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Specimen 5 (A.K.A. Bab) is a hostile enemy in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. It is first encountered at Room 210.


Specimen 5 is a faceless, humanoid creature that is entirely pale. Its body appears feminine, and it wears no clothes or accessories of any kind. Certain areas of its body, such as its face and limbs, also carry darker shades, presumably from lighting.

Natural marks are visible across Specimen 5's body, signifying age in an organic or inorganic way. Its texture/composure is similar in appearance to substances such as paper, clay, parchment, and wood. The Specimen also lacks hands, with its arms ending in stubs. It carries a red-brown blade attached to its right arm, which appears to be tipped with blood.



Specimen 5 will appear starting at the end of Room 210. Upon reaching the final area of its chamber, the player will come across a old gate to their left before the exit door. Crossing it will cause the gate to open, revealing Specimen 5 inside. The chase will then continue for several rooms following the player's exit from Room 210.


Specimen 5 deals 60 damage on contact with a cooldown of 2 seconds. Despite this, it doesn't kill the player in 2 hits. The player will only die if their health is below 40 when hit.

If hit while the player's health is a value between 40 and 60, their health will go into the negatives. The health bar will be, visually, completely depleted but the player will still be alive. The player's health bar will become visible again after a while.


In terms of speed, Specimen 5 is one of the slowest Specimens in the base game. While running, the player can easily evade it.

A compensating factor for its slow speed is its ability to create environmental and visual hallucinations. During the chase, the player's vision will become obscured by a thick fog. Added to this is the surface of the walls, floor, and doors occasionally becoming one of three different animated textures: a scintillating black and green texture, a repeating pattern of pale brownish-colored humanoid faces, or a river of blood. Although these textures come and go, the fog persists until the player has escaped Specimen 5 completely.

In Endless Mode, Specimen 5 is slightly faster than in the base game.


When the player is killed by Specimen 5, the screen flashes red and a death screen shows up along with the text:

"Tiny, Shining holes in the sky.

Delicate, perfect emptiness.

Black, growing absences of life.

Cold, swarming death.

And we shall become them."


In order to survive an encounter with Specimen 5, the player should have a keen awareness of their environment and a good sense of direction. As Specimen 5 can easily kill the player if it manages to catch up, the player should always be on the move and avoid hindering their movement as much as possible to evade the Specimen. The hallucinations created by Specimen 5 hinder vision and environmental awareness, so the chase is a game of understanding which direction one must go and what path leads to the exit while always being on the move.


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Sound Files
File Description
"LUSTING STRAWBERRY" (chase theme)
Ambience 1
Ambience 2
Ambience 3
Ambience 4
Ambience 5
Ambience 6
Ambience 7
Death screen


  • Before January 2015, Specimen 5 created a much thicker fog than it does now, slowed the player's movement speed, and had no blood texture effect. This was considered to be more frustrating than scary, as it led to problems seeing the exit door of any given room, or navigating the paths in the abyss rooms.
  • Specimen 5 is an homage to the video game series Silent Hill, which is known for its rusty, bloody and metallic settings, foggy environments and visceral hallucinations.
    • The Specimen itself resembles the Nurses and the Mannequins from Silent Hill 2.
    • The sword attached to its right wrist highly resembles the great knife Pyramid Head carries from Silent Hill 2.
    • The sounds Specimen 5 makes while being nearby the player seem to be clanking metallic noises, resembling the ambient sounds in some Silent Hill games.
    • The pentagram that appears on its death screen closely resembles the Halo of the Sun used by The Order in the Silent Hill games.
    • In Room 210, it is revealed that the Cult allegedly burned a girl as a sacrifice to appease the darkness, without knowing she was impure. This closely resembles a similar event carried out by The Order in the Silent Hill games.
    • A faint siren can also be heard in Specimen 5's chase theme.
  • The Specimen's ability to manipulate the player's senses implies that the player may have a weak will and/or mental issues, at least according to CAT-DOS. This theory is further strengthened by the player apparently being affected by Specimen 7, who is effective against subjects with mental trauma.
  • Specimen 5, Unknown Specimen 1, Unknown Specimen 3 and Monster 5 are the only Specimens capable of changing wall textures in normal rooms.
  • Before the 2.7.1 update, Specimen 5 had a different walking animation.



It now has a fully 3D model. The texture for the blade is different from the original game.


Specimen 5's speed has been substantially increased, now going at about the same speed as Specimen 4. It also kicks down the door when it enters a room, leaving it on the floor. It now kills the player in 2 hits, instead of leaving their health on a negative value.

Specimen 5 now leaves a trail of red after-images behind it as it walks. These after-images will persist for a moment when changing rooms, which is most noticeable when repeatedly entering the same room multiple times in a row.

The fog now appears to be entirely absent, instead replaced with a dim static effect. The hallucinations don't seem to affect the exit doors of a room, but it does affect Unknown Specimen 1's pixelated doors.

In Endless Mode, Specimen 5 can join Specimen 13's chase. It will be slowed down by the water, although its hallucinations will affect most textures in the flooded rooms excluding the water and walls.


  • Specimen 5's blade originally had its own separate texture, seen in the pre-rendered sprites for the original game, but it was lost at some point and so it used Specimen 5's body texture in the HD Renovation. A new texture was added for it on the 2021 Halloween Update, however.