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Specimen 6 (A.K.A. The Merchant) is a hostile enemy encountered in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. He is first encountered at Room 310.


Specimen 6 is a wooden, life-sized puppet. His eyes are pure white with no irises or pupils, and his face usually bears a wide, toothy grin. Specimen 6 wears a simple brown tunic with a brown belt, grey tights, and black shoes. He carries a long, thin, silver blade (likely a needle) and has thin strings attached to his arms and back. Though his face initially bears a smile, he can suddenly switch to a frighteningly angry face at random intervals.



The player first encounters Specimen 6 in Room 310. He will be standing right in the middle of the room as if to greet the player.

Astute players will notice that Specimen 6, at first, does not seem to move, but will turn to continuously face the player. This is because he does not move while he is within the player's sight.


Specimen 6 deals 45% damage on contact with a cooldown of 2 seconds.


However, as soon as the player looks away, Specimen 6 will teleport behind them, indicated with a clicking wooden noise, and attack. The player must keep eye contact with Specimen 6 most of the time, especially in rooms that take longer than a few seconds to run through, as it is impossible to outrun him in longer rooms.

If the player stares at Specimen 6 while standing idle for more than 10 seconds (using only the strafe keys counts as being idle), he will disappear and strike. Therefore, it is important that the player is constantly moving while keeping eye contact with Specimen 6.

It is also important that the player exercises caution whenever they are in a room without Specimen 6 appearing. He can sometimes appear inside the walls where he can still hurt the player from.

Specimen 6 can also get knocked down with the axe for the duration of that room. However there's a 25% chance that he will teleport to a random location in the room and possibly attack when the axe is swung at him.


Upon losing all of one's health to Specimen 6, the screen will cut to his face followed by a scene showing a needle approaching an eye. Before the eye is punctured, a loud screech will be heard, with the scene changing to show the following text:

"To become a puppet is to rid oneself of the pain and harshness of choice. Now nothing you do is your fault, now you belong to something... You belong to me..."


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Sound Files
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"The Merchant" (chase theme)
Wood clicking 1
Wood clicking 2
Wood clicking 3
Wood clicking 4
Death screen


  • Specimen 6 is one of the specimens to be made using 3D models turned into sprites instead of just 2D art.
  • Specimen 6's facial expressions seem to match those of the Happy Mask Salesman from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, who in both games switched from a somewhat disturbing smile to a startlingly angry face under specific circumstances.
    • His clothing may also be a reference to the Nintendo 64 era of Zelda games, in which several NPCs wore similar simple outfits.
    • His drowning in the backstory is a reference to Ben Drowned, a famous Majora's Mask creepypasta.
  • Specimen 6's movement mechanic is similar to SCP-173, the first SCP from the SCP Foundation.
    • This mechanic could also be based on the Weeping Angels from the TV series Doctor Who, who move when not observed.
    • It may also be another reference to Ben Drowned as the player in the creepypasta finds himself pursued by a statue that repeatedly teleports to him.
  • The series of rooms that immediately precede his appearance and shortly afterward strongly resemble the Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, complete with similar-sounding music.
  • His death scene might be a reference to a dream the protagonist has in the Ben Drowned creepypasta, in which several children turn the protagonist into a statue, one of the steps being to sew his eyes shut.
  • Specimen 6 is the only specimen whose notes describe its backstory, instead of describing the experiences of past victims or witnesses related to them.

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Specimen 6 now has a fully 3D model instead of a pre-rendered sprite.


When Specimen 6 teleports, he will now ascend into the ceiling, then choose a descension point near the player. When this happens, if his descension point is not currently in the player's view, he will always teleport into attack range. However, if it is in the player's view, he will instead go out of the way of the player and be unable to hit them.

When Specimen 6 enters a room, he will always try to attack the player - it is important to quickly turn around and look at the entrance door to avoid getting hit by Specimen 6.

Specimen 6 will only teleport if he's not being looked at for more than one and a half seconds or if he's being observed for more than 10 seconds.

The overall mechanics of Specimen 6 have been overhauled, causing it to sporadically teleport less and to stop teleporting inside walls. In Endless Mode, hitting Specimen 6 will deduct one room from its chase duration.

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.


Specimen 6 will appear as one of the three Specimens the player can choose from to start the Hellgate Chase Sequence in Spooky's Dollhouse.

The chase sequence rooms will be similar to Specimen 6's rooms and there will now be shadow puppets hanging from the ceiling. He can still be knocked down with the axe, however - this will stop him momentarily, after which he will teleport and attack the player after a few seconds have passed.

To compensate for the lack of health regeneration, he only deals 15 damage.

The penultimate room of the chase will always be the same; it will be a maze featuring the phase-through doors from the rooms before meeting Specimen 6 in the main game.


Specimen 6's death screen is visually the same as the original, but gets different text in the The Doll House:

"My children drowned. So I took theirs for mine.

I sew them all up, with long silver twine.

I use my wood drill, to bore out their eyes.

Speak not my child, I'll silence your cries."