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This page contains spoilers about the game. Read with caution.

Minor Characters consist of mostly unseen, but relevant characters for the game's backstory and plot. One can learn from them by the notes left behind by some of them describing their experiences, thoughts, and sometimes their demise within the mansion.

Romantic Victim

The Romantic Victim is an ill-fated traveler who came to Spooky's house seeking some romance. Quickly becoming hopelessly lost, they started leaving a trail of short journal-like notes as breadcrumbs to document while lamenting their unromantic situation, and to also mark their path so they could figure out whether or not they were just going in circles.

These notes reveal their turmoil as they began to suffer from dehydration, and started to drink the ink they were writing with out of desperation. They later passed out and woke up to find someone has kindly left them an unlabeled bottle of "red wine", which is heavily implied to be blood. In their last note they find solace in the fact that while they did not find an escape from the manor, it did give them an escape from everything else, and concluded that in the end, their death turned out to be romantic after all.

As revealed in Endless Mode, they had died but hadn't noticed that they were dead, believing that they have been granted immortality as a romantic artist and at the twelfth note, the Romantic Victim notices they haven't required sustenance in what they assume to be two weeks, and at the thirteenth note they then notice that their skin color has changed to a transparent color. The Romantic Victim meets Spooky in the eleventh note and she is upset that they are not doing their job, they boldly state that they have no commander and they go where the wind takes them. Spooky floats into the floor, confused at the Romantic Victim's statement. She then returns in the final and fourteenth note, yet again angry at the Romantic Victim for not doing their job. They yet again deny this, saying that whatever job that they have doesn't sound very romantic, Spooky becomes angrier at them stating that if they don't stop she will take their pen. Apparently, the victim continued to do this causing Spooky to take away the pen, leaving the Romantic Victim's fate unknown.

Tropes Victim

Another one of the victims of Spooky's mansion, this character writes notes to fill the role of the "main protagonist" to survive the mansion, all the while hoping they aren't some "side character". They seem to last a fairly long time, as they notice the monsters are getting stronger and more dangerous as they progress. They conclude that the purpose of the monsters seems to be some form of soul-harvesting and that the monsters' effectiveness is based on it. They eventually realize, however, that they lack major protagonist attributes and are therefore likely doomed.

Survivalist Victim

The last victim leaving notes in regular rooms, the Chronicler has all their entries specifying the day, starting from the start of their journey. It's implied they lasted at least a week, but progressively ran out of food and battery life.

Generic Labs Assistants

The Generic Lab Assistants apparently work in GL Labs (the manor's laboratory) conducting tests on the various specimens.

In the first lab's facility, according to the notes left behind, they ran out of the sedatives needed to keep Specimen 3 (whom they called "Subject 5") docile enough to safely work with. They voiced their concerns to "Spook" about this, only to be laughed at and ignored. Soon after, Specimen 3 inevitably escaped and killed them.

In the second facility, the player will find out that a team of GL Labs Assistants has been assigned by Spooky to retrieve something (most likely a loose Specimen), with a tragic aftermath: a member of the team was infected by Specimen 10, followed by the abandonment of the facility.

Given their position as lab workers, it is possible that the Generic Lab Assistants and/or their co-workers created the CAT-DOS and wrote its entries.

In The Doll House, notes in the form of logs can be found throughout the place. They describe their discoveries regarding the Doll Project, such as the creation of The Clown to keep the dolls happy, which fails. One of the lab assistants is forced to remove their eyes to deal with the Hooked Doll.


A female Japanese student who snuck into her class after hours, despite rumors that the school was haunted by a ghost who eats children.

Unfortunately for Matsuri, these rumors proved to be true, and she was declared missing, having been eaten by the ghost.

Specimen 4 was given a replica of this school to haunt, including letters written by one of Matsuri's classmates explaining her fate.

The Cult

A mysterious group that performed rituals to appease "The Darkness", as instructed by someone they call "Mother".

An incident involving a girl who was not "pure" occurred, which caused "The Darkness" to consume them. Based on what is hinted at, it is possible that the rituals they performed involved some form of virgin sacrifice, hence the line "the girl wasn't pure". It is also noteworthy that the cult comically denies responsibility for their actions in their writings.

Specimen 5 could be the physical manifestation of "The Darkness" itself, the vengeful spirit of the girl who was sacrificed, or even "Mother", however, this is all speculation; and, given that The Cult is an obvious reference to The Order from Silent Hill, deems this theory unlikely.

The Hunter

In the Forest rooms, there are notes written by someone who mentioned escaping the rooms but then chose to stay and hunt down the deer for food. They also noted the strange sounds made by them.

The hunter was eventually attacked and was forced to board up the doors of the rooms. Their scattered bones are later seen in a shack.

The Fast Food Worker

At the fast food restaurant, the player will find notes left by an ex-worker of the place.

The notes tell the player that the worker was getting a job at this restaurant. Day by day, they started seeing and experiencing abnormal behavior in the restaurant, such as a frequent male customer who "kept ordering the exact same meals for every 10 minutes", and the manager acting extremely violent. After experiencing too many abnormalities, they decided to quit the job and leave the restaurant for good.

Marine Biologist

This character was studying the mysterious deaths of whales in a particular area. He eventually came to the conclusion that some form of parasite was killing the whales from the inside, but was unable to identify it, until part of his lab was flooded and Specimen 13 killed most of his team.

They were the last one left alive, stuck inside a locked off area while the Specimen tried to lure them into opening the door.

Karamari Hospital Staff

Through notes, it is revealed that they were slowly losing their grip, forgetting things, carrying out actions they weren't even aware that they approved, always ending in the death of multiple patients.

Some of them describe things like "something sinister is beating on the wall of my subconscious" or feeling "like there is a monster inside my head and it's pushing me away while it works on something".

One of the nurses even goes as far as to dose their head with radiation to stop the things in her head from controlling her.

Demon Child

This character appears in Karamari Hospital. She appears at the end of the game and delivers a message to the player: "You seem different from the others. I've been here so long... I've forgotten so much. This place... It needs to be shut down. I know you can do it, just hurry. You're so close now."

In New Game+, if the player gets the sword and kills all the monsters, the demon child will instead say: "Please don't hurt me! Just leave me alone!"

Child Victim

The child goes into the mansion thinking their parents were throwing a party but to their surprise, their parents are not there.

The child keeps going through the mansion, until they fall down a hole, getting hurt, falling asleep and later waking up to what they thought was their dad approaching, which just seems to be one of the Specimens.

Spelling Errors Victim

An unfortunate soul that ends up in the mansion, easily recognizable by their repeated spelling and grammatical errors.

They seem to be an internet dweller, evident by their vocabulary and general writing, and the fact that the scariest thing to them is not being able to check their online profile or post their daily thoughts due to the lack of Wi-Fi inside the mansion.

They're inevitably killed by one of the Specimens.

Jasper Midnight

Jasper Midnight is a character similar to the Romantic Victim. At first, Jasper thinks the house is just a carnival attraction but is soon driven mad by the monsters lurking in the mansion's depths.

The fate of Jasper Midnight is currently a mystery. If he followed the same fate as the Romantic Victim, it can be assumed that Jasper had died. However, with no remains having been found that can be identified as Jasper's, it is possible that Jasper could still be wandering around until his inevitable demise. 

Contrary to most other victims, Jasper seems to enjoy his time in the mansion, despite the Specimens chasing him.


Known to be Spooky's mother, information about her is limited. She is first mentioned in the notes at the end of Karamari Hospital, which were written by Spooky's Father.

In The Doll House, her name is revealed and her grave can be found in The Garden, revealing her to be 39 years old at the time of her death. She's once again mentioned in notes written by her husband expressing how much he misses her and how he's still working towards bringing Spooky back.


  • The death of the Romantic Victim is implied to be caused by a mix of dehydration and starvation, despite the many murderous monsters stalking the house. His skeleton can be found in the elevator, wearing a red hat and wielding a quill.
    • His skeleton will only appear if the player reads all of his notes and then arrives at an elevator room.
  • Jasper Midnight is the only character (outside of the Karamari Hospital staff) that signs his notes with his nickname, making him the only minor character to have an actual name.
  • Interestingly enough, the Trope-Master mentions not having a mentor, trial, or a send-off, and is therefore probably not going to make it out alive. However, The Protagonist does not seem to possess any of these qualities either.
    • However, Specimen 7 was listed as only being effective on those with psychological trauma. Based on its effectiveness on the player, this implies they possess more qualities than the game lets on.