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Hooked Doll is one of the enemies introduced in Spooky's Dollhouse, the second DLC for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


The Hooked Doll is a female life-sized doll. She has pale beige skin and a dark pink dress. Her arms and legs end in nubs instead of hands and feet. Her most notable feature is the several hooks that are punctured through her.



The Hooked Doll first appears in a room in the Root Cellar. She is found lying dormant with one of the Metal Pinwheel Pieces on her. The player must take it in order to leave the Root Cellar, she twitches when the Metal Pinwheel is ripped off her but does not chase the player.

In a separate room, a sculpture of a person's back can be found. Upon using the axe on the sculpture, the player will have a vision of the Hooked Doll charging towards them. When the vision ends, the sculpture will be gone, and a Metal Pinwheel Piece will be left in its place.

The player never actually encounters the Hooked Doll during her active phase during their first visit to the Root Cellar. Instead, she only becomes active upon the player's second visit when retrieving the Black Candles for the Kira Genesis Ritual.


During the second visit, The Hooked Doll will appear in a random spot in each room and not move until the player looks directly at her, which will cover the screen with TV static and cause her to charge and deal damage. Thus, the player must find all three Black Candles while avoiding looking at her. She will also switch positions every 10 seconds.

When the player collects all three, attempting to leave the Root Cellar will not send them to the staircase, but instead, it will be replaced with a long, empty corridor lined with broken doors. After walking for long enough, a door will appear at the end, which will bring the player to the West Wing.


If hit while charging, the player will take about 20 damage, but if the player touches her without looking at her, she will slowly drain health. With her charge attack, she can kill the player in five hits at full health.


Avoiding Hooked Doll can be somewhat simple. Avoid direct eye contact and find the candles. If the static overlay appears, quickly look in another direction. If health starts draining from touching her, move away before it can do too much damage. She can easily kill the player if they're unlucky enough to have her spawn in the same place the player's looking at multiple times.

As for the candles, there's one in the landing area to the Root Cellar from the GL Labs Area, one in the room where Hooked Doll is found in her dormant form, close to her position, and finally one behind the Pinwheel Door. After retrieving them, book it to the exit door.


After the Hooked Doll kills the player, they will be teleported to a rusty, bloody room. They will be unable to move, the Hooked Doll will appear briefly on the screen and text will constantly flash on the screen:

"A "wicked nasty" child was thrown into a pit.

No food, light or water was ever given to it.

Punishment was dealt, without mercy or hesitation.

As if justified by faith, or ownership from creation.

It was no righteous act, it was hellish, demon sent.

Eventually all will find out, in eternal torment."

After the text disappears, a sharp, curved blade will be thrown at the player's face. This will repeat three times as the screen turns redder with each hit. After the third blade, the player collapses and dies.


Spook phones 2.png
Sound Files
File Description
Breathing 1
Breathing 2
"Someone's Playing on the Hooks" (chase theme)
"I'm Hooked on You" (unused chase theme)
Death screen

Hooked Doll HD Model.png


She now has a fully 3D model, and a face.


She is now much faster when the axe is used on the sculpture, and now has a delay before charging at the player in the vision.