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The gallery contains flashing images and lights. Proceed with caution.

Specimen 8 (A.K.A. Deer Lord) is a hostile enemy encountered in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. It is first encountered at Room 558.


Specimen 8 is a floating, demonic, deer-like entity wearing a long black cloak. Its antlers are long, somewhat symmetrical, sharp, and spider-like, lacking the beam-and-tine structure typical of most deer. Specimen 8 has two eyes with white pupils and black scleras, and it lacks a lower jaw. It also has abnormally sharp and jagged teeth jutting down from the top jaw.

The cloak is sleeveless and even when open reveals no limbs, as Specimen 8's body comprises a set of human rib bones underneath which lies a host of screaming faces fading into the darkness.



Specimen 8 is encountered for the first time after a sequence of forest and cabin-like rooms filled with violent deer, starting from Room 550 and ending at Room 558. At the end of Room 558, the player reaches a room with two doors at both sides, and a dead-end shrouded in darkness in front of them, from which Specimen 8 emerges and begins the chase.


Specimen 8 deals 30 damage per hit with a 2 and a half second cooldown. If it attacks the player, the screen will flash different images, each demonically warped, sometimes being pictures of Specimen 8 itself.


During the chase, the player's vision will be obscured by a static overlay. Attempting to attack Specimen 8 with the axe will have no effect on it. It will also utter numerous demonic phrases while chasing the player.

Similar to Specimen 4, Specimen 8 appears to be incorporeal, as it easily goes through walls and any known kinds of obstructions. It moves slower than Specimen 4, however.


When killed by Specimen 8, the player will be forced to walk on a red dirt patch through a dead forest, and after a while, they will encounter Specimen 8 waiting for them. Once the player gets close to Specimen 8, the screen will flash and the following text will appear:

"And I saw, from eyes that were not mine.

And I felt, with a fear I could not reason.

They watch us, they invade us.

And keep us happy, committing treason.

To a King we didn't deserve.

To a Son who waits weeping.

That I knew, from knowledge gained while sleeping."


Specimen 8 is the most dangerous in rooms with mostly non-linear paths, such as abyss rooms and rooms with several turns, as it can easily phase through walls or float over gaps to ambush the player. To avoid this, a good method would be to hinder its advantage by getting it to follow the player along most of the path.

Because of the dim static overlay Specimen 8 creates, environmental awareness will also be tested, although to a lesser extent compared to other Specimens.


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Sound Files
File Description
"Your Consenting Mind" (chase theme and death screen theme)
"Your Consenting Mind (Clean)" (chase theme without static)
"Join us."
"Why do you run, child?"
"Your submission is inevitable."
"Your flesh will sustain my children."
Death forest ambiance


  • Specimen 8 design is inspired by The Beast from the 2014 cartoon Over the Garden Wall. The forest area is also inspired by the cartoon. [1]
    • Its design also comes from folklore of the Wendigo, although taking a cinematic intepretation of the creature.
  • The text that appears on Specimen 8's death screen is a reference to Bambi as it mentions committing treason on a king, and a weeping, perhaps mourning, son. It also mentions a they, which could refer to humans capturing and hunting deer.
  • Specimen 8 appears briefly in Kira’s other game Lost in Vivo being described as “Bayagototh’s child”.
    • Pictures of them can be found in the second area of Lost in Vivo.



Specimen 8 now has a large black ring swirling below it. The static effect is notoriously less detrimental to the player's view and its head will also track the player's movement.


As of the Halloween 2021 update, Specimen 8 has received a mechanical overhaul. When the view between the player and Specimen 8 is obstructed by a solid wall (not including railings) and the player is far away, Specimen 8 will open a rift between itself and the player and warp forward to catch them. This warp will always take one second, so the further Specimen 8 is from the player, the faster it will travel. When not able to use its rift ability, Specimen 8 behaves like a floating corporeal entity, mostly following the path or floating over pits when no solid walls are present.


Specimen 8 is most dangerous in Endless Mode where there's a numerous amount of rooms with multiple tight corners and walls, which allow it to easily catch up to the player and can sometimes make damage unavoidable.

The player should try to always keep Specimen 8 close to them as to prevent it from using its warp ability. It's recommended to avoid taking quick turns when Specimen 8 is chasing, otherwise this can result in being intercepted by it. When it uses its warp ability, the player may hug the wall opposite to the Specimen in order to decrease the chances of being caught. Additionally, Specimen 8 can't use its ability when the height between it and the player is too great, meaning it's easier to avoid it in rooms with stairs or slopes.


  • The Death Forest can be briefly seen when Specimen 8 uses its warp ability.
  • Unlike in the original version of the game, the player is able to roam freely in the Death Forest area as well as use the Axe after dying to Specimen 8.

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Specimen 8 will appear as one of the three specimens the player can choose from to start the Hellgate Chase Sequence in Spooky's Dollhouse.

Its chase sequence's theme shares that of its starting area from Story Mode, the rune temple with some added windows that look out into a forest. Violent Deer will also make an appearance during the chase.

To compensate for the lack of health regeneration, the Specimen only deals 15 damage.

Its penultimate room looks like a cabin with windows, still using the textures for the rune temple, that leads into a "forest".

When the screen fades to black after shattering the Hellgate Source, Specimen 8 says: "Praise be Bayagototh".


When killed by Specimen 8, the death sequence plays out like normal, until the text at the end, which has been changed to:

"And as I slept, and as I grew.

Something stirred, both root and sinew.

I cannot eat, nor can I starve.

A face on the great tree did I carve.

It spoke to me, it whispered things.

It demands more life, demands more rings."


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Sound Files
File Description
Hellgate Source voice line


  • Specimen 8's new death screen, along with its new audio clip are both referencing Bayagototh, a character from Akuma Kira's other game, Lost in Vivo. They seem to span many of their games.
    • The chase sequence's theme seems to also be from its Lost Tape in Lost in Vivo.
  • Specimen 8's quote that plays after the Hellgate's destruction seems to be higher pitched than its other quotes.