Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Wiki
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This page contains spoilers about the game. Read with caution.

Along the many rooms in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, the player will often find notes containing important details regarding the mansion, such as stories of the victims having succumbed to the darkness of the manor, or sometimes, the origins of certain Specimens and other sinister events.

Story Mode (Randomly Generated)

These notes can be found randomly while traversing the non-scripted, regular rooms of the mansion, located on top of tables, drawers or attached to Specimen 1. They can also be found in the Elevator Room. They are written by three different victims of the mansion. Reading/interacting with the note will allow the player to progress to the next note. The note order always starts with the first note of the Romantic Victim and ends with the Survivalist Victim's last note.

Romantic Victim

At first this place just seemed cute,
but I've been here for days now...
I'm feeling quite parched now, and
I keep getting this feeling like I am
being watched by something.

This is not romantic at all...

I know something is following me.
But I feel like I am prancing through
the same rooms over and over..
Hopefully leaving notes as breadcrumbs
will prove I am making progress and
reaching some destination.

I just hope I don't run out of ink.
I am dreadfully thirsty...

Not quite quenching my thirst.
Taste is terrible, stains are terrible.

I don't think drinking it was a
very romantic idea.

I found something today to
satisfy my unromantic thirst.
I awoke today from a brief faint,
and found before me a bottle of
red wine!

I am not sure what brand or year,
for there is no label. All I
gather is that it tastes strongly

I don't think that was wine...

I don't know how much
longer I can go on...

I haven't seen any of my
previous notes, so that means
either I'm getting somewhere
or someone is taking them.

I think this is my last note.
I'm going to die having never
found my escape, but really that's
not true. This place was like my
escape. My escape from everything
else. In the end my death is kind of

Tropes Victim

This place is finally starting to
affect me.

I've seen enough horror movies to
know how to survive a simple ghost
or two, but these monsters keep
getting faster and stranger.

In order to survive this house I need
to keep writing notes.

I must do everything a central
protagonist would and hope this is
one of those stories.

'Insert Obscure horror reference that
no one gets and misinterprets as
instructions somehow'

Well I still haven't died so it appears
I might be the protagonist,
but I'm not entirely sure.

I hope I'm not some side character that
leaves notes for pointless exposition.

Also I found a strange computer that
gave descriptions of the monsters. And
it seems like they are called
'effective' based on how many
people they kill.

I think the 'effectiveness' of
the Specimens is also somehow related
to the souls of the people they
kill somehow...

Anyway I'm still alive and strong,
but I feel like the inmost cave
of my journey lies ahead.

I wonder what the antagonist
will look like.

I hope they're cute.

I just realized that I never had a
mentor figure, trial, or leaving
home scene.

That means this story isn't following
the archetypes to make me a
traditional hero.

Which means I can be killed off.

Well it was nice for a little
while at least.

Survivalist Victim

DAY 2.

Food supply depleted.
Water supply at 30%.
Mental health deteriorating,
leaving notes behind to help
others and mark where I've been.

DAY 3.

Hallucinations are manifesting
at increasing intervals. The
cause is probably sleep
deprivation or a gas that is
being pumped into the rooms.

I have not yet been injured so
I don't think the cause is a
brain injury or blood clot.

DAY 4.

I'm starting to lose track
of time.

The battery on my phone
became very low so I
delegated to save it in
case I find an exit.

DAY 5.

I can't remember.
Why did I come here?

Was there ever a purpose?

I believe death is steadily
approaching me now. The
hallucinations can hurt me,
I'm out of provisions,
and I'm having sudden
violent heart palpitations.

DAY 7.

I can't tell the real from unreal
anymore. My limbs refuse to move
the way I want them to. I feel
like I'm wading in a deep river
that is always flowing against
my direction.

Now I will lay down and let the
river flow over me.I will let it
guide me to it's end.

I know where I'm going anyway.
This place,this entire place,
is just a gyrating screaming
rock in the vastness of an
infinite kingdom.

I'm going to rest now.
I'll be watching over you.

Story Mode (Scripted Rooms)

The notes found in these rooms are always present. They are usually written by past victims or witnesses of the Specimens, although they can be found as a poem (in Room 60's case) or backstory of the Specimen (Room 310)

Specimen 2 (Room 60)

Spouting, Splashing, Soaking.

Innards, Ingest, Invoking.

Nailing, Never, Stops the Choking

Specimen 3 (Room 120)

Subject 5 is growing more
and more restless. I told Spook
we need more funds for sedatives,
but she just laughed and flew
into the ceiling. Without more
chemicals to keep these things
docile, I'm not sure how much
longer we can keep them here

- Generic Lab Assistant

I believe subject 5 is loose.
The glass around its container
is shattered, and I can faintly
hear clicking coming from the ceiling.
I don't know what will
happen now. If it is out and
alive then this is probably my
last report. The clicking is
getting louder now.

- Generic Lab Assistant

Specimen 4 (Room 160)

Matsuri never came to
class today, I hope she
made it home ok.

Could it really be true?
I thought the fairy tales
about the ghost that eats
children who sneak in after
class was just to keep us
from disobeying. But
Matsuri is still missing.

Specimen 5 (Room 210)

The darkness is slowly
consuming us now.
I don't think our rituals will
appease it much longer.
How were we supposed to
know this would happen?

It's not really our fault, we
just did what Mother has
told us to do in this sort
of situation.

Mother is not pleased with
us, but how were we
supposed to know that
the girl wasn't pure?

Specimen 6 (Room 310)

One day, a strange merchant
came to town. He sold
handmade puppets and trinkets
and all the children loved
his store and his gifts. But
the town couldn't support
his store because the other shops were failing.

The other shopkeepers
became jealous. So one
night some of the
townspeople took all
his puppets and threw them in
the river.

But just afterwards he came
running to the river crying
and wailing that his children
were being drowned. He
dove into the river trying
to save his possessions.

The townspeople, bitter
and still angry watched him
frantically thrash and dive
into the river until he never
came back to the surface
of the water.

Although not what they
wanted, the shop keepers
were satisfied.

Years later the children
of the town began to go
missing. And as more
and more children
disappeared, people
began to find more and
more puppets in the
forest and around the

These puppets seemed
almost to look like the
missing children sometimes.

Express Tunnel (Room 510)




Specimen 8 (Rooms 551 & 554)

For a while I thought I had
really escaped this place.
But despite the 'trees' and
flora, I think this is actually
just another room. I did,
however find deer, so I
might at least get to eat.

They make some strange sounds

I don't know what they are,
but those are definitely not
deer! I tried sneaking up on
one the other day to kill for
food, but it saw me as soon
as I got close. I was barely able
to get away from the thing.

I've managed to board up
most of them. Hopefully
I can find another way
out of here.

Specimen 10 (Room 610-617)

This old place is somehow
even worse than the new
GL Labs. Although it seems
to have been constructed
with a much larger budget than
the new lab, nothing works
quite right. I can see why it
was abandoned so quickly.
I wonder if there really is
anything here worth salvaging.

This facility is quite odd. Some
of the equipment doesn't seem
quite right, almost as if it were
designed for people without

Also I'm not sure if it's just
faulty electronics, but the
power keeps fluctuating and
weird noises are coming
from the air ducts.

Spooky just said that there
were 'things' we needed to
salvage from this place. I'm
starting to worry that a loose
specimen may be included
in the list of 'things' for us
to retrieve.

The power just shut off
again. Is everything broken
in here?

I don't know what to do.
I can't think well, I feel
strange. I'm hiding from
that thing.

I feel like something is
growing on my skin.

I can't seem to tear it
off fast enough, and I'm
losing a lot of blood...

You have to keep it close.
It becomes something else
when it gets too far away.

Something I can't out run.

Specimen 11 (Room 710)

I was anxious getting a job
here at first, but it seems
like things are getting better.
This chain is really expanding,
which is a shock, because just
last week I heard this company
was going broke. Everyday more
and more people show up to
eat here. Something still
sets me off about this place
and its food though, so I'm
going to try and not eat anything from

Today was a weird day...

The average number of orders
continues to rise as it has
been, but I don't know about
the number of people. Today
I saw someone use the drive
through and order a lot of food
for one person, and then about
10 minutes later, they were back.
They ordered the exact same meals,
and then they left again, then
after another 10 minutes they
were back again. Maybe they're
just delivering food for a party
or hotel, but it worries me
for some reason.

Well I broke my one rule
today. The management
doesn't give out actual
lunch breaks, so I can't go
anywhere, and they won't
allow outside foods here.
I mean they actually screamed
at the last customer who
did that. Anyway I had a
burger. It wasn't bad, and
I don't feel sick, so I
might get a few every
now and then.

This is strange...

I had a dream last night about this
restaurant. I know I was here, but I
also felt like I was in another
place at the same time. Everything
looked so.. wrong. Nothing was the
right size, and I kept hearing these
strange animal noises, almost
like wailing. I guess I just feel
guilty for eating that burger the
other day. Also today I saw that man
again. The one who kept ordering
every 10 minutes. This time he
never even left the parking lot.
He just got his meal, parked, and
then got back in line. He must
have done it at least 8 times
before he left.

There was a horrible 'accident'
today. At least that's what the
managers are calling it...

One of the other employees
brought in some outside food,
and got into a fight with a
manager about it. The employee
said that the burgers here smell
like sulfur. I then watched the
manager grab the kid's neck and
shove his head onto the grill. The
employee got up and ran out before
anyone could do anything, and I'm
told that he is fine, but that
really shook me today.

I'm leaving.

I fell asleep in my car today, after
eating one of those burgers. I
remembered brief flashes of a man or
animal coming towards me and feeling
like some huge, lumbering thing was
wailing from deep underground as I
continued eating. When I woke up
I was fine, but had veered off the
road. I don't know if it's some
weird allergic reaction to a
preservative they use or something
much worse, but this is my last day.

Specimen 12 (Room 810)

What is this?

Wow, what a mansion!
Inside another mansion.

Maybe I've
made it all the way to the end of
the house. Maybe this is like a
resting place or another entrance
perhaps? Whatever the case, I
think this is a good spot to rest.

This mansion is strange...

I think the bricks and wood are
actually just painted on. Everything
still feels kind of fake. Also I keep
hearing movement and voices
below me. Maybe other survivors
are hiding down there!

I can hear him coming down
the hallway! I need to hide, but
I don't know where.

I now know this is not an exit or
a resting place. It is just another
specimen room!

I think he's outside the door now.

I somehow managed to get away.
But I don't know for how long.

I hear him, even when I know
he's not there. It's like he isn't
even real but instead my own
fears manifesting themselves
and stalking me.

I have a theory.

I think it's this pseudo
mansion. I think it's
playing with my head.

I still hear him...
I must find that man
and kill him with the
sickle I found in the

Specimen 13 (Room 910)

Research Report 1

More whales are being shipped
to the facility tomorrow, one for
a health inspection and two that
are already dead for autopsies.

More and more beached whales
keep appearing around those
islands and I still can't find what
is causing it.

Research Report 2

Whale 014-D has strange small
bite marks. They appear from
another smaller mammal, but
the strangest thing about them
is their placement. They are in even
rows inside the whale's stomach
all about 5 feet from the 'bottom'
of the stomach lining.

Research Report 3

Whale 015-A is still alive but
gets into fits of thrashing and
is surfacing more often than
natural. I think there may be a
problem with its lungs, but I
don't have any tools that would
allow me to check it without it

I will have to allow it to die
from whatever is causing it
and then do an autopsy.

Research Report 4

Whale 015-D has died much
sooner than I expected while
I was away on holiday. I regret
not being here, but I had
estimated it would live much
longer. The team that did the
autopsy said nothing seemed to
be wrong with the lungs but the
stomach had a circular hole about
2 feet in diameter all the way
through to the outside of the Whale.

This pretty much confirms a
parasite is the cause of death.

Research Report 5

The research facility is now in
dire need of more engineers.
We have a whole block that is
flooded, and some vital staff are

Research Report 6

I hear a girl.
Or an animal.
Or something...

Singing to me, pleading that
I come outside my locked room
and let the sweeping waves
comfort me.

Research Report 7

All the staff is gone.
Only I remain.
For no purpose, I remain
here, resisting the call from
behind the sealed door.

But I will remain...
As long as I can.
Don't open that door.

Excerpt 4132
And then I watched carelessly
as the sea rose above the sky
casting waving shadows over
the world.

I saw the silhouettes of
creatures both familiar and
forgotten. And suddenly I
found myself falling upwards
towards an ocean of darkness.

Karamari Hospital

Notes found throughout the entirety of the Karamari Hospital DLC. Similar to the scripted notes, these are always present, with the exception of the 10th note which varies depending on the ending the player gets.

Most notes are written by hospital staff that are being terrorized by who is believed to be Monster 5; both versions of the 10th note, however, are written by Spooky's Father.

Dr. Hamada

The patient has displayed increased
depression after being informed of their
terminal disease.

I prescribed an antidepressant to regulate
this but was later told that I had
cancelled the prescription.

I have no memory of cancelling the meds nor
can I find any evidence that my orders were
tampered with.

Dr. Hamada

It seems the 'other' me has been giving him
large doses of hallucinogenics.

They have worsened the depression and he
is now constantly screaming and expressing
terror at seemingly random intervals.

I've tried using a dialysis machine to
remove some of the drugs,
but it seems futile.

Dr. Tochigi

I was just informed that the procedure to
extract the patients liver became fatal.

I don't know why...
Why did we take his liver?

There are no donation requests and he was
showing signs of improvement.

The surgical staff told me I personally
demanded the liver be removed for an
emergency transplant, and the worst thing
is I found it...

I found his liver, his entire liver.

Just sitting on my desk...

Dr. Kanagawa

The patient did not recover from the
blood loss.

I feel like there is a monster inside my
head and it's pushing me away while it
works on something.

I woke up in the patient's room standing
over him, while an arterial catheter
was in the patient, letting him just
bleed out onto the floor.

Nurse Tanaka
Report \#404

It seems we are losing patients due to
'surgical complications' much more often
than normal.

What have the doctors been doing?

Half of these procedures seem completely
unnecessary. I know the doctors and
surgeons are above me and probably know
many things I don't, but this is
getting strange.

Nurse Tanaka
Report \#405

I blacked out today while driving to work.

One minute I was driving down the road
and then in an instant I was standing
outside my car staring down at a dead cat.
I must have hit it with my car and felt

The image of the dead cat has constantly
unnerved me today.

How did I manage to hit it in such a way
to make the body completely twisted
around like that?

Nurse Tanaka
Report \#406

Something sinister is beating on the wall
of my subconscious,

beating like a war drum motioning me to
march down into Hell.

Nurse Tanaka
Report \#407

It wasn't me..
I swear it wasn't.

It may have been my body and my hands,
but I know it wasn't me.

Nurse Tanaka
Report \#408

I found out how to stop them.

You see they are in my head and can
control me for a time.

But if I kee p using the radiology
ma chine to dose my head with radiation
then they go aw ay for a while.

I'm so sorry my little angel.

I've tried hating the man that took you
from us, but in the end the only person
I can hate is myself.

You always liked to scare people,
especially when they didn't understand
something. I was confounded no one
understood your costume but I guess
people don't read Poe anymore, even
with the new Price film. That man
clearly overreacted to your fireworks,
but we can only blame a PTSD
sufferer so much.

I hate myself for what I am doing,
but I can't wait any longer.

Your mother puts on a brave face
but I know she wants this too.

I'm making fair progress in bringing
you back, but it seems to only work
for a moment even with larger thresholds.

Today I think I found the answer.
A second device is needed to bind the
spirit to the earth after it has been
brought back. I know this sounds
macabre but I will turn it off and
let you return to heaven after your
mother and I get to see you again.

Endless Mode

Similarly to the notes found in randomly generated rooms in Story Mode, the player can find more notes in Endless Mode, once again being written by victims. Notes written by an Specimen while in their chase, Unknown Specimen 5, and Spooky herself are also present.

They follow the same progression rules as the Story Mode notes, starting with the first note of the Romantic Victim's second appearance and ending with the last of Spooky's notes. Unknown Specimen 5's notes do not progress and are shown in a random order attached to a faded Specimen 1.

Romantic Victim (Again)

Yet again I have cheated the grave and
shall proceed to escape these confines.

While the thought of my death being
quite romantic did cross my mind I
believe my escape shall be profusely
more so.

I am still filled with vigor
after my experience the other day.
My hunger and thirst have both
left me leaving me with nothing
but distilled romanticism.

Now even the monsters and
other incorporeal beings seem to be
deterred from attacking me. They do
notice me it seems but they don't
act as imposing as they once were.

Clearly due to my renewed romantic

A strange ghost girl appeared
before me today in a rather upset
and unromantic manner. She claims I
am not doing my job and that I
should report to my commanding
officer immediately. I boldly
stated that I have no commander as
I drift wherever the wind takes me
as I follow my own romantic journey.
To this she acted confused and
slowly sunk into the floor.

I am beginning to wonder why
I haven't required sustenance in what
I guess has been more than two weeks.
I at first theorized that tiny food
particles are emitted into the air.

I now know what a foolish thought that
was since it is clear that I have been
granted immortality as a romantic

I noticed something strange today.

My skin color has changed.

I know this is probably ordinary since
I haven't seen the sun in quite some
time but it just came as a shock to me.
But I know my romantic partner is out
there and they will care for me no
matter how transparent my skin becomes.

The ghost girl has returned
and is glaring at me while I write
this. She again claims I have a job
here and that I'm not fulfilling it
correctly. I tell her whatever job
she thinks I have doesn't sound very
romantic. She seems angrier now and
states that if I don't stop she will
take my pen privile___

Child Victim

Mommy and Daddy love me
very much!

They told me they were throwing
me a party!

Where is Daddy? He told me that
the party was going to be here.

Mommy gave me a basket of cookees.
for my party..

I've eaten some.

Why are there noises? Is Mommy
or Daddy following me?
Is this a game?

I fell down a hole..
My leg hurts alot and I cried.

I fell asleep.
My leg still hurts.
I see Daddy he came for me..

It's not Daddy.

Spelling Errors Victim

DAy 1
I have enterd a spoopy ghost mansion.
I do not know how long I will be here
but I hope not too long.

Day 2
Today I saw quite a spook. I'll
admit it was scary but not as scary
as I've seen in some horror games.

Day 3
I am beginning to get hungry and
thirsty. I did bring much food other
than my cheesy curds

I hope I will find more food soon.

Day 4
Alright I am tired of this place.
today a scary slime man attacked me
(sort of) and I ran wawy.

Day 5
I wish I had wifi here. that remains
the scariest aspect of all in this
palce. I can't check my online
profiles or post my daily thoughts.

It is making me build up tension.

Day 6
So I'm pretty much ded now. I don't
think I can on and I know the world
will miss me, but don't worry wolrd.
I am still pretty hardcore for making
it this long I suppose but it was a
frightful journey (kinda).

Day 7
While I am at the end of my ropes I
shall press on anyway. I have eating
the last of the cheese curds and
haven't found any new food. There is
something down the hallway I believe.
It's getting closer. OH whyyy.
why has this has to happen to me?


So um, I am writing notes
down. I think that is the correct
thing to do in this situation. I was
filming the mansion for my urban
exploration video channel but I think
I'm trapped and I ran out of battery
on my cameras hours ago.

Hey readers, so everything
is ok so far. I can't go back because
these elevators only go down but they
have to stop somewhere right? I've got
enough food for a while and my windup
flashlight is working nicely,
so we'll see how this goes.

Hey guys, so there are
these weird pop outs that appear to be
cardboard. I guess this was or is a
theme ride of some kind. I just keep
going down but I don't have much

All in all it's not that bad.

So everybody, everything
is decent at least. Food is almost
gone, water too. At the least the
foundation of this place seems to
be holding and there isn't much
mold in the air so I don't have to
use my mask. I still want to get
out of here soon.

Well readers, I found a
greenhouse or garden area. It was
pretty neat but it didn't help me
much. I did find a cool Sickle thing
in a 'tree'. I normally don't steal
from the places I explore but I have
this really uneasy vibe from this place
and I want something to defend myself.

Hey everyone, I wish my
cameras had battery left. I found some
really cool areas of this building.
Some looked like a school of sorts and
another might have been some kind of
in house restaurant. I found some
frozen (meat) there, but I'm not
sure if I should attempt to eat
it or not.

Okay guys, I am done with
this place. As interesting as it may
be I think I'm actually in life
threatening danger here. I can't
imagine it going on much longer and
I've gone way too far down to get
back up now.

Well readers, I think I'm
near an exit. I found another mansion
like area. I feel really tired so
I'm going to take a break here.

'Jasper Midnight' Victim

Dear Reader,

I am known as Jasper Midnight.
I appear to be trapped within a house
of horrors so to speak. While at first
glance I thought this was nothing
more than a carnival fun house with
scary pop outs and irritating
ambience it has lasted quite longer
than I expected.

I am going to write these notes as
I journey on in order to inform any
unfortunate souls that follow me.


Dear Reader,

Today was an interesting day. I found
what appears to be a spider or
centipede like creature following me.
I was a glorious yet somewhat
unfulfilling encounter. After only a
few rooms it got away from me.


Dear Reader,

This mansion just continues to get
better. I found a room today that was
delightfully themed around rusted and
abandoned asylums. I say 'themed'
simply because it was too perfect to
be real. I even found strange
creatures holding onto the grated
floor writhing in some sinister dance.


Dear Reader,


I love this place. It is like
nightmare without the haze of sleep or
a daydream you would have while
drowning. Today I found a creature
behind a fake forest of terrible
delights. They move without moving
and speak through a face without a
bottom jaw.


Dear Reader,

This has been a life changing journey
for me. For a long time I felt this
emptiness that both hollowed and
overwhelmed me. But now I have a
place in this world. I no longer
feel a coldness within me but rather
a growing fire.


Dear Reader,

The world is an ashtray, constantly
burning out. It is full of hardship,
turmoil, happiness, and love. And
all of it is beautiful.


Dear Reader,

My life is spent, my fire snuffed. My
body shakes and ejects blood. I cannot
go any further though I wish I could.
Continue after me and witness the
beauty of the world. Witness the
terrible and terrific.



Research Report #153

Through the spider portal I have come
across a plethora of new horror designs
for Specimen 1 as well as some new
ways of recruiting soldiers.

In today's dive I discovered a cluster
of webs centered around short horror
experiences as well as some sort of
Italian cooking. I will continue to
research this particular web cluster.

Research Report #154

Today's dive inspired me to create a
design for Specimen 1 that I think
will be more effective. It seems
this creature known as Jeff is
terrorizing the world above. Further
research on other webs led me to
believe there are multiple Jeffs,
some even crossbreeding with other
monsters. It goes without saying the
offspring may prove interesting.

Research Report # 155

Today an idiot GL Labs worker thought
to question my concept for the new
design. They stated that whatever
creature Jeff is, he certainly does
not resemble my design. I countered by
showing them the stacks upon stacks of
images depicting him as I have and
then skewering him in the ribs with
my knife.

Research Report # 156

Recruitment is just barely staggering
along and I need to do something
about it.

From research gathered in today's dive
I believe I have the solution. We need
to attract one of these LP people to
the house. After they are here I
believe other LP people and
'viewers' will flock in.

Research Report # 157

I have started my plan to attract the
LP people to the house. I have sent
hundreds of identical notices to a
couple of the big LP people. So far
most have gone unseen, so I have
today enlisted all GL Lab slaves to
copy the message I've written and
post it as frequently as possible.

Research Report # 158

Today in the spider portal we got a
few replies to our brochure for the
house. Most stated that we were some
kind of canned meat product, but a
few seemed positive. I'm now shutting
down the advertising campaign to focus
all of our workers into beefing up
the recruitment strategies.

Research Report #159

Well this morning, or evening, or
afternoon, I can't really tell down
here, a worker from GL Labs brought
me distressing news about the title
of our house. It seems another house
far away already has our title somehow
and wants us to change ours. They
must have a larger ghost army than
ours, so further investigation
is required.

Research Report # 160

Today the worker said with enough
funds we can dismiss this title
metamorphosis, but I've decided to
keep all funds toward dried noodle
sustenance and scary things. I'm not
sure how this other mansion is going
to benefit from this. However, all
other news is good and the next wave
of monsters are about ready.

Unknown Specimen 5

You think you're clever
don't you?

I've been watching you for
a while now.

Why even bother filling
your lungs?

Your blood smells so thick.
I can hear the vessels oozing.

Do you feel safe?

Reading these won't help you.
Only death can help you.

The Doll House

Once again, these notes are always present. Some notes are written by Generic Labs Assistants and some of the Dolls/subjects, like Woormy Charles. More notes written by Spooky's Father can be found here; one of these notes is not exactly a note as it is found when interacting with his corpse in the Seal Chamber. One of the notes found in the Root Cellar will display fully only when the player goes back for the Black Candles for the Good Ending of the DLC.

Unlike all the other notes in the game, the notes here are written with a different font, known as Cartridge, and the text is purple instead of black. Exempt of this rule are Woormy Charles's note, as it is just an image, and the dad's corpse's text.

Congratulations GL Labs associate!

You have been volunteered for our proud parent program.

You have been given a doll, and your duty is to train the soul entrapped within.

To confine it to the doll you must keep it in good 'Spirits' and give it attention. Many of the beta candidates were children when they died and will likely attach themselves to you without problems, but there may be times when punishment or extraction of spirit energy is necessary. The energy can feel quite replenishing, but please refrain from abuse as it negatively affects the ghost.

In the event of husk rejection or injury, GL labs is not responsible under any circumstance.

Tea room for proud parent volunteers.
Instruction Manual

This room functions to relieve stress and replenish spirit energy in the event that the doll has lost potency. You may use this function by placing the doll upon the pedestal and sitting across from it.

In the event of husk rejection or injury, GL labs is not responsible under any circumstance.

Good luck, proud parent!

LOG 23

We've made progress, but none of it has been ideal. We developed a system to summon and contain these spirits, however we've yet to find a suitable container. When the director first summoned his daughter back from the dead we were astonished, but she didn't stay here long. Without something proper to tether the spirits back to the earth they simply fade away.

We tried simple jars, vases and the like at first but these containers limited the functions of the spirits. We've had minor success using humanoid vessels but the spirits are still tied to the physical damage of the containers and are thus too fragile.

NOTE2 spr.png

LOG 24

We're having difficulty containing one of the stronger spirits. The dolls that we use to hold them keep stretching out and breaking and then we have to summon the spirit all over again. Theoretically the size of the vessel shouldn't matter, but it complains that it's all too small.

So for now it's locked up behind an emergency containment door.

I was a good girl all day long. But when Dad got home he was all wrong. So I hid in my room until he was gone. And then I shot him in the face at 5:45.

His gun was so shiny, sparkly and neat and his face was so mushy gushy squishy. I wanted to shoot more people but my Mom made me sleepy. Now I'm in this weird house with all these weird white coat people and they won't give me a gun.

My Dear Monica,
Although it was difficult, I've respected your wishes and let you rest. I miss you everyday. I miss you. So much.

I'm still going to try to save our daughter. I know it's not what you wanted, but I've already gone too far. She's so close, I just have to find a way to keep her here.

I love you,

LOG 34

To keep the dolls happy we created this 'party room'. We even summoned a spirit to entertain them, but this experiment has failed miserably.

The dolls hate it here, and seemed totally freaked out around the 'clown'. I requested the document on how it was found and apparently they tried to summon a happy human ghost, but instead got something else.

It looks human, it acts human, but just to be safe we installed a cage. Just what did they summon?

LOG 189

I can see her. In the corner of my eye.
With any vision beyond that she twitches and moves toward me. Sometimes I can hear her breathing behind me.

How did I get here? Is this our punishment for denying death? I've only ever followed orders.
My blind devotion brought me here, perhaps blindness can get me out as well.

LOG 189


LOG 46

The KIRA genesis is just about fried.

We've summoned far too many spirits for it to handle. Even returning them might collapse the gate!
So I moved 3 of the ritual candles into the Root Cellar. That should deter any more summoning for now.

Spooky will probably order someone to go get them, but that's not my problem.

And odds are they wouldn't survive down there anyway.

The seal is almost complete, and then you can return to me.

It requires a nightmare to work. So I will surrender mine.

The same nightmare that took you from us, will now bring you back.

I always wanted to tell you.

How that night really ended.

But I couldn't. Because you were gone.

I need your forgiveness. That's why I wanted you back at any cost.

But in the end I robbed you of both life and unlife. Please go on, and be with Monica.

I'm sorry.

LOG 187

These spirits get so temperamental, we keep having to perform rituals to keep them in check.

When they act out it's necessary to inflict pressure on the husk inhabited by the spirit.

Don't forget that these dolls are not real people.

LOG 809

Hopefully now that the Doll Project is over, I'll get transferred back to the surface facility soon. It's been very interesting, but I generally fear for my life everyday. That's not ideal job security.

LOG 32

We abandoned the doll idea of tethering the subject to a physical object and instead we sealed her spirit within the mansion itself. Her abilities within the facility should be incredible. The director would be pleased with the outcome of his sacrifice.

LOG 67

I haven't told anyone yet, but I think this place is haunted. There are like, these strange woaning sounds all the time. Like a moan but also like woah, you know. So Woaning. And there was this painting that I kept staring at, that I think was changing.

A doll is a timeless thing. In the shape of a human but created perfect. Immortal and unmoving. Yet hollow, devoid of soul.

A fitting symbol and possibly usable device for our goals here.

Soon I will have you back, my dear. But first I must make sure it won't constrict you.

After all our research and experimentation, we were looking in the wrong place. The dolls did little but distract us. They could not fill my heart and they were not suitable for you to inhabit. That is why you did not come back to me.

But now I've found something else.

A relic from the old kingdom era that seals spirits to the earth. Though it originally was used for great evil, I will use it for you.

Howard's Room

This note can only be found in Howard's Room, a room that appears in both Story Mode and Endless Mode.

This was such a surprise.
That there would be another entry.
Another actual entry.
One I could admire.

But then as suddenly as it came,
it left.

And now you disband.

Your influence and inspiration will
never leave me.


  • Notes will not spawn while the player is being chased, meaning that room with notes are safe-zones, disregarding scripted events such as Room 60.
    • However, if the player decides to stay in that room long enough, Specimen 9 will still appear and begin to chase them.
  • As the Romantic's notes continue, he stops double spacing and begins writing in prose, possibly showing his panic or lack of willpower.
  • The note found in Specimen 2's room seems to be written with blood.
  • The notes found in Room 810 and the ones written by the Vlogger are both from the same character, The Old Man.
  • The 10th note of Karamari Hospital is talking about Spooky herself, seen from her father's perspective.
  • Howard's Room note describes the disappointment of the developers towards Silent Hills P.T. as it was never released as a new entry to the Silent Hill franchise.
  • Despite Spooky's notes being written by her in-universe, they more or so reflect the developers' thoughts and experiences while developing Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion in a metaphorical sense.
    • It refers to the internet as a spider portal; creepypastas are described as 'short horror experiences related to Italian cooking', and "Spooky" even taking inspiration to create a Jeff the Killer variant of Specimen 1; attracting the LP people (Let's Players) to play the game. It even describes their attempts at spreading awareness about their game being seen as 'meat canned products', or Spam.
    • The name change the game suffered is also referenced in this[1], described as 'another house far away'.
  • In older versions of the game, around the original game's full release, the Tropes victim's second note mentions avoiding picking up the other notes to avoid summoning the "tall man". This was most likely a reference to the Slender Man and its mythos. Unfortunately, most players intepreted this as instructions instead of a reference, and the last two paragraphs of the note were changed to reflect this. The old version of the note can be seen in this video.