Specimen 1 are harmless entities randomly encountered throughout Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Specimen 1 takes the form of different cardboard cutouts. There is a green tentacled creature; a light-blue, teardrop-shaped ghost; a skeleton ; a purple spider with blue spots; a pumpkin; a tree stump; a purple cloud-like creature; a brown cup filled with coffee; a frowning piece of toast; an ice cream cone; a bloody skull; a red pepper with arms; and a distorted version of the green tentacle creature. The distorted version of the tentacle creature has black, sunken-in eyes with small pupils, a dirty face, and long, sharp teeth. There are stains on its face which appear to be blood. Each version of this specimen, save for the toast, the distorted version of the green tentacle creature, and the bloodied skull have a simple, happy face.

In Endless Mode, another nineteen variants appear alongside the others. These are: an eggplant; a donut; a tooth; a bar of soap; a lollipop; a sticky note with "To-Do" written on it; a moose; a contented potato; a bored looking bucket; a cake; a boot; a cat-shaped slime; a piece of candy corn; a pale, smiling humanoid with a luminescent blush and messy black hair; a tall, thin creature with a small face; a purple monster with a smiling tongue; a thin, monstrous face; a white toothy-smiled face; and a toaster pastry.


Specimen 1 springs out from the wall at random times, accompanied by a loud noise. This noise varies from prolonged creaking to a sort of "beep" which one might hear in a retro video game. Upon hitting Specimen 1 with the Axe, it will be partially destroyed.

The only way these could ever be worrying is if they appear during a chase, as Specimen 1 is a solid entity and could get in the way of the player, or the initial shock could make the player pause momentarily. This is a problem, as the hostile specimen chasing the player could easily gain on them.

It should be noted that Specimen 1 is much less likely to appear if the player is not running.

Sometimes, there will be a note left by a past victim attached to the front of Specimen 1.


In the Karamari Hospital DLC, once the player finishes the game and starts New Game +, a new variant of Specimen 1 appears in the hallway before entering the hospital: a pepper cutout known as "Peter the Pepper".


The first jump scare sound.


The second jump scare sound.


The third jump scare sound.


The fourth jump scare sound.


The fifth jump scare sound.


The sixth jump scare sound.


The seventh jump scare sound.


The eighth jump scare sound.



  • Specimen 1 is made out of 100% recycled cardboard.
  • In the first version of the game, this specimen only had three forms: the slime, the ghost, and the skeleton.
  • Originally, a werewolf was planned as a variant for this specimen.
  • The pumpkin's name is Sam. This is a reference to the movie Trick 'r Treat.
  • This is the only specimen to be seen in the first 50 rooms.
    • However, it is also possible that Specimen 9 will appear in these rooms if the player idles for one minute.
    • Specimen 1 is the specimen that has the least amount of fatalities, only having 4, apart from old Specimen 10, whose fatality count is 0.
  • The ghost variant of Specimen 1 appears in the December update art and is implied to be at least partially responsible for killing Santa Claus.
  • The corrupted face of the green slime resembles SCP-106, a creature from the SCP Foundation website, as well as SCP: Containment Breach, a game based on it.
  • The skeleton cutout may be a nod to the popular meme "And then a skeleton popped out", usually associated with trollpastas.
  • In the video Spooky Update with Rare Leeked Screenshots!, a salt shaker variant of Specimen 1 can be seen. However, it was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Audio used by Specimen 1 on later rooms is the same sound played by Howard when it jumpscares the player and by the Old Man, in the HD Renovation, when he jumpscares the player in the basement of Room 810 once they've picked up the exit key and when sprinting towards the player while in rooms outside of Specimen 12.
  • Hot Pepper Gaming created the Peter the Pepper.
  • Unlike the other cutouts, Peter the Pepper from the Karamari Hospital DLC cannot be cut with the Axe.
  • One of the cutouts in Endless Mode is a Xenomorph, from the Alien horror movie franchise.
    • Another cutout is Edvard Munch's painting The Scream.
    • One of the cutouts resembles famous creepypasta character Jeff the Killer. This is referenced in the Research Report notes in Endless Mode.


Nearly all the cutouts are the same, except Peter the Pepper, which is instead replaced with a smug soda can.


Specimen 1 now spawns closer to the player than before. Upon hitting them with the axe, they will be cut in half, with the piece falling on the ground. Unlike the original game, the jump scare sound isn't cut off if the player destroys the cardboard cutout.

It no longer stops the player automatically once it pops out (besides physically blocking them from moving). Additionally, when Specimen 1 appears in an area where there is no wall (i.e. on an abyss bridge) a metal pole will appear, from which Specimen 1 will pop out.

The soda can that replaces Peter the Pepper plays a unique sound, which is a smug, ghostly laugh.

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