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This page contains spoilers about the game. Read with caution.

Spooky's Father is a character in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, first appearing in notes written by him in the Karamari Hospital DLC, and getting a physical appearance in The Doll House DLC.


Spooky's father appears as a caucasian male, wearing a lab coat, blue pants and brown shoes, with black hair. His eyes are covered by darkness.


Spooky's Father first appears in a note in Karamari Hospital, seen after completing the Isolation Room maze and escaping Monster 5. In the next room, a note from him can be found that reads the following:

"I'm so sorry my little angel.

I've tried hating the man that took you
from us, but in the end the only person
I can hate is myself.

You always liked to scare people,
especially when they didn't understand
something. I was confounded no one
understood your costume but I guess
people don't read Poe anymore, even
with the new Price film. That man
clearly overreacted to your fireworks,
but we can only blame a PTSD
sufferer so much."

If the player gets the bad ending for Karamari Hospital, which requires the player to kill most of the Monsters, the note will show a different message:

"I hate myself for what I am doing,
but I can't wait any longer.

Your mother puts on a brave face
but I know she wants this too.

I'm making fair progress in bringing
you back, but it seems to only work
for a moment even with larger thresholds.

Today I think I found the answer.
A second device is needed to bind the
spirit to the earth after it has been
brought back. I know this sounds
macabre but I will turn it off and
let you return to heaven after your
mother and I get to see you again."

In The Doll House, he gets a physical appearance, appearing slouched over on a wall in the Seal Chamber. If he is interacted with after completing the Nightmare Sequence, a message will appear, reading:

"I always wanted to tell you.
How that night really ended.

But I couldn't. Because you were gone.
I need your forgiveness. That's why I wanted you
back at any cost.

But in the end I robbed you of both life and unlife.
Please go on, and be with Monica.

I'm sorry."

In the HD Renovation, his corpse won't appear until the player completes the Nightmare Sequence.


  • The Nightmare Sequence itself is a recreation of how Spooky's Father killed Spooky, which is also shown in the Secret Arcade Machine in Story Mode. He shot her after Spooky lighted up some fireworks, which triggered her father's PTSD, causing him to grab his rifle and undergo a psychotic episode where he is being ambushed by soldiers.
    • The rifle that appears in the Nightmare Sequence is the M1 Garand, used during the Vietnam War which is where the father most likely developed PTSD from, assuming he has around the same age as Monica, that Spooky was born a few years before he went to war, and that he came back when Spooky was about 12 years old.
    • The empty bottles scattered on the floor in the sequence, which are most likely beer bottles, point to the fact that Spooky's father is an alcoholic. This would explain why Spooky looks blurry in the sequence, or the father simply couldn't tell the hallucinations apart from Spooky wearing a Halloween costume, which were both red.