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In Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation, the player will have to traverse a large host of Rooms to progress.

Throughout the game, the player will find themselves in many scripted rooms; some with save points that can help them save their progress, and others that will present them with hostile Specimens. There are also rare rooms that contain Easter Eggs, decorative features, or some interactive objects such as notes.

In the gaps of normal rooms between scripted rooms, the player may randomly encounter Specimens.

Here is a list of the many things and variations one can find in the regularly generated rooms for both Story Mode and Endless Mode. Walls, ceiling and ground textures may vary per floor, alongside the kind of rooms the player can find in each.

  • Bedrooms: Rooms with beds, chairs and/or drawers, usually found in the starting rooms of the game.
    • Red fog room (HD Renovation only): An extremely rare, small square-shaped room with several beds or bunk beds in it with some furniture. Some of them occasionally appearing on the walls. Notably the only randomly-generated room with a red fog instead of a black one.
  • Abyss rooms: Large rooms with maze-like paths constructed above a dark abyss.
    • One of these abyss rooms has two variants: one with the exit to the left and one with the exit to the right. The exit is dependant on whether a table is present on the left side; if it is, go right, if it's not, go left. Taking the wrong turn will result in the player reaching a dead end.
  • Chasm/bridge rooms: Wooden bridges spanning over chasms, leading to a door. Occasionally, other bridges can be seen to the sides, above and below.
  • Jail rooms: Rooms containing iron bars, with beds, bones and other furniture found behind them. Present in Rooms 0-99
  • Acid rooms: Green-tinted rooms with acid pits, sometimes containing bones in them.
  • Purple rooms: Purple-tinted rooms with a short hallway then an actual room.
  • Chair room: A room filled with chairs. In the HD Renovation, this room has a yellow tint.
  • 50/50 room: Amongst the normal rooms there is the commonly known 50/50 room. A U-shaped room, containing a door to the right and another to the left. One door is locked and the other is unlocked. The player must choose which door to go to and get lucky. If unlucky, they'll reach the locked door and most likely be forced to take a hit from an incoming Specimen in order to go to the unlocked door.
  • Engine rooms: Rooms filled with cylindrical tanks and supporting pipes, with some wires on the walls. Present in Rooms 200-299.
  • Long hallways: Present in Rooms 600-699 are rooms with long hallways, used to test the player against Specimen 10.
  • Dungeon rooms: Rooms with chains on the walls and a high ceiling, sometimes containing chairs and scattered bones. Present in Rooms 800-899.
  • Storage rooms: Rooms containing wooden crates and support beams. Present in Rooms 900-995.

For the HD Renovation, there are multiple rooms with vertical/diagonal movement in the form of ramps and staircases. There are also new room types for the first portion of the game, and some bedrooms have windows with a view of the night sky and sometimes rain.

There's a mechanic in the HD Renovation related to room generation known as the troll generator, where the same room layout is repeated 4 times.


  • In the original version of the game, there's an upside-down room that can sometimes appear. The floor is missing, leaving a black void below the player, and a door-sized hole leading into another room can be see below the "floor". This room used to be a room with a window but it is now glitched. [1]
  • Lab rooms can appear in Story Mode on the HD Renovation. One of these rooms has an upstair section with an exit door and some tanks. The interesting part about this upstairs section is that the outer walls are curved. This is the only room in the entire game with curved walls.
    • Another lab room has a non-euclidean door, also in the upstair section. The player can come out from this door upstairs, or the door downstairs.


These rooms appear in Story Mode and will always appear when a certain room count is reached. They are used to introduce the Specimens of the game that will chase the player once the room concludes, as save points or checkpoints and other events.

Here's a simplified list of all the scripted events with their corresponding room number/s:

Room # Event/s
0 Spooky's first encounter
50 Elevator/Save point
60 Specimen 2's introduction
100 Elevator/Save point
120 Specimen 3's introduction
150 Elevator/Save point
165 Specimen 4's introduction
200 Elevator/Save point
210 Specimen 5's introduction
250 First checkpoint, Spooky's second encounter and save point
300 Elevator/Save point
310 Specimen 6's introduction
400 Elevator/Save point
410 Specimen 7/The White Cat's introduction
500 Second checkpoint, Spooky's third encounter and save point
501-511 Express Tunnel
550-559 Specimen 8's introduction
600 Elevator/Save point
610-617 Specimen 10's introduction
700 Elevator/Save point
710 Specimen 10's introduction
750 Third checkpoint, Spooky's fourth encounter and save point
800 Elevator/Save point
810 Specimen 12/The Old Man's introduction
900 Elevator/Save point
910 Specimen 13's introduction
995 Elevator/Final save point
1000 Exit door, Spooky's last encounter

The specimen introduction rooms also appear in Endless Mode, although they are non-scripted.

Elevator Room

Elevator Room.png

The Elevator Room serves as a save point in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. They have two tables, one of which will have a save point on it and the other a candle and sometimes a note. There can also be up to two elevator posters on the walls of the elevator.

The player needs to press the button on the opposite side of the room to make the elevator go down to the next floor to progress the game.

The elevator will only appear every 50 rooms up until Room 200. After that, it will appear every 100 rooms. It will also appear at Room 995. In Endless Mode, after Room 1000, it will only be present after 200 rooms. This does not apply for the HD Renovation.

Although rare, the player may sometimes stumble upon one of these rooms. Compared to regular rooms, these rooms offer much more interactivity and players can find easter eggs if they decide to spend more time in them.

These rooms are also considered safe rooms, as specimens will not chase the player through them.

Arcade Room

Main article: Minigames

A room containing four arcade machines, three of which can be played and another one that needs a password to access it.

Brainframe Room

Brainframe Room.png

This room contains a brain inside a giant glass jar connected next to some machines and blood puddles. Inspecting the glass container from Rooms 900 forward will reveal a password saying: 1235. Using this password in the out of order arcade cabinet will present a short story.

In Spooky's HD Renovation, if the player hits the glass twice with the axe, the tank shatters and The Brain will drastically slow the player's movements before approaching and killing them, which results in a game over.


Main article: CAT-DOS

CAT-DOS Room.png

A computer room that contains a database describing Specimens 1 to 13.

Chandelier Room

Chandelier Room.png

A very rare room with a chandelier hanging in the middle and a shiny black and white ceramic floor.

Endless Hallway

Endless hallway.png

A room with three directions. To the left is a door, and to the right is an empty room. Going forward initiates a looping hallway that slowly closes in as it continues deeper. Eventually the player will become stuck, and shortly thereafter Specimen 9 will come and kill the player with an instant game over.

Foggy Maze

Foggy Maze.png

An illuminated room that uses trial and error as its puzzle's source. After entering the main area, the player may go left, forward or right. It requires four correct choices in a row to complete it and proceed to the next room. It is worth noting it is a "safe" area, as no specimen keeps chase in these areas, allowing one to rest momentarily.

If the player chooses the correct direction, it will be indicated by a piano note, if the player is going in the wrong direction an acoustic guitar sound will play. The text reading "Ding" (correct) or "Donk" (incorrect) pop up at the bottom of the screen in the HD Renovation.

If the player makes an incorrect choice the rooms will reset and they'll have to begin again. The correct turn combination changes each time the maze is encountered.

As the Foggy Maze does not function with entirely randomized paths (this doesn't apply for the HD Renovation as it is randomized), there are six different predefined paths:

  • Front, front, front, left
  • Left, front, front, left
  • Left, front, front, front
  • Left, left, front, left
  • Front, right, right, left
  • Right, right, front, left

In the HD Renovation, if on the third correct choice a double ding is heard (the sound is amplified or played twice, overlapping each other), it indicates that the fourth correct choice is forward, and no sound will play when going forward. If no double ding is heard, then the fourth choice is either left or right.

This room is most likely an homage to the famous "Lost Forest" style puzzle popularized by The Legend of Zelda.

Howard's Room

Pt room.png

A room composed of a locked door, some small tables, and a turning hallway ahead. Going down the hallway will make the room loop. After two loops, a note will appear on one of the small tables, reading:

This was such a surprise.
That there would be another entry.
Another actual entry.
One I could admire.

But then as suddenly as it came,
it left.

And now you disband.

Your influence and inspiration will
never leave me.

Occasionally, after one to three loops, Howard will appear in the room, rushing at the player while roaring. Howard will then disappear, and the player's screen will black out momentarily. In order to leave this room, the player must loop 3 times, pick up the note on the third loop and the door will unlock.

In the HD Renovation, the exit door is comically narrower and taller, giving the illusion that it gets thinner each time the player passes by it. The player will also have a dim static overlay effect while in this room that appears to be the same effect when Specimen 8 chases the player.

LP Room

LP Room.png

Composed of an armed couch and a table, a view of an apparently snowy outdoor with some bushes, this room covered with a white fog hosts 4 different portraits of some YouTube Let's Players that first played the original game before it became popular. The Youtubers from left to right are as follow: Forksnapper, JELlegendz, Band-aid Boy, and ScaryPlayerNorway.

In the HD Renovation, this room has been removed as of the VR Fix Update as the Let Players only played the original game and not the HD Renovation.

Map Room

Map Room.png

A small T-shaped room with a large purple map stating "You are here" with a convoluted screen full of moving rooms, with a door on each side of the map.

Phone Room

FNAF Secret.png

A room with a desk, a fan and a telephone. After a few moments, a female voice (AMGSheena, one of the devs) will speak, saying "Hello" in different tones, and on occasion, tells the player not to look directly into the fan.

The room is a direct reference to the various 'office' locations from the well-known Five Nights at Freddy's game series, all of which feature a fan and a desk with lengthy phone calls in the game.

In Endless Mode, the layout of most of the rooms seems to be more maze-like and narrower, with very irregular turns, limiting movement, making it easy for certain Specimens to catch up to the player. Aside from the previously mentioned room types, some room types are reused from Story Mode, with new variantions being added alongside new room types, such as:

  • Lab rooms: Rooms containing glass containers, similar to that of the Brainframe Room, metal tables and windows.
  • Hotel rooms: Rooms containing furniture such as beds, drawers, chairs and/or tables. Their most notable feature is the use of doorframes between sections of the rooms. These doorways can often lead to dead ends.
  • Dungeon room variant: A large room with a hallway to the right and another to the left. The door can either be in the top-left (going to the left hallway and taking a right turn) or to the bottom-right (going to the right hallway and taking a right turn). One must stand in the middle of the room and look left. If there are iron bars in the left hallway, near to where the door should be, then go bottom-right. If there are no iron bars, then go there.
  • P room variant: A P-shaped room that starts as a hallway, with a loop to the right and the door in the hallway to the left. It has a variant where the door can be located in the loop to the right. It is advised to first check the loop for the door instead of going down the hallway and to the left as the door will sometimes not be there.
  • Winding hall variant: A room with a winding hallway to the left and one to the right. In Endless Mode, there's a variant that doesn't have a door to the left, instead being replaced with iron bars facing a small chasm.

In the HD Renovation, more room types and variants are added.

  • Aquarium rooms: Rooms with tanks filled with fish. They can sometimes be filled with blood and bones, out of order, or a miniature version of the mansion can be found among the fish.
  • Web halls: Rooms that can contain a varying amount of large cobwebs that will slow down the player, similar to Specimen 2 puddles. They can be destroyed with the Axe/Sword.
    • 4/2 room: A type of web hall with a similar shape to Unknown Specimen 3's starting room, this room has four large cobwebs present in the room and four exit doors. Two doors will be unlocked and two doors will be locked. This is randomnly determined, and the player has no way of telling unless they interact with the doors, meaning they can get harshly punished due to bad luck. The large webs appear very close together so the player can take advantage by swinging their weapon between the first two webs to destroy both, and stand inside the third web further down the hall to break both the third and fourth. It is recommended to ignore the first door and try the second door to avoid getting a locked door and possibly getting hit by an enemy. Specimen 1 can appear here, along Specimen 2's puddles and Unknown Specimen 4's shadow animals if chased by those enemies.
  • Balanced 50/50 room: Replacing the original room, the balanced version now has the player starting inside a short hallway in the middle instead of just spawning in the middle of the room. This room was changed in order to mitigate unfair situations where multiple specimens could easily catch up and kill the player if they picked the wrong door.


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