in concept to the SCP Foundation, most likely an homage.
  • There are also a number of parallels with Aperture Science from the Portal series.