Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Wiki

Basic Movement

Like many other computer games, the player can use either the arrow keys or WASD to navigate through the rooms.

However, holding down a movement key while going through a door will not result in the player's continued motion; the player will simply stop, and must press and hold the key once again to continue moving. This does not apply to the HD Renovation.

Holding down Shift allows the player to sprint until their stamina bar is depleted, or until they release Shift. At first, this function is most useful for getting through rooms faster, but later in the game, it becomes necessary to escape the mansion's many deadly enemies.

Every time the player presses Shift, a small amount of the player's stamina gets lost even if the player doesn't move. Repeatedly pressing Shift can empty the stamina bar completely without moving or using a weapon. This was fixed in the HD Renovation.

Along with sprint, a technique known as "strafing" is present only in the original version of the game. Instead of going in a straight path, the player holds down the up/down and right/left keys simultaneously to go faster.

Health & Stamina

The health and stamina bars in HD Renovation, including Infinite Stamina and when the player takes damage.

The two most vital mechanics of the player alongside movement. The health and stamina meters show how much of each is left, health indicated by the large red bar with a heart icon next to it, and stamina indicated by the smaller green (yellow in HD Renovation) bar below the health bar with a green orb icon (yellow thunder bolt icon in HD Renovation).

The player takes damage to their health when in contact with certain specimens or enemies. The health will regenerate constantly albeit at a very slow pace. In HD Renovation, health only regenerates after the player has gone for 10 seconds without taking damage and regenerates much faster, with an almost depleted health bar fully refilling in about 10 seconds.

Sprinting or using a weapon will drain stamina. The stamina will deplete completely after 4 seconds of uninterrupted sprint and will fill up just as quick. Both the action of drawing and releasing the weapon drains stamina. Constantly spamming a weapon will deplete it really fast, but in HD Renovation, it drains much slower and doesn't allow the player to swing again until it refills enough.

Starting at Room 750, regular stamina is replaced with Infinite Stamina, which removes the sprint function entirely but allows the player to swing their axe indefinitely, and is considered to be a "gift" by Spooky. However, the player will be able to sprint once they pass through 15 rooms in the original version and 10 rooms in the HD Renovation.

In The Doll House DLC, health regeneration is impeded while in the Dollhouse. The only way to regain health is through the use of the Doll. In the HD Renovation, reloading the save will bring the player back to full health.

Exclusive to the HD Renovation, the player will now be invulnerable while going through a door, unlike in the original version where damage could be taken while opening one. They also have 0.33 seconds of invincibility, meaning no other enemies can hurt them for that window of time if they've already taken damage. This last feature was added to avoid unfair scenarios in Endless Mode.


The save point found in elevator rooms.

Pressing E on one of the purple crosses found throughout the game will allow the player to save.

Saving is possible after every increment of 50 rooms. However, starting at Room 300, each saving point is separated by 100 rooms.

Saving is also possible at rooms 250, 500 and 750, with each containing a plate showing the password for the respective milestone room.

In the Karamari Hospital DLC, saving is possible by using the water fountain in the waiting room, causing the screen to briefly turn red.

In Endless Mode, there are no passwords, and Rooms 250 and 750 are no longer save points. Additionally, once the player reaches Room 1000, save points only appear once every 200 rooms. Dying in this mode will erase the saved progress, bringing the player back to Room 0. In the HD Renovation, save points always appear every 100 rooms.

In The Doll House DLC, saving is possible by using the music box in the starting area, causing the screen to briefly turn red. In the HD Renovation, reloading the save will bring the player back to full health.

Capturing Screenshots

On the original version, pressing F9 will have the game take a screenshot. The screenshots will be saved in the game files's folder.

On the Steam version for both games, pressing F12 also takes a screenshot.


In the options menu, it is possible to skip directly to room 250, 500, or 750 if the player knows the respective password.

The passwords show up above the save point in their respective rooms.

  • Room 250: 'PUMPKIN'
  • Room 500: 'CHEESE'
  • Room 750: 'CAKE'



Main article: Axe

The Axe is the only weapon available in the base game. The axe can be swung by pressing the LMB. Its main use is to attack or kill certain enemies, such as violent deer, but it is also essential in opening blocked doors and cutting down Specimen 10's webs in Room 610, webs in HD Renovation's Endless Mode and fending off certain specimens.

When out of stamina, swinging speed does not decrease, allowing for "spamming" of the attack button at this time. This does not work in HD Renovation; a noise (the "Donk" sound from the Foggy Maze room) will play when the player tries to swing either weapon with insufficient stamina.


Main article: Sword

In the Karamari Hospital DLC, another weapon is present. Said weapon is a sword, and can only be obtained in New Game +.

The Sword works identically to the axe, but it also can kill most of the enemies (except for Monster 6) present in the DLC. Like the axe, using it will affect the game's ending.

HD Renovation Exclusive

Style Swap

Style Swap is a feature present in HD Renovation that allows the player to switch between the original and HD styles of the game. These changes are only visual, meaning no mechanics are modified.

To activate Style Swap, go to Options, Input, select either Gamepad/Keyboard, In-Game and look for the option at the bottom reading Style Swap and bind a key to use it with.

These changes include reverting 3D models back to their original 2D version, such as certain specimens, candles, paintings, etc. Room doors and elevator doors will also revert to their original model, although the latter's animation shows the HD version and room doors will not play an animation when opened.

Specimen shadows and lighting effects are removed alongside the game turning brighter, which can mess with rooms where the flashlight or lantern are used.

There are a few exceptions to the Style Swap:

  • Specimen 8 and Specimen 11's death rooms where their models remain 3D.
  • Specimen 9's transformation.
  • Specimen 10's transformation, which doesn't exist in the original, and the specimen turns invisible during the transformation in Style Swap.
  • Objects carried by the player such as the axe or lantern do not change.
  • Most of the content in Karamari Hospital and The Doll House remains unchanged.
  • Doorways in Endless Mode do not change.

It's not recommended spamming the command as it can break animations on enemies and other objects. However, the change in lighting can be helpful as it makes darker rooms brighter. This also applies for Specimens that make the screen darker, such as Unknown Specimen 4 or Unknown Specimen 5.

Jump Scares & Specimens Toggle

The player can turn off jump scares and enemies through the options menu. This is required to get a joke ending.

Turning off Jump Scares will disable the following enemies: Specimen 1, Class Shadows, Howard, and W.A.M..

Turning off Specimens will disable all other Specimens with a few exceptions: Violent Deer are also disabled, Specimen 9 can still spawn and kill the player if they go AFK or go down the Endless Hallway.

These options do not affect Karamari Hospital or The Doll House. Although, for The Doll House, the specimens required for the Hellgate Sequence won't spawn; this will softlock the player in the Ritual Room. All enemies that can chase the player are disabled in Endless Mode, however.


  • The passwords put together spell out Pumpkin Cheesecake, which is Akuma Kira's favorite October dessert.