This is a list of a few of the more notable graphical glitches/errors that can be encountered while playing the game.

Texture glitches

There is a chance that the game textures will start glitching out.

This might happen when the download of the game gets corrupted, or when the player ports their old save files into the new version of the game.

Some examples: incorrect placement of textures (textures for doors appear on walls, and vice-versa, etc.); textures were gone/disappeared (which results in the "Transparent walls" glitch), etc.

Sometimes, Specimen 5's hallucination abilities can also cause such glitches.

In a room with two cages to the left and right, with the right side holding a door, there's a high chance the door simply doesn't spawn, leaving the player trapped and vulnerable to Specimen 9. however, repeatedly spamming "E" on where the door is eventually opens it, even if the door seems invisible/replaced by wall textures.

Specimen 5 won't kill bug

There is a bug when Specimen 5 takes all of the player's health, but it does not actually kill them. It simply disappears afterwards.

Specimen 9's "The void" bug

A bug that makes the Endless Hallway end up in a large, pitch-black room.

It is very likely that entering this "void" will get the player lost. As the walls in the hallway serve as a trap for Specimen 9, when there are no entities in between, it would close completely, rendering the player unable to progress. To continue the game, the player will have to exit, and restart the game, forcing them to play the game from their last Save room.

Specimen 7's texture bug

There is a rare chance that the player encounters Specimen 7 not having its original in-game sprite, but any other kinds of textures, i.e., the normal walls.

Specimen 1's floating note bug

If the player cuts down a cardboard cut-out of Specimen 1 when there is a note on it, the note will float in mid-air. However, it can still be interacted/viewed.

Bugged pause menu

Some players may have encountered this bug: if the player has it, they can see the "Options" which are usually in the pause Screen, on the left corner of the screen.

The player can still move around, but moving up or down would select the Options - and by pressing 'Space', they can choose it.

This bug can be triggered by pressing 'ESC' or 'BackSpace' twice while being on the Pause Menu, to avoid this, the player has to press on "Continue" with 'Space'.

Missing posters bug

After spawning in any room between 600-700, there is a chance the player will see the axe poster turned completely black or simply missing. This is also true for loading a save-state that leads to room 800 and beyond, where other posters fail to appear.

No ambience bug

After spawning in Room 700, there is a bug in which the ambiance music is disabled. However, ambient sound effects can still be heard. After going through a few rooms, the ambiance music will be heard again.

Specimen 10 (Old) outside of the room glitch

There was a chance that the old Specimen 10 would spawn outside of a room, making it impossible to re-enter that room. This, however, will fix itself when the player enters the next room. 

Distorted sounds error

The player might experience an error where all the sounds, including Spooky's dialogue, are distorted. This could happen to anyone who downloaded the Steam version of the game or played the game in Windows 8.

A possible fix for this is going to the computer's speaker properties, and under the 'Advanced' tab, set 'Default Format' to 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality).

Chase theme and Specimens' sounds played for no reason while checking CAT-DOS or Minigames bug

There's a rare chance that upon opening the CAT-DOS screen or a minigame, a specimen's chase theme can be heard and its sounds, as if it is very close to the player. If it happens inside CAT-DOS, the ambience sound is still heard, but in Minigames, the background music is replaced by the chase theme. It is unknown if it only happens on certain floors. If Specimen 8's theme and sound start playing, the static screen overlay will also be present. Specimen 5's fog will still appear if its theme and sound effects are heard. Footage of bug inside the CAT-DOS here and bug inside the minigames here.

Apparently, accessing minigames and CAT-DOS screens have the same mechanics as entering a new room and thus have a chance to trigger a chase. While the Minigame and CAT-DOS rooms are counted as safe rooms and thus prevent encounters, the minigames and CAT-DOS computer themselves are not.

Flesh Hallway and Specimen

The Flesh Hallway that appears right before Specimen 7 begins to chase the player is apparently counted as a normal room in the game's code, meaning that if one is (un)lucky enough, a Specimen can begin chase there, meaning that two Specimen will chase the player at the same time.

  • It's currently unknown whether this glitch inspired the mechanic of multiple specimens chasing the player in HD Renovation's Endless Mode.

Specimen 3 stuck in a wall

Occasionally, when Specimen 3 is chasing the player through a very narrow hallway, the holes where Specimen 3 spawn from appear halfway in the walls, meaning that Specimen 3 will spawn partially inside the wall and be unable to move.

Multiple pause screens

When hiding in the wardrobe in the bedroom (room 810), the player can pause multiple times, resulting in a deeper blue pause screen. The player must select "Continue" to exit the pause screen.

  • This can also work inside Howard's room.

Unknown Specimen 2 (Otto) stuck in acid pool

When Otto starts chasing the player, if encountering the room with the acid pool right in front of the entrance door, he will get stuck in it.

  • Sometimes if the player continues going through rooms, Otto will just stop moving when he enters some of them.

Unknown Specimen 1's after-chase menu glitch

Right after escaping Unknown Specimen 1, the textures go back to normal. However, the pixelated overlay persists, and pausing the game will result in a glitched pause screen as seen in the Gallery. The bug will end upon going to another room.

Monster 6's after-chase light bug

Sometimes, escaping Bekka causes a light bug in which some areas have a different lightning, as seen in the Gallery.

Room 310 ambient glitch

Sometimes, after picking up the first key in Room 310, the ambient track exclusive to the area ("OUO") is replaced by normal ambience (AMB_1, AMB_2, et cetera...).

Isolation Room Pause Bug

For unknown reasons, if the player pauses in Karamari Hospital's Isolation Room, they can see through the walls of the maze. This only appears to apply to HD Renovation.

Axe on the Menu

If Specimen 11 kills the player while the Axe is being held, there is a chance for the Axe to appear as if it is being held on the menu screen.