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Specimen 12 is, in itself, Room 810. Its host, the hostile enemy that will chase the player in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, is first introduced here.


Specimen 12 is an old, Victorian mansion with supernatural properties. According to CAT-DOS, the mansion seemingly built itself around its environment and can choose a random "host", manipulating them to attack other subjects through various means. These means depend on the new host's characteristics.

The "mansion" is large, having many rooms but some are locked/broken and the hallways have numerous decorations; such as wooden tables, chairs, ornate doors, and bookshelves.

The current "host" of Specimen 12 is The Old Man - a balding, middle-aged male human with a yellowish or tanned complexion. He sports a tan trench coat, dark gray leggings, and brown shoes. His visage features a rather large nose and an eerie, constant smile. He carries a large sharp sickle in his right hand, which he drags along the floor.


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Specimen 12 - "the mansion inside a mansion", is located at Room 810. While wandering inside the "mansion", the player will have many dangerous encounters with The Old Man. They must try to hide before he comes, as it'll be impossible to run away from him in the rooms of the mansion. The player's goal is to find the keys/ways to unlock several doors and, ultimately, to find the exit key and escape. Once an encounter is triggered (i.e. just before the Old Man enters the room the player is in) the player cannot exit the room until they hide inside a closet or behind boxes, The Old Man enters, looking for the player, and then leaves the room; the message "I need to hide!" will appear if they attempt to use the door.


While inside the "mansion", The Old Man can instantly kill the player on contact up until the player tries to leave the basement with the exit key, which is when he deals only 45 damage but lands a hit every half a second, meaning one close encounter with him could prove fatal.


Outside the mansion, The Old Man will enter the room by slamming the door open. He is very slow and easy to evade.


If the player gets killed by The Old Man, a close-up of the Old Man's face constantly smiling will be shown, alongside multiple distorted and bloody images behind him.

Endless Mode

In Endless Mode, he has two forms: "docile" and "active".

In docile mode, he walks really slowly and doesn't actively follow the player, his behavior the same as when he's looking for the player in Room 810. The theme that plays during this event is the theme that plays before he enters a hiding room in Room 810, "Gummy Worms with Gummy Bear Heads".

In active mode, his chase behaves much the same way as it did in the main game after leaving Room 810, moving fast and following the player. The theme that plays is "Here Comes Trouble", the same as in the main game.


Sounds of The Old Man's weapon being dragged on the ground:

The Old Man's voicelines:
"Where are you?"

"Are you in here?"

"I hear you."


"Gummy Worms with Gummy Bear Heads", theme signaling The Old Man's arrival:

"Here Comes Trouble", The Old Man's chase theme:

The theme cutting off after The Old Man leaves the room:

The Old Man's death screen sound:


  • Specimen 12 (the "Mansion") is based on the classic horror game, Clock Tower, which contains a giant tool-wielding maniac, the Scissorman.
    • The Old Man's chase theme, "Here Comes Trouble", also bears a striking resemblance to the 1995 horror survival game Clock Tower chase theme Don't Cry Jennifer.
    • The premise of a man being possessed by a supernatural mansion is also reminiscent of the plot of Stephen King's novel The Shining.
  • The appearance of the Old Man was based off the popular Adult Swim short, Too Many Cooks.
  • The Old Man is one of four enemies to instantly kill the player on contact (while in Specimen 12's rooms) along with Specimen 9 (in the HD Renovation), The Brain (also in the HD Renovation) and Specimen 7.
  • Specimen 12's voice over was done by Vernon Shaw from the YouTube channel Hot Pepper Gaming. He had allegedly eaten a ghost pepper in preparation for the voice role.
    • Peppers can be found in a glass bowl on the table in the dining hall.
  • A series of notes the player can find in Endless Mode give a first-hand account of the possessed man's experience in the mansion before encountering Specimen 12. These notes reveal that he was a vlogger who explored abandoned urban locations, and also that he found the sickle he wields in a garden/greenhouse area of the mansion (which is likely the area where Specimen 8 resides).
  • Specimen 12 is referred to as "killer" in the game files.
  • Specimen 12 has the largest starting room of any Specimen in Story Mode.
  • The bad ending of the main game suggests that the player, manipulated into killing the monsters inside the mansion by Spooky, has become a new Specimen 12 host, making use of the axe as a signature weapon.


In regard to the mansion, the player will no longer have to interact with the stairs to get to the bedrooms. They also have railings. The peppers that were on the table of the dining hall have been removed.

The Old Man has a new voice actor, voice lines, and a fully animated 3D model. He will sometimes speak in a low demonic voice when chasing the player outside of Specimen 12. He also makes footstep sounds when moving.



He walks faster upon exiting Room 810 and no longer rushes the player if they're not hiding, giving them time to do so instead of an instant game over. He will keep chasing the player from the basement up to Room 810's exit instead of chasing just in the basement and then suddenly appearing again in the dining hall.

As of the Summer 2019 update, he can now sprint. He starts off with 0 stamina and after a while it will begin to rise up. Once it hits 100, he will dash towards the player while making Howard's jump scare sound. His sprinting speed while inside Room 810 is the same as the player's walking speed, but outside it is faster the player's own sprint speed, although it lasts for a short amount of time.


If the player tries to attack the Old Man, instead of ignoring him, he will now swing his sickle in the air, causing the screen to flash white followed by a clashing sound, blocking the attack.


The Old Man's voice lines:
"Are you in here...?"

"Come out, come out!"

"I can smell you."

"I hear you."

"I'm so lonely..."

"Where... are you?"

"You'll like being dead. I promise."

"You're wasting both our time."


When sprinting towards the player:


  • While hiding in the basement's closet during the final hiding scene, he stops to look directly at the player, but afterwards, he just keeps walking through the room before leaving. This implies that he knows where the player is, but wants to surprise them when they eventually leave.
    • This animation has a chance to not occur, meaning some players won't experience this on their first playthrough.