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In Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and Spooky's HD, the player will have to traverse a large host of rooms to progress. Throughout the game, the player will find themselves in many scripted rooms; some with save points that can help them save their progress, and others that menace them with hostile Specimen. There are also rare rooms that contain Easter Eggs, decorative features, or a gift that will challenge to the player to a certain degree.

In the gaps of normal rooms between scripted rooms, the player may randomly encounter Specimen.

Notable Randomly Generated Rooms

  • Rooms with a bed and/or windows, usually found in the starting rooms of the game, or rooms with arranged or randomly-placed chairs.
  • Large rooms with maze-like paths constructed above the dark abyss, guiding the player to a door or a dead-end.
  • Rooms filled with tanks and supporting pipes, with some wires on the wall, resembling engine rooms or labs.
  • Wooden bridges spanning black abysses, leading to a door. Occasionally, other bridges can be seen to the sides and below.
  • A small square-shaped room with several beds in it. Some of them occasionally appearing on the walls. Notably the only randomly-generated room with a red fog instead of a black one.
  • Rare rooms, which include: a foyer-style room with a high ceiling and chandelier; the LP Room, which is a bright white room with pictures of some Youtubers hanging on the walls; the Foggy Maze or Lost Woods; a room with a large purple map stating "you are here" with a convoluted screen full of moving rooms; and the CAT-DOS, a computer contains a database describing Specimens 1 to 13.
    • There is an also option that reads "MODIFY_HOUSE_LAYOUT" that only shows "ERROR" upon accessing, and defaults back to the CAT-DOS main menu.
  • The Brainframe: a brain contained in a giant glass jar connected to a machine. Inspecting it later in the game will reveal a password saying: 1235. Using this password in the white arcade cabinet will present a short story.
    • In Spooky's HD Renovation, if the player hits the glass twice with the axe, the tank shatters and the brain will drastically slow the player's movements before approaching and killing them, which results in a game over.
  • The Endless Hallway, a room with three directions. To the left is a door, and to the right is an empty room. Going forward brings initiates a looping hallway that slowly closes in as it continues deeper. Eventually the player will become trapped, and shortly thereafter Specimen 9 will come and kill the player with an instant game over.
  • A room with a desk, a fan and a telephone. The room is a direct reference to the various 'office' locations from the well-known Five Nights at Freddy's game series, all of which feature a fan and a desk with lengthy phone calls in the game.
  • Howard's room, a room with a locked door and a looping hallway that only contains the same room each time the player completes a circuit. After one room, a note will appear on the table and will continue appearing in the next rooms. Sometimes, after 3-4 "loops", Howard will appear and jump scare the player. After going through 4-6 "loops", the door will be unlocked and the player will be able to proceed.