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Rules revision 1.3 by IvanDoomy - 06/12/21 @ 15:52 PM CET.

When you are present in this Wiki and interacting with it, we expect you to follow a set of rules and guidelines.

Violating any of these rules can have consequences ranging from a simple warn to your indefinite expulsion from this Wiki -- it all depends on how severe the violation in question was. We also do not give second chances.

Please note that these rules may be subject to change at any time, and you are responsible for keeping up-to-date with them.

General Rules

  1. Follow the FANDOM Terms of Use.
  2. Do not vandalize any article.
  3. Do not spam anywhere on the Wiki.
  4. Do not delete or falsify vital information or files.
  5. Roleplaying anywhere on the Wiki is completely forbidden and will be punished accordingly.
  6. Advertising is not allowed.
  7. No NSFW material of any kind.
  8. No excessive swearing.
  9. Do not ask for game files. The Wiki is not a place to give away files. Modding discussions should also be taken somewhere else.
  10. Harassment or bullying of any kind is not tolerated. Keep a respectful attitude on this Wiki.
  11. No editing other users' private pages, such as a profile or sub page.
  12. Help other users out, if you can, as opposed to degrading them for their lack of ability.
  13. Do not be a backseat moderator (do not hand out warnings if you are not on the Wiki staff team).
  14. Alternative accounts are not allowed and you will be banned indefinitely if caught using one.
  15. This Wiki is in english, so please respect that by speaking english.
  16. Admins and moderators get the final say, respect their decisions.

Editing Articles

  1. Read each article in its entirety before editing.
  2. Always verify any information you add. Do not add rumors/misinformation into articles.
  3. Remain objective - use "the player", not "you".
  4. Keep an informative tone - do not write as if you are talking to someone.
  5. Do your best to use proper grammar.
  6. Do not create new articles without admin permission.
  7. Do not create pages that have nothing to do with the game (for example theories, fan-pages or simply spam).
  8. Avoid linking the same thing more than once on a page unless it is on a different tabber.
  9. Do not start "edit-wars" - report such behavior to the staff team and wait for the edits to be approved/denied.

Tip: we strongly recommend switching your editor preference to the source editor, instead of the buggy visual editor. To do so, visit your user preferences, click on the "Editing" tab, and under "Preferred editor", select "Source editor".

Uploading Files

  1. Do not upload images that have no relevance to the Wiki, its contents, or the game. This also applies to sound files. Use Imgur for linking to unrelated images.
  2. Do not upload either duplicate or low-quality files. This includes poorly cropped screenshots, and screenshots with non-game elements covering the screen.
  3. If you are going to upload animated gifs, try to keep them short and with good framerate and quality.