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Husks are the first enemies encountered in Spooky's Dollhouse, the second DLC for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Husks look like broken baby dolls. Their legs are darker than the rest of their body and the bottom of their head is broken off, leaving an open bottom jaw. Part of their head is gashed in blood and their chest is cracked open.



Husks are first encountered in the West Wing after obtaining the key from the Piano Room in the Northside Studies. They will later appear in the Northside Studies as well.

Later, they are encountered in an inactive state in the Great Hall. Twelve Husks are placed in front of the Electric Barrier by Spooky after the player obtains the GL Labs Area keys from the Doll Hands. The player must put the Doll on the pedestal in the room in order to turn on the barrier, which will activate the Husks and let the player exit the area.

Husks can be killed using the Axe. Husks will be stunned for a brief moment after being struck with the axe, and they will strafe away from the player after being attacked. After 3 to 5 hits, it will turn into a glob of doll on the floor, which can be hit with the axe.


They deal 15 damage with a half a second cooldown.


When killed by a Husk, the screen turns to static, which will soon reveal the Husk's face, with the text:

Scarlet burning holes are placed into the skin

and flesh rebound into an unfamiliar form.

Molded into something new, the husk reshaped

into a skin more accepting of the howling void.


Husks are relatively slow but can easily overwhelm the player in numbers. They can be walked through so they can in turn deal some chip damage to a player rushing through the Doll House.


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  • The inactive Husks cannot be stepped over but can be pushed by hitting them with the axe.
  • If a dead Husk is struck, it will leave a pool of blood.
  • Husks will not appear when Woormy Charles is chasing the player.
  • All Husks go inactive when entering the Great Hall for the first time, including the ones in the Northside Studies and West Wing. They will become active after the player gains access to the GL Labs.
  • The sprites for the Husks were created by Akuma Kira using real dolls which were then modified and put through a green screen. The same applies for Clicky.

Husk transparent background.png


The Husk now has a fully 3D model, albeit much less detailed and less red compared to the original. They also have eyes that look around randomly.


They take a lot more knockback when hit with the axe and do not try to strafe away. They will get bloodier with each hit.

Unlike in the original, inactive Husks cannot be pushed with the axe. Their globs will sometimes leave a pool of blood but they cannot be hit.