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Monster 5 (A.K.A. Ghost Cow) is the fifth monster encountered in the Karamari Hospital DLC.


Monster 5 resembles a bull with wrinkled, hairless skin. The creature has a wide grinning mouth, crooked black horns, and small unblinking red eyes. The legs are bent downward at the knees as if they are broken, and it has no visible tail. The monster's most prominent feature however, is that it is hanging upside-down by a long scrap of flesh connected to a levitating mouth, which contains a single red eye which is filled with sharp teeth.



Monster 5 is encountered while going through the maze to the Isolation Zone. It does not fluidly move, but instead, it constantly teleports very short distances ahead, although it also occasionally teleport much farther distances. It moves faster than the player can walk, so conserving stamina during its brief chase is strongly recommended when the player navigates the maze. This monster cannot teleport through walls.


It deals 20 damage to the player's health with a 2 seconds cooldown.

Monster 5 can be killed if the Sword is swung at it multiple times. Unlike with Monster 2, the player will not be teleported out of the maze.


When the player is killed by Monster 5, its death screen presenting appears, presenting a brain and text that reads as follows:

"Your fear allows me to enter your mind.

Your obligation allows me to control your hands.

Your reason allows me to break your eyes.

Your guilt allows me to loosen your neck.

Your expectation allows me to hide the truth.

Your tendencies have allowed me to make you"

Endless Mode

Monster 5 appears in the main game's Endless Mode, regardless of whether or not the player has the Karamari Hospital DLC. During its chase the rooms begin to resemble the Isolation Zone maze from Karamari Hospital and a red, hazy effect overlays the player's vision, along with a thick, black fog that surrounds the player.

Unlike in the DLC, it goes through walls. Looking in the direction of the monster causes the screen to flash red, accompanied by glitchy sounds, similar to Unknown Specimen 1. It will now deal 30 damage with a one second cooldown.


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Sound Files
File Description
"100% Angus" (Isolation Room chase theme)
Endless Mode chase theme
Attack 1
Attack 2
Observed 1
Observed 2
Observed 3
Observed 4
Death screen


  • The words "fear", "obligation", "reason", "guilt", "expectation", and "tendencies" that appear in Monster 5's death screen form the acronym "forget".
    • All the lines end in a period, with the exception of the last line. This may indicate that the last sentence is "Your tendencies have allowed me to make you forget."
  • The monster might be the cause of the staff of Karamari Hospital (Nurse Tanaka, Dr. Tochigi and Dr. Hamada) doing actions that they don't remember, as it is indicated by its death screen referring to the monster's ability to control the mind of the protagonist in order for them to "forget".
  • The monster seems to be based off of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (commonly known as mad cow disease), which is known to cause deterioration of the brain.
    • The monster floating upside down with broken legs is also a direct reference to said disease (infected animals lose the ability to stand).
  • Monster 5, along with the maze itself, may also be a nod to the story of Theseus and the Minotaur from Greek mythology. In the story, Theseus must escape from a maze that is inhabited by the Minotaur, a monster which resembles a bull.
  • Monster 5 is referred to as "Ghost Cow" in the credits of Karamari Hospital.
  • In both versions of its chase theme, a faint moo-ing sound can be heard.
  • Monster 5 uses the same death screen noise as Monster 4.
  • Monster 5's Endless Mode chase is a remix of "100% Angus" from the original Karamari Hospital DLC as it is heard in its Endless Mode chase theme.


Monster 5 now has animations. The colors of its eyes are more pronounced and are unaffected by room hues.

In Endless Mode, Monster 5's fog is now smoother-looking and animated. The red ring surrounding the player's vision no longer flashes red. Instead, a second ring closes in and out of the center of the screen. It also no longer covers the health and stamina bars or the room counter. The screen no longer flashes red when looking at it, and the glitchy sounds will occasionally emanate from Monster 5 itself.



It now makes a clanking sound instead of the regular damage sound and deals the same amount of damage (20) on both Karamari Hospital and Endless Mode.


Monster 5 is noticeably slower than it was in the original Karamari Hospital, likely to compensate for the player's slower movement speed. It no longer teleports or phases through walls, instead just hovering after the player.

Endless Mode

Monster 5 has its own starting room, which resembles the Isolation Maze area from Karamari Hospital, albeit shorter and less maze-like.

It will phase through the door when it enters a room and floats over pits. Its speed is also increased, going slightly faster than the player's walking speed.

Htting Monster 5 with the Axe or Sword causes it to teleport to the beginning of the room, accompanied by the screen flashing blue. Every time Monster 5 is hit, a room will be deducted from its chase duration. If it's hit and there are no more rooms to deduct, it will disappear from the room and it won't return in the next room, ending the chase.

It can prove beneficial to keep Monster 5 around, as its iron bar walls can let the player see through them, allowing to find an exit faster or keeping track of teleporting/incorporeal foes, such as Specimen 4 or Unknown Specimen 1, in exchange for reduced view distance, although the black fog can make the table in the abyss room impossible to see from a safe distance.


  • Monster 5's presence tends to mess with other visual effects such as Specimen 4's black dome, Specimen 11's flame, the Sword or torches.
    • These overlay issues are not exclusive to Monster 5. For example, Specimen 4's black dome completely removes Unknown Specimen 2's eyes if the latter is behind the dome and also affects acid pits.