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Specimen 2 (A.K.A. Gel) is the first hostile enemy to be encountered in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. It first appears in Room 60.


Specimen 2 is a semi-solid, humanoid figure that is dark-green in color with a bright green outline. Various bits of its body appear to be of a gel-like substance, while the rest is solid. It has a somewhat emaciated appearance, shown by its protruding rib cage and collar bones. It lacks a face, save for a lipless, open mouth, which shows its long teeth. It has no legs or feet, and its torso simply extends downwards, ending in a rounded shape. Its left hand is always held up, as if reaching for the player, while the right arm ends in a rounded stump at the wrist.



Specimen 2 first appears in Room 60 after the player has read the note on the table. The note reads as follows:

"Spouting, Splashing, Soaking.

Innards, Ingest, Invoking.

Nailing, Never, stops the Choking"

After reading the note, a loud choking sound can be heard, and Specimen 2 will emerge from the door the player has entered the room through.


Specimen 2 deals 45 damage per hit with a cooldown of 3 seconds. It can kill the player in 3 consecutive hits.


The Specimen chases the player by floating and phasing through solid objects. It can be easily outrun if the player is fast enough, however, as it is slightly slower than the player's walking speed.

It spawns puddles of green slime on the floor that slow down the player considerably, giving it a chance to catch up. These puddles will not spawn in the abyss maze rooms.


When the protagonist is killed by Specimen 2, they will be presented with a screen rapidly flashing red and grey, with Specimen 2's "face" presenting multiple mouths with teeth and eyes, accompanied by static sounds and text that reads as follows:

"I know what you have done, and what you have yet to do.

But it's alright, because I'm inside you now.

We are one but I am many..."


Specimen 2 is easy to outrun. The player should be mindful of the slime puddles, however. Hitting it with the axe will make the Specimen float away from the player for a short period.


"UNKNOWN HUG", Specimen 2's chase theme:

The choking sound, alerting the player of Specimen 2's presence:

Sounds heard when Specimen 2 is near the player:

"BLOOD STAINED GIGGLE", Specimen 2's death screen sound:


  • Specimen 2's appearance was inspired by the Lub-Glub monsters from Adventure Time.
  • Specimen 2 shares the same death screen sound as Specimen 4.

Specimen 2's 3D model


Specimen 2 now has a 3D model, and its "tail" flows behind it as it moves. It has animations for emerging from ink puddles, moving, and attacking.

Specimen 2's slime puddles are no longer transparent.


Specimen 2's speed and strength remain unchanged from the original game; however, it gained a few extra features.


Specimen 2 will always spawn from an ink puddle at the beginning of the room that moves from under the door.

If the player walks past at least one puddle before Specimen 2 comes out from under the door, it will rise out from the closest puddle to the player instead of from the door. If multiple instances of Specimen 2 are present, only one will do so (the second Specimen will instead spawn at the door as per usual).

Specimen 2 can no longer phase through walls, but it can still float in the abyss rooms.


Specimen 2 is no longer knocked away when hit by the axe, but will instead collapse into a puddle after being hit and will naturally regenerate after a second or two.

Endless Mode

In Endless Mode, Specimen 2 can be a serious detriment when paired with faster and hard-hitting specimens, such as Endless Specimen 4, or even slow ones, such as Specimen 5, as its slime puddles slow down the player and let other specimens catch up that wouldn't be able to otherwise.


  • In Endless Mode, Specimen 2 will always be in the re-chase pool from the beginning, meaning he will come without warning. His spawn room from the Story Mode can still be encountered, but it is very rare.
    • Notably, it is the only spawn room that doesn't have to appear in an Endless Mode run. If all the other spawn rooms have appeared before Specimen 2's, it won't appear at all.
  • If Specimen 2 is hit while floating over a pit in an abyss room, it will fall all the way to the bottom and despawn, unable to chase the player for that particular room.