Karamari Hospital OST is the soundtrack for Karamari Hospital DLC. Just like the OST for the base game, it is a collection of the various songs and specimen chase themes that can be heard while playing the game. It became available for download once the DLC was released.

Karamari Hospital OST
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Number of Songs 18
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Song List

  1. 100% Angus
  2. Bleh Wind
  3. Broken Concrete
  4. Cherry Apple (Sunshine Academy)
  5. Chocolate Hades
  6. Happy Basement Time
  7. Just Another Room
  8. Nightmares become Fantasies (Monster 2's Chase Theme)
  9. Old Experiments
  10. Pachinko Grave (Credits)
  11. Pickled Drums
  12. Save Room
  13. Spinning Faces
  14. This is Dan
  15. T - Rex Can't Wear Mittens (Monster 4's Chase Theme)
  16. Power is on (Karamari Hospital radio)
  17. Fun Times (THE SCARIEST ROOM EVER!!!)
  18. Chocolate Pushy (Isolation Maze Completed)


  • 100% Angus is a reference to Specimen 11 and the numerous posters found during rooms 700-750