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The Arcade Room

Minigames can be found throughout all of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.

In Story Mode, there's a special room that contains three playable arcade machines and a fourth one that will show a cinematic if the player inputs a password.

In Karamari Hospital, the minigame Sunshine Academy is located in the bottom-leftmost room of the secret laboratory. The game is played on a handheld console called the 'Honey Boy', which resembles a Game Boy Advance.

The minigame Doug is found in Spooky's Dollhouse. It appears in the GL Labs Area, the first room to the left.

Mall of the Spook

Mall of the Spook.png

In Mall of The Spook, the player controls Spooky, moving her up and down in a long hallway while stabbing people with her knife to fill a constantly draining health bar. The health bar will drain faster as the player progresses, and the speed of the game increases. When the heath bar runs out, the player will be presented with the "GAME OVER" screen.

Press Enter/Space/E to stab, and either WASD or the arrow keys to move.

At the high scores screen, any name typed in will instantly turn into SPOOKY.

Also, notable is the fact that while Spooky appears to slit the throats of female NPCs, the heads of any male NPCs seem to explode.

Mrs. Spook

Spooky chasing Pac-Man (in-game)

Mrs. Spook is a Pac-Man-esque game where the player controls Spooky and must catch a character resembling Pac-Man.

The player controls her movement with WASD or the arrow keys.

When Spooky (the player) touches Pac-Man, a large nail flies from off-screen, impaling Pac-Man while a death rattle loops in the background. Allowing Pac-Man to eat the pellets does nothing.

Spooky Kart

Spooky Kart.png

Spooky Kart is a 3D racing game in which the player, presumed to be Spooky, must catch up to other racers and crash their cars to earn time bonuses. The game ends when the timer runs out. This minigame is only available from Room 500 onwards.

The player's car is a Marauder military truck while the other cars are all Reliant Robins. Upon crashing into another car and having it explode the announcer will say one of four things: "Nitrous!", "Checkpoint!", "Killer!", and "Crime doesn't pay!".

For acceleration, press the W or the Up arrow key. To steer the wheel, press the A and D keys or the Left and Right keys. To brake, simply press the S or the Down arrow key.

Secret Arcade Machine

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

One of the images shown in the "minigame"

During the exploration of the mansion, a particular room gives the protagonist the password for the last machine. If the password is used, the last arcade machine displays a cinematic about Spooky's past and ultimate motivation.

She's shown alive, until she tries to scare someone who overreacts and shoots her. At the end of the video, the following message pops up:

I just wanted to be taken seriously. I just wanted to scare people. They overreacted, but I don't blame them. At least I finally scared someone.

In Karamari Hospital, a note (See ending notes) reveals that the person she tried to scare was a sufferer of PTSD. The costume she was wearing was the Red Death from the tale The Masque of the Red Death from Edgar Allan Poe.

Near the end of The Doll House DLC, the murderer is revealed to be her own father.

Sunshine Academy


Sunshine Academy is a dating sim/visual novel with purposely poorly written dialogue, grammar and spelling where the player interacts with a character named Ume Ito.

There are two endings to this minigame.

The first ending, the "bad ending", is done by going through the game normally. In the beginning, there will be normal dialogue, but as the player progresses through the visual novel, the dialogue will get creepier. On the third day, Ume looks deceased and the player has assumingly murdered her after following her home on the second day; this marks the bad ending after the player picks from various repulsive comments. The next day (no specific number as the number constantly changes), Ume says various lines of dialogue while her facial features slowly fade out along the sounds made by the appearing text, marking the ending of the minigame. Certain dialogue options and events will change with each subsequent playthrough, but the ending is always the same.

In order to get the second ending, the player needs to reach the bad ending a couple of times. To do so, they must play Sunshine Academy three times. On the third playthrough, on the second day, Ume will ask the player if they wanna walk to her street together. The player must decline the offer. If the player doesn't decline, the gameplay won't change and they won't be able to get the second ending. After this, there will be a third day on the school with Ume alive but will appear dead on the fourth day instead. Finally, on a fourth playthrough, at the beginning, questionable dialogue options will appear. The player must continually pick these dialogue options until Ume reports them to the school and escapes, and the "good ending" (LOVE FAILED!) is achieved.



Doug plays similarly to Dig Dug, however the obstacles are ghosts and skeletons. The player can acquire power-ups: The gun power-up increases damage dealt against enemies and lets them destroy terrain and rocks if able; The ammo power-up increases the rate of fire. As the player goes deeper (shown by the fathoms on the top-right corner), it will get darker to the point the playable character, Doug, will start using a flashlight.

The player controls Doug's movement with WASD or the arrow keys, and Enter/Space/E to shoot.

The player gets three lives. Each time they die, they lose all their upgrades, shown in the top-left corner. Progress is represented with cake and cake slices, seen on the top-right corner.

When the player runs out of lives, the game over screen with the text "RIP IN PEACE" pops up, read by the S.A.M. (Software Automatic Mouth), with Doug's bloody corpse below it, before a music note plays. The high scores screen will appear after.


Spook phones 2.png
Sound Files
File Description
Mrs. Spook start jingle
"VIOLENT", Mall of the Spook's theme
"Road Burn", Spooky Kart's theme
"Cherry", Sunshine Academy's theme
Doug's game over screen


  • The name Spooky Kart is a reference to the Mario Kart franchise. Mrs. Spook is a reference to classic PAC-MAN.
  • All of the arcade games paint Spooky as malicious and violent.
  • The ghosts' names in Mrs Spook are Edgar, Mary, and Bram. This is a reference to the famous authors Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker.
  • The Sunshine Academy minigame was added in an update on July 4, 2016.
  • Sunshine Academy makes several references to the horror manga author Junji Ito. The main character is named Ume Ito and talks about classes on Spirals, referencing Uzumaki, and germs causing gas pressure, referencing Gyo.
  • In Akuma Kira's other game, Lost In Vivo, there's a reference on the donut boxes reading "Sunshine Academy Donuts".
  • Doug's game over screen is a reference to the FAITH series's game over screen.

Arcade room hd.png

Instead of the minigames being an overlay on the screen, they are pre-rendered in-game, with Sunshine Academy acting similar to when the player picks up a note. The arcade room can be found in Endless Mode, too.

Achievements have also been added for the arcade machines and Sunshine Academy.

Arcade Machines

The cabinets have also been updated with 3D joysticks that move when the player plays the minigames and new art for the cabinets. All three arcade machines are available from the start, meaning the player can now play Spooky Kart before Room 500.

Mrs. Spook now has a title screen, showing all the ghosts including Spooky, similar to that of classic PAC-MAN. The player can lose now if they let Pac-man get all the pellets.

In Mall of the Spook, the blood meter now shows the player's score. Entering the name Spooky in the high score screen, though, causes Mall of the Spook to glitch out and renders it unplayable, showing the text "ERR".

Spooky Kart now has a counter how many cars are left and when all other cars are destroyed the game ends and cannot be played again.

Sunshine Academy

For Sunshine Academy, most of the spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed and the text font has been changed, which is hard to read if the player has a high FOV.

Ume Ito's entire body slowly fades away instead of just her face on the unknown day.


Dying will not get rid of the player's power-ups. On the game over screen, Doug's corpse doesn't appear. There's also no high scores screen. Upon dying, the player will earn the Doug Dug achievement.

Arcade Room

Sunshine Academy