The Protagonist is a history enthusiast that lives in a town near Spooky's house, which is a local mystery. One day they decided to venture into the house to discover its backstory. Even when faced with the many horrors that the house's cute façade conceals, they remain determined, always moving forward.

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The number of times the axe is swung at certain things determines what ending the player receives. For this, the game uses an internal counter that increases by 4 for every hit against a minor enemy like the Violent Deer and by 1 for each Specimen 1 whacked. If the counter goes over a certain number, presumed to be 20, the Bad Ending will occur. Otherwise, the player will receive the Good Ending.

In the Good Ending, the Protagonist dies in such a way that is "just tragic enough" that they become a ghost, in turn joining Spooky's army.

In the Bad Ending, the Protagonist becomes the Specimen 14.

In the Joke/A_Rival Ending, the Protagonist escapes the mansion, and tells everyone about its supposedly empty spaces and lack of substance. Nobody believes them, but they live on.


  • The image seen in the bad ending suggests the Protagonist is young.
  • As Specimen 7 is "only effective on subjects with a past trauma or mental issues", it can be deduced that the Protagonist suffers from one or both of these complications.
  • It is debatable whether or not the Protagonist actually dies in the good ending, although there is very little proof that they survive. One reasonable example is that while the player respawns standing over a large blood stain, the floor is not the same as the one used in the boss battle room. This is debatable since the Good Ending suggests that the house is little more than a combination of physical objects and background projections to give the illusion of having infinite rooms.