Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Wiki

The Root Cellar is an area that appears in Spooky's Dollhouse, the second DLC for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.

It is almost completely dark, with light only coming from the lamps that appear over some of the doors, which signals that they can be opened. The walls, floor, and ceiling are tinted red and look decrepit.

The player first arrives to the Root Cellar from the GL Labs Area. After placing the Doll on a pedestal to open a Doll Gate, the player walks down a corridor, causing the floor to give way beneath them, landing them in the Root Cellar. While in the Root Cellar for the first time, the player will move slower, due to the fall. In the HD Renovation, the floor will creak before giving away, and the player will actually fall through the hole instead of the screen simply fading to black.

The player must then locate all three Metal Pinwheel Pieces scattered throughout the area, used to unlock a door with a pinwheel-shaped slot on it, giving them access to a Keycard that they can then use to access the stairs to exit the cellar and return to the West Wing, as well as access both the Spirit Seal and the Hellgate. The player can also find the Hooked Doll hooked to the wall in one of the rooms.

After leaving the landing area, there will be three doors that are accessible: The one to the left leads to the West Wing, the one in the hallway leads to a small crossroads, and at the end of the hallway a door that leads to a large crossroads.

Small Crossroads


In the small crossroads, there is a note on a table, which is currently incomplete. Near the table, there are another two doors. The one right in front of the door the player entered through leads to a room with a metal plate in the middle of the room next to a hole. The plate can be slid over the hole to reveal a Metal Pinwheel Piece.

The other door leads to a maze-like storage room. Hooked Doll can be found here on the first visit, although she'll be stuck in place. A Metal Pinwheel Piece is found stuck on her chest.

Large Crossroads


In the large crossroads, a door can be found to the right. It leads to a small room with a note on a desk. Going further down the hallway and to the right will lead the player to two other doors: The one at the end of the hallway requires all three Metal Pinwheel Pieces to open. It contains the GL LABS Keycard.


The other door leads to an office with a sculpture on the wall depicting a person's back. If the axe is used on it, the player will receive a vision of Hooked Doll charging at them. When Hooked Doll touches the player, the player is sent back to this room, and a Metal Pinwheel Piece appears where the sculpture once was.

Second Visit

After learning that the Black Candles are needed to open the Hellgate Source in the GL LABS Area, the player will need to return to the Root Cellar to collect them. However, the Hooked Doll will be active, so the player will need to avoid them as they gather the candles. There's one candle in the landing area, on a stool, one in the Hooked Doll's room, not too far from where the player encounters her the first time, and one in the Metal Pinwheel room.


On the second visit, the small crossroads will be altered. There's now a pair of eyeballs on the floor close to the note, which now shows the full text giving a hint on how to deal with Hooked Doll.
After gathering all three Black Candles and attempting to use the exit stairs, the stairs will be replaced by a long corridor lined with broken doors. A door on the opposite side will return the player back to the West Wing.


  • Faint crying can be heard coming from the hole in the room with the metal lid. Pushing the lid over the hole causes the crying to stop.