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Unknown Specimen 1 (A.K.A. White Face) is an enemy that can be randomly encountered in the Endless Mode.


Unknown Specimen 1 is a floating, white pixelated face. The face has empty eye sockets, uneven teeth, a scar down one eye and two nostrils.



Before it attacks, rooms will turn pixelated and a loud, ominous piano tune will play to warn the player before it arrives. After a few more rooms the chase will begin.


A static noise will play if the player character is close to Unknown Specimen 1. It will appear somewhere within the room and looking at Unknown Specimen 1 will make it teleport away to a different location while the screen flashes red.

The chase rooms may eventually start looping, preventing the room number from going up. This will make the chase longer, but eventually, Unknown Specimen 1 will leave, allowing the player to proceed. Some rooms may also contain bloody vines hanging from the ceiling if the chase goes on for long enough.


Unknown Specimen 1 deals 30 damage to the player upon contact. It goes through walls and any obstacles. Using the Axe has no effect.


When the player is killed by Unknown Specimen 1, the death screen flashes with the words "DEATH IS NO ESCAPE" for a few seconds. The view then shifts to a dark room with only Unknown Specimen 1 present, and a hanged up corpse in a sack that will have your system name as text. When Unknown Specimen 1 comes closer, it says the following sentences:

"Look at you. . .

How sad.

Your body is all closed up."

The game will ask the player to confirm the word CLOSED, or to type something else. If the player types a name, the game will close automatically. However, typing Open will show the corpse's guts ripped out, and the second chase will begin.

Second Chase

During this chase, the walls are red, Unknown Specimen 1 will become bigger and start floating towards the player like most other specimens. It will go through walls but won't teleport. The player's health is kept on 1, and if Unknown Specimen 1 damages them, the game will close. Escaping Unknown Specimen 1 during this chase will put the player back in the normal rooms and their health will start regenerating again.


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  • Unknown Specimen 1 is called White Face and comes from IMSCARED, a pixelated horror game made by Ivan Zanotti. It has quite a few direct references to the IMSCARED game and its remake:
    • Its starting sound is very similar to the track playing in the "Not to see" room from IMSCARED.
    • The breathing sounds playing in the later portion of this track are also reminiscent of similar breathing sounds found in the Market area of the game.
    • The mechanic of Unknown Specimen 1's chase, alongside the static sound it produces, is similar to several of its chases in the original game, where a similar static sound will get louder and louder the closer it is to the player.
    • Unknown Specimen 1's game over screen is similar to a scene where it teleports the player to a pitch-black room with a noose, with the entity slowly approaching the player while talking to them.
    • The second chase room is reminiscent of the flesh room where the Heart is located in IMSCARED.
    • Unknown Specimen 1 prompting the player to type in something is a nod to the original game, where it regularly asked the player to type in its name.
  • When the player gets killed by Unknown Specimen 1, Spooky's flashing face in the main menu is temporarily replaced with Unknown Specimen 1 until the game is restarted.
  • Unknown Specimen 1 was added to the game due to AMGSheena and Akuma Kira's love for the game IMSCARED.
  • Unknown Specimen 1, along with Unknown Specimen 5, are the only Specimens who can temporarily stop the Room counter from going up during a chase.
  • Unknown Specimen 1 is, so far, the only specimen with a "second chance" chase mechanic.


Unknown Specimen 1 does not use its "realistic" face anymore in its regular chase. It will only use it in its second chase, glitching between it and the pixelated face.



Unknown Specimen 1's introduction room is a L shaped, normal room that after a brief moment of the player entering, it will turn pixelated, accompanied of a piano tune. Unknown Specimen 1 will appear stationary at the entrance door, unable to harm the player. After the player goes through 5 more rooms, Unknown Specimen 1 will start chasing the player.


Unknown Specimen 1 no longer teleports when looked at. Instead, it will teleport after a fixed amount of time or after hitting the player. If it hits the player, its speed will not reset. It no longer freezes the room counter on its first chase.

It now gradually gains speed, starting at a crawl, but soon speeding up to be slightly faster than the player's walking speed. This speed will reset each time Unknown Specimen 1 teleports. After 25 rooms, the rooms will change to long hallways with tight turns, and after 15 rooms the chase will end.

It has a high chance to appear behind the exit door after entering a room, which can be avoided if the player is fast but more often than not will result in the player getting hit. The screen will flash red only when Unknown Specimen 1 is close to the player.

Specimen 11 will not be able to make doors disappear when Unknown Specimen 1 is present.

Second Chase

Unknown Specimen 1's death screen has a few visual changes, such as Unknown Specimen 1 approaching the player in several small jumps instead of smoothly and a keyboard appearing on the screen, where the player will choose a letter by dragging the cursor over it.

In its second chase, Unknown Specimen 1 is now much slower and no longer phases through walls, giving the player a better chance at escaping it. However, another specimen may rarely join the chase, with the exception of Unknown Specimen 3. It will freeze the room counter, however. After 14 loops, the player will escape the second chase, start regenerating health again and Unknown Specimen 1 will go back to its normal chase.

It's extremely risky but recommended getting killed by Unknown Specimen 1 if the player is being chased by harder specimens and low on health to get a second chance using its second chase.


  • The rooms in the second part of Unknown Specimen 1's normal chase appear to be partially based on rooms from the original version that don't appear anymore in regular chases in the HD version.
  • The longer rooms are the same type of rooms that can appear in Story Mode when the player is in Rooms 600-699, where Specimen 10 gets introduced.
  • Unknown Specimen 3 used to be able to spawn during Unknown Specimen 1's second chase. Unknown Specimen 3 was not capable of damaging the player during the second chase, but they would surely die when leaving Unknown Specimen 1's second chase, as no health could be regenerated.