Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion Wiki

All versions of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion are documented here. This includes Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation. Changes, fixes and updates to the game are mentioned while putting some emphasis on other outside changes the game has gone through.

Original Game

Spooky's House of Jump Scares Released Today! - Oct 24th, 2014

  • Game Released

Updates, and Polish - Nov 1st, 2014

  • Stopped notes from spawning while monsters are active
  • Added subtitles to Spooky
  • Made Specimen 2 slower
  • Fixed some grammar issues
  • Added a spooky information station
  • Changed Monster collisions
  • Remapped some controls
  • Added more notes
  • Adjusted texture brightness for better composition
  • Added a new texture set
  • Added a story scene

Spooky December Update (2.3) - Dec 8th, 2014

  • Made textures more customizable
  • Fixed some texture reloading issues
  • Added a trigger to tell you if the game is going to run slow
  • Adjusted the FOV
  • Fixed render distance calculation
  • Added a new special NPC
  • Added some helpful text
  • Fixed collisions to be more fluid
  • Made the music sound better
  • Added new menu sounds
  • Added more effects
  • Adjusted some sound volume
  • Added more rooms
  • Fixed some drawing slowdowns
  • Added more scenery
  • Added some weird surface drawing systems

Spooky January Update (2.5) - Jan 17th, 2015

  • Added new rooms
  • Added mini games
  • Fixed Specimen 5's fog to make the specimen scarier and less frustrating
  • Added a mobile texture system to improve performance
  • Fixed surfaces from breaking when you start over
  • Added a new texture set
  • Fixed surfaces from messing up depth (sometimes) on older graphic cards
  • Fixed Cat-DOS from stopping the ambiance
  • Added more scenery
  • Fixed controls text
  • Fixed minor spelling errors
  • Added a new level
  • Added new specimens
  • Added a weapon
  • Fixed the flesh rooms to count as rooms
  • Fixed the Centipede spawning two holes on top of each other
  • Added more information to CAT-DOS

Spooky January Update (2.5) (Mac Version) - Jan 27th, 2015

  • Spooky January Update (2.5) For Mac got released on Jan 27th, 2015.

Spooky's House of Jump Scares (2.5) (Mac Version 2) - Feb 1, 2015

  • Second Spooky January Update (2.5) For Mac got released on Feb 1, 2015.

Spooky's Game on Steam Greenlight - Feb 2nd, 2015

  • The game is available on Steam

Spooky March Update (2.7) - Mar 12th, 2015

  • Fixed up some weird frames on Spooky
  • Made jump scare sounds editable
  • Fixed maze rooms for being too frequent 
  • Fixed Specimen 8's voice 
  • Added a Pause feature 
  • Added two new levels 
  • Added two new NPCs
  • Added more art 
  • Made NPC textures editable
  • Added more sounds 
  • Added more texture sets 
  • Added more scenery 
  • Fixed the footstep sounds 
  • Added more rooms 
  • Fixed minor glitches

Spooky Steam Early Access and Updates (2.7.1) - Apr 24th, 2015

  • Replaced Specimen 10
  • Added more rooms
  • Added a new minigame
  • Polished animations
  • Lowered memory usage
  • Added more options

Spooky's First Finished Release (2.8) - July 21st, 2015

  • Added new levels
  • Added new NPCs
  • Added new textures
  • Added new scenery
  • Added new rooms
  • Added an ending
  • Added more notes
  • Added more scares
  • Fixed bugs
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Optimized assets

Karamari Hospital DLC Released - Dec 30th, 2015

Major Game Breaking Bug Known and Being Fixed - Feb 16th, 2016

  • Controller support added
  • Polished save system
  • Introduction of passwords in the Settings menu

Spooky's Name Change and Why This Happened - May 20th, 2016

  • The game is renamed to Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion from Spooky's House of Jump Scares

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion 3.0.1 - July 4th, 2016

Includes bug fixes (versions 2.8.1 and 2.8.2), name change (2.8.3) and Endless Mode release (3.0) and bug fixes (3.0.1). Steam Link

Endless Mode:

  • Includes 5 NEW specimen and 4 from the DLC
  • New rooms
  • New posters
  • New cardboard cutouts
  • "Ringu" update
  • Specimen 5 now has a kill screen
  • Optimization


Spooky's Doll House Released - Oct 2nd, 2020

The final DLC is released alongside fixes to the base game.

  • Player movement fixes
  • Credits adjustments

HD Renovation

Launch Feature Status and Plans - March 1st, 2017

March 2nd Bug Fixes - March 2nd, 2017

Spec 3 Fixes:

  • Lab note had 2 typos that we fixed up

Spec 4 Fixes:

  • The player could see Spec 4's teeth when the player spawned in the room. I don't know about you, but I for one am not interested in Spec 4's dental work, so this issue was removed.

Spec 5 Fixes:

  • We know you love those hallucinations so we made them more frequent and happen at a quicker rate when you enter a room.
  • Who doesn't like music? Spec 5 loves music so much that her chase music started even before you saw her! This has been fixed.
  • Spec 5, do you have a fog machine in your area now? Added missing fog effect in final scripted room.

Spec 8 Fixes:

  • Spec 8's little deer friends can no longer hug you in to a corner and get you stuck (even when they died). Also they are a lot chompier and will bite you right away now.

Spec 10 Fixes:

  • Spec 10 liked showing off its transformations by appearing in the wrong transformation for a split second in the room before switching to proper form. We put a stop to this and told it to play it cool.
  • Beep: Notes don't sound like paper

Spec 11 Fixes:

  • We like the Play Tunnel so much we put "enter" in all caps.We realize this isn't proper... _ENTER now says Enter.

Spec 12 Fixes:

  • Spec 8 now enters the Wine Room like the original game

Specimen As A Whole Fixes:

  • We all have that one friend who hangs out and doesn't leave when they're supposed to, right? Well, specimen wanted to do the same. Fixed a bug where specimen rechase woud follow you into a scripted room.
  • The player somestimes would spawn inside a specimen during re-chase, we realize that's uncomfortable and fixed it.
  • Everyone spawns with their attacks cooled down now so they are ready to eat you

Boss Fight Fix:

  • A Unity bug meant that sometimes his attack patterns would get doubled up, as much as we love a GIANT pile of little minions this has been fixed for the time being.
  • Final boss' charge up particles would sometimes stay around even if he wasn't increasing his power level.

Misc Fixes:

  • If you are playing the game in a different language, CAT-DOS would not display the word 'specimen" or the number of the specimen, that's fixed now.
  • Specimen music fade in has improved
  • Collision on notes has impoved GREATLY, we basically made it a box instead of a sphere. I love boxes.
  • Howard was slightly too big for his room, so we made him smaller so that he doesn't hit or clip his head on the ceiling.
  • Specimen 5 and 6 method of killing was swapped on CAT-DOS, it's correct now.
  • 500 door and Express tunnel sounded like wooden doors even though they're metal. Correct sound effect is in.
  • We fixed some issues with the axe appearing on the Credits screen and on the main menu. NOT ANYMORE AXE!
  • Counting is hard: Some scripted rooms were appearing before they were supposed to, that is now fixed.
  • Options menu UI navigation - you can select FOV on the Graphics panel when using a controller
  • Stand Back Stamina - Infinite stamina doesn't sit on top of the indicator anymore

March 3rd Patch Notes - March 3rd, 2017

Spec 3 Fixes:

  • Lab Assistant Got An English Degree - Fixed typos.
  • _ - All doors show correct interaction labels
  • Don't stub your toe - fixed collision on the small PCs

Spec 5 Fixes:

  • Once is enough, thank you - you can no longer re-start her chase theme over and over again by walking in to the trigger.

Spec 6 Fixes:

  • Nice to see you again - Spec 6 will now show himself when you enter a room so it's a LOT harder to get stabbed on accident
  • Knife to see you again - Spec 6's attack is charged immediately so you can't run up and high five him without taking damage

Spec 11 Fixes:

  • Return of the FUN TUNNEL music

Spec 13 Fixes:

  • Splish Splash - Her chase music is back

Specimen As A Whole Fixes:

  • Found more rooms where specimen could rechase you and shouldn't, or would keep chasing you and shouldn't. Now sit Spec 3 and STAY!

General Fixes:

  • Right day - the date on the previous patch notes has been corrected
  • No more Kerbal Bunkbed Program - fixed the colliders on the bunk beds so that it no longer sends you to space if you walk in to the ladder just right
  • Thickened up the walls - No longer using the previous unreliable collision detection on the walls, they are now big sturdy boxes so you shouldn't be able to clip through them anymore.
  • One band at a time - Ambient music, specimen music, specimen killscreen music, credits music, and whatever other music I missed in that list will no longer overlap. Also fixes the weird ambient noises on the menu and in the credits (even though I thought that was neat).
  • It really didn't want to ever ever run out - Spooky's gift at 750 no longer persists through exiting and starting a new game while it was active
  • Darkness 2: The Darkening - Rooms will once again occasionally darken beyond a drab grey.
  • Shhhh: Don't play the door sound twice in Room 1000
  • Look here - Menu scene will now point the camera correctly and you won't be looking the last direction you looked in the game. (That sentence makes sense right?)
  • Blink and you'll miss it - Extra bright frame after the GAME OVER killscreen will no longer show up
  • Troll Randomizer - Randomizer on specific sequences has been adjusted so you don't get the same room for the whole chase.

March 6th Patch Notes - March 6th, 2017

Spec 4 Fixes:

  • Spec 4 was just a little too anxious and wanted to show up a room before she was supposed to. Area starts at 160.

Spec 5 Fixes:

  • In an alternate universe, metal doors sound like wood, however, we are in this universe, so the doors sound like METAL.

Spec 7 Fixes:

  • I'm not going to make the same joke twice - doors now sound like metal, not wood. Especially the flesh door. That was odd.

Spec 8 Fixes:

  • Dear Deer, when someone hits you with the axe, you have to die, not hallucinate and make noises after you're on the ground. Love, Sheena.

Spec 9 Fixes:

  • Music to my ears, more like death - Fixed Spec 9's kill screen music. It was all set up except for the play part. Whoops.

Spec 10 Fixes:

  • Spec 10, what lovely animations you have!
  • Spec 10 also learned what pausing in game does, finally.
  • Spec 10's worm form didn't understand until recently either. No one wants to see you buddy.
  • Why you gotta get goop on my screen?! I thought we were friends Spec 10!
  • Great and I'm hallucinating too.
  • The floor tile with the blood stain where you pick the note up could suffer the same issue as the walls where you could clip through it, which was...really unfortunate.

Spec 11 Fixes:

  • Awh, Spec 11! Sure! I'll give you a high five, WAIT NOOOOO! Spec 11 now has animation and particle effects! Don't neglect your temples, kids.
  • Where did the doors go?! Improved Spec 11's hiding doors ability.
  • Our snakes are sad. New texture fixes the FUN RULES sign.

Spec 12 Fixes:

  • What's this thing about tables? Spec 12 nor the player can hide behind tables anymore, IT'S NO USE!
  • No shortcuts old man! His behavior while paused is also vastly improved and he will respect pauses and also not skip to the end of a stalking sequence when you pause.

Spec 13 Fixes:

  • I lived with the whales for the weekend and learned what they do for a living and stuff. The Whale Room behaves properly now.
  • Ambient color issues have been fixed in Spec 13's area. There is no longer advanced darkness.

Final Boss Fixes:

  • Final boss uses the right kill screen rather than regular flavor game over.
  • Get your act together BossMan, stop spawning hands after you die, that's cheating. Boss no longer spawns monsters after you win. And any he *did* spawn don't hang around for the ending.
  • You can now see the blood on the floor in the good ending, ewww. I hope Spooky has a janitor...

Misc Fixes:

  • Sometimes the specimen didn't get the message - fixed an issue when specimen would spawn during Game Over screens or the end sequence.
  • WAM plays by his own tune, but we gave him a music lesson in modern music. WAM works a little better now.
  • Fixed an issue when you could pause during the Elevator door opening animation. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?
  • Floors can be rough, and sometimes in life, there's holes in the floor. Fixed an issue in the Elevator where the player clips through the floor by the door.
  • No one told you to jump out of moving elevators. Fixed issue where you could leave the Elevator room before animations stop.
  • Woah there twitchy! Fixed the jerkiness when you went through the elevator door animation.
  • We've learned that swinging an axe is hard and tiring. So, you lose stamina now when you pick your axe up and swing it.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume would reset to 50 when you would re-launch the game. StealthyMoose literally forgot to make that one property save. Ooops.
  • Present and accounted for - Spooky's gift to you at room 250 now has the correct sound effects on it.

March 16th Patch Notes - March 16th, 2017

Spec 8:

  • JOIN US: Hallucinations cycle faster, mix adjusted on the lines so they're easier to hear while being chased.
  • Spec 8 got its calendar sorted out and now starts the sequence at the proper time.

Spec 9:

  • RED MEANS SCARY: Boss-form image effects are back (oops).
  • Stand here and look up: Good end animation smoothed out.

Spec 11:

  • Don't hit your head! The side tubes for the FUN TUNNEL have collision.

Spec 12:

  • Get it together old man! Cellar particle effects are back in, he operates doors correctly in a way that makes sounds, and has upgraded his door opening arm to break doors while chasing you later.
  • He also got a bit creepier.

Spec 13:

  • There was a chance for the randomizer to troll the heck out of you with her sequence rooms. Troll has been banished to the dungeon and now you will always get different rooms!
  • Fountains fountain again. So calming.
  • Pressure door stopped cracking under too much pressure and doesn't display the wrong prompt after you go through it.

Brain Room:

  • Brain is back and enhanced. Maybe axe it a question? Wiggle those noodles.


  • Exist now! Go play them. They will be expanded in the future but right now they're pretty fun.
  • These took so much work. You don't even know.


  • Science is less scary now, the small lab rooms have had their navmeshes built so no longer will pathfinding specimen just hang out in the door. Lookin' at you Spec 3.
  • Extra wallpaper was ordered and applied, the patches of rooms that were not using the correct material have been fixed.
  • Scha! Unlimited stamina expiration audio cue.
  • CAT_DOS has been upgraded to have new cursor(tm) technology so it is approximately 900% easier to see what you are clicking on.

Patch Notes 4/21/2017 WE BACK! - March 21st, 2017

Spec 2:

  • BACK FROM WHENCE YOU CAME! Spec 2 is now affected by the axe
  • Spec 2's been on the treadmill these past few weeks, he moves a lot faster now

Spec 5:

  • "red room" now has fleshy sounds and moves around, did we mention crying? There's a lot of that too. In the words of QA, "Ewwwww".
  • How does that song go again? Spec 5 has music now
  • We believe that once a door is kicked down, it should stay down. Fixed bug where the door would sometimes appear on hinges again after being kicked down by Spec 5.

Spec 6:

  • I get knocked down, but I get up again! Spec 6 is affected by the axe

Spec 8:

  • Snuggle buddies til the end - Deer would push the player and cause the player to fall out of the world, this is fixed now. Not cool deer, not cool.
  • Spec 8 went to the gym with spec 2 and Spec 8 now moves quite a bit faster now.

Spce 9:

  • Spec 9's music plays a few seconds before killing the player; Just keep moving, just keep moving

Spec 10:

  • When we say pause YOU PAUSE - Spec 10's worm form doesn't lose its momentum when the player pauses the game.
  • Spec 10 can no longer clip through the doors, you must obey doors, don't be the door.

Spec 11:

  • Spec 11's kill screen audio plays for the whole animation. Finally Travis did his job. (ouch - Travis)

Spec 12:

  • What have we told you about climbing on the furniture?! GET DOWN! The player can no longer stand on the beds or the piano bench.

Spec 13:

  • Sometimes Spooky gets confused with words, she's only a little kid, come on! Pressure door now has the right text when you try and go through the door again.
  • Spec 13's fin clipped through the wall before jumping into the water - How do you even???
  • Splish, splash, Spec 13's takin a bath - Spec 13's splash effects are fixed
  • Whale then - Whale responds properly to pauses too

Final Boss:

  • White Hallway now has partical effects - OOOOOOOOOOO
  • What? What did he say??? WHAT ARE THEY SELLING?! The radio in the white hallway before the boss fight has subtitles now.


  • Sometimes the lurkers of the Mansion liked to make noise before you even entered the room, the "screetch" noise upon entering a room has been fixed
  • Other misc audio glitches have been fixed
  • Lost Woods puzzle room sometimes layered its DINGS and DONKS, we no longer double your honk if you donk
  • You have no reason to go backwards in the Lost Woods puzzle, you gotta move forward in life or death...
  • Back tracking? What's that? You can no longer go back through scripted rooms once you leave them
  • Fixed subtitles bug for the good ending
  • Credits roll a lot more nicely and end well with the lovely credits song that our friend Moi made for us
  • Howard, if you didn't miss all our work meetings, you'd understand how this works. Fixed Howard again agian again (Please - Travis)
  • Axe is now lit appropriately
  • Swish swish - Axe swing audio can no longer be heard when you enter a new room while holding the axe
  • When specimen is turned off in the Options menu, they aren't eligiable for credit cards, loans, or re-chases.
  • Overall optimization for load times for rooms

VR Related Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with the Vive pointing the wrong direction on launch.

Welcome to Karamari Hospital! - May 13th, 2017

  • Karamari Hospital is added as free DLC for the HD Renovation.

May 19th Patch Notes - May 19th, 2017

Karamari Hospital

  • Fixed the coffee maker - Monster 2 & 3 are a bit faster.
  • Got more paper in - Note is now visible in the hospital room from the hall where the security guard sits.
  • Soda can switched to decaf and now only shows up in NG+
  • Fixed the door noises in the lab for both broken & non-broken doors.
  • The thing to prevent you from opening the door while Monster 1 was hanging out in front of it somehow moved slightly to the right (seriously) - we put it back so you can't skip around him anymore.
  • Wardrobe is coordinated and Spooky now only wears her nurse's outfit on NG+
  • Redecorated the deformity wing so you can't see the empty backs of cabinets

Base Game

  • Counting is hard and now the base mansion won't show room 995 when starting a game after playing in the hospital
  • Brain had a think about it and now zaps you proper like.


  • M-M-M-MULTI SAVE - You now get 1 save per game and you won't lose progress in one by playing the other. SORRY.
  • All the doors refresh stamina now

May 24th Patch Notes - Hospital Fixing Extravaganza! - May 24th, 2017

Specimen 11

  • Spec 11's rechase would cause a soft lock (black void that you had to exit to the main menu for) - that has been fixed and he will now behave himself like the rest of the specimen.

KH General

  • Almost all the NG+ sword kills were wrong and have now been fixed to have the blue fade & weird noises
  • Sword plays the right noises
  • Occasional flash of fog effects would happen when changing rooms - this has been fixed as a part of the overall bigger fade to black changes.
  • Monster 2 now properly keeps your stamina topped off - and has been made a LOT faster for it
  • No running rule has been enforced on the tunnel down to the Lab. Those stairs are slippery.
  • Deformity wing broken door noise has been set properly
  • Sword can be used to kill the virus in the basement (but not until the power is off so you can't completely sequence break)
  • Monster 3 was sitting too high up so it didn't look like it was looking at you - it's been lowered to more ominous levels.
  • The stain in the first Lab room has been restored to it's old information giving state.
  • Flickering lights are back in the screaming blood vacuum room.
  • Matt McMuscles is back to being credited properly for screaming in said room.
  • Weird visual "tear" in the blood display has been fixed too
  • A very small cube that blocked walking around and showed up only when Spooky talked to you in the lobby has been removed. (I don't know how that happened either)
  • Sometimes a ROOM: 0 would flash when loading a KH save - fixed as part of fade changes.
  • Occasionally the Security Guard (Monster 1) would start moving right away - this was pretty much entirely luck based and dependent on build, but it's been fixed.
  • Sword sounds have been restored. It's properly "woosh"-y again.


  • Redid how the fade to color between rooms worked to be both more durable and to live on the UI layer so the UI itself is included in the fade. I think it looks nicer.

Welcome To Endless Mode! - Oct 20th, 2017

  • Endless Mode is now playable
  • Added Steam Leaderboards for Endless Mode
  • Added Steam Achievements
  • Third Ending added to the game
  • Several VFX Updates


  • New and improved Options Menu
  • Removed the ability to toggle VR once the game is running because that confused too many people.
  • A bunch of other fixes that I honestly don't remember because it's been several months - oops
  • We upgraded Unity twice so no more falling through the floor! Theoretically.

VR Improvements:

  • Look to turn
  • Vignette
  • A recenter button in the Options & recenters when you launch the game

Undocumented Changes (Mentioned in previous dev blogs):

  • More rooms! There's a fish tank with fish in it! They swim!
  • New door models!
  • Each specimen has a starting room when they spawn during Endless Mode.

MAC LAUNCH! And other important updates! - Dec 15th, 2017

  • New platform - OSX
  • Specimen 7 has a neato updated scripted room in the Base Mansion & Endless. Go hang out with everyone’s favorite mystical cat and agonized flesh wall.
  • Style Swap added.
  • Specimen 11 and Specimen 3 can be hit with the axe now.


  • Tiri’s shadows only require one axe swing now and disappear substantially quicker.
  • Bekka won’t spawn twice at a door and chases you for a shorter time.
  • The spawn logic has been changed to prevent multiple spawns of Spooper & Bekka at the same time.
  • The logic for how the specimen rooms are chosen in Endless Mode has also been updated to provide a more fair but still very random way of constructing the endless mansion (a far lower likelihood of getting Spooper and Bekka as your first two).
  • Additionally we added a system where there can only be one instance of any given screen effect (Like Specimen 4’s alternate form static) to both help with performance and make duplicates of specimen with those effects more fair.


  • Spooper can’t kill you during a room load anymore (causing double rooms to load). You were supposed to be invincible during room transitions but that got broken somewhere along the way. Whoops.
  • Specimen 2 could be hit with the axe while emerging from a puddle and it would spawn a new puddle floating in the air at a weird angle. That has been fixed and he will just re-goop in to the puddle he was trying to emerge from.
  • There was a data problem that made it so on certain floors in the original mansion you would get repeated big rooms WAY more often than we intended. That has been fixed.

Happy Halloween Update! - Oct 31st, 2018


  • Added invincibility frames when you get hit - you're invincible for the duration of the red screen effect (approximately 0.3s). This means that the 50/50 locked door room isn't an instant run killer with three specimen in endless.
  • Fixed fog getting stuck after exiting or finishing a mansion, which would make the main menu look odd after Karimari Hospital.
  • Spruced up the main menu background - it's now at least 75% more ambiant.
  • Fixed the UI scaling/sizes to be consistent (everything will look a bit smaller, but more computer-appropriate). This doesn't really affect you at all but it means font sizes are consistent.
  • Added a selection indicator to the main menu & to mansion selection since the scaling wasn't super obvious. You might recognize it from the original game.
  • Added discord integration. If you let discord show what game you're playing, it'll show the wall texture of where you are, what mansion you're in, and display the room number you're at.
  • Fixed potential for look & movement to get locked while opening a note. This was a weird race condition.
  • Fixed notes spawning during specimen chases. The note counter only goes up when you read a note though - so if you missed one in the past you didn't really ever miss it.

Base Mansion:

  • Specimen 12 had a bunch of work done:
    • Spamming use on hiding spots won't glitch them anymore
    • A bunch of audio polish
    • Some new animations
    • You can shimmy around in the hiding spots again
  • Specimen 2 has new animations. He's extra goopy now.
  • Specimen 4 has new animations. OooOOOoooOOOo.
  • Specimen 8's minion deer have 3d models and animations. It's Moose's first time doing any kind of real animations so hopefully they're not too bad.

Endless Mode:

  • Enough changes were made that it's not fair to compare the new scores to the old scores - so writes have been disabled to the old leaderboard and now there's a new Halloween 2018 leaderboard that you will have to start a new Endless save to get on the boards again! All the old scores are preserved for posterity, so everyone can remember SeriousSean's 10,420 room run.
  • Spooper (Unknown Specimen 3) cannot cause you to vomit while there are other specimen chasing you. This is the most asked for feature by everyone who played endless mode.
  • EM Monster 2 can't hover over pits anymore. This was an oversight on its pathfinding settings. Oops.
  • EM Monster 4 also can't hover over pits anymore. Same as above.
  • Fixed Tirsiak's (Unknown Specimen 4) kill screen so it's not black fog anymore. Oops.

Spooky Summer 2019 Update! - July 25th, 2019

General Specimen Updates:

  • The ability to specimen reset has been removed.
  • Specimen who break doors down now rattle the doors before breaking them. You can also see specimen coming through the area behind the doors after the door has been broken (regardless of how physically improbable the door position might be). Also fixed some minor logic around the direction the door got kicked in.
  • New cool looking flow mapping shader on Specimen 7 and the boss fight for Specimen 9
  • Ran a fine toothed comb over the specimen hit/hallucination effects. They were previously operating under incorrect timings and they've been restored (Specimen 8, 10, and 11 specifically)
  • Same as above but with all the static effects in the game. They're much more pixel perfect and scale better with different resolutions.
  • HUGE update on all the killscreens, went over them with a fine toothed comb to fix timing and visual issues. They also work a lot better in VR since they are now "attached" to your face so the 2D ones will play out like a movie rather than being a strange floating plane.

Specimen 3:

  • Specimen 3 got a behavior review, new animations, and a killscreen. Hopefully his neck won't break anymore when chasing people.

Specimen 9 / Taker Boss Fight:

  • Changed how Specimen 9 boss form picks attacks so if you reflect multiple fireballs at him it doesn't start a several versions of the next form. This way is also easier to maintain and/or change.
  • Updated the Specimen 9 boss fight screen effect visuals to be better.
  • Specimen 9 got an AFK killscreen that's different from the normal killscreen to hopefully clue people in on his behavior more.
  • Added a new Specimen 9 Boss reveal cutscene.
  • Updated the Specimen 9 Boss Good Ending sequence. It looks neato now.

Specimen 10:

  • Specimen 10's little scare in the ducts works properly again and some ambient sounds were fixed.
  • Updated Specimen 10's behavior. It now retains its form between rooms, when it is in parasite form it breaks doors down very quickly, however when the parasite catches you it gestates momentarily before returning to its walking form. This should make Specimen 10's mechanics more obvious to new players and make it more fair in Endless mode.
  • Made Specimen 10's damage overlay more efficient. A few people on lower powered computers were reporting issues with it so it now operates much faster.

Specimen 11:

  • Updated some of Specimen 11's area, new models for the meat in the freezer and new effects in the freezer. Fixed the mirror not "tracking" the player.

Specimen 12:

  • Updated Specimen 12's behavior. He now has a stamina meter much like the player, and when it charges up he yells and sprints towards you very quickly. Once his meter is expired he has to walk for a little bit before he can sprint again.

Specimen 13:

  • New whale in Specimen 13's area.

Mansion Changes/Updates:

  • Added the "Did you think it would end serious?" message back before the credits.
  • How rooms and specimen are loaded was changed to make it a consistent staged process, eliminating a lot of strange timing bugs that were difficult to track down. This also means that you no longer skip the fade-from-black in a room when a specimen has respawned.
  • How rooms generate and store their geometry has been updated so they don't re-do it every time you load a room.
  • Added a new set of rooms to Endless mode after room 500 that can potentially spawn that have multiple doorways that Specimen can enter through.
  • Updated CAT-DOS. Switched it to work like the minigame room arcade machines and returned its old secret glitchy state.
  • Reformatted & updated the credits. Everyone say hi to SeriousSean and Teshno in the credits.
  • Updates to the in game HUD, a new damage animation, and some other under the hood changes.
  • Doors you enter a room from no longer have a handle to signify you came from said door.

Options Changes/Updates:

  • Updated the Options substantially with a selection indicator and a number of small fixes to make them easier to use and navigate.
  • Added smoothed FOV animations to the intro cutscene.
  • Added an option to turn VSync off and to set your target framerate. Spooky's is a really light game so if we didn't have a target framerate option it can go over 1000fps and that breaks physics. Turning VSync off can help if you feel like your mouse inputs are slightly delayed.
  • Added an in-game timer that shows how much time you've played a save. You can show it while you're playing via a new option in the options menu. It's still a little bit of a work in progress.

Misc Changes/Updates:

  • The way weapons & offhands (like the flashlight & lantern) work was rewritten. Weapons now use real animations rather than being driven entirely through scripts. These changes don't have gameplay effects but are part of restructuring code to be BYOM ready.
  • Use camera distance fog rather than camera near plane distance fog. This removes some high-FOV exploits and generally looks better. In rooms where people relied on using FOV exploits (the big abyss rooms) the fog distance has been increased so you can still check the path in front of you.
  • Updates to how interactables are picked. This makes it a lot more consistent and cases like the Specimen 3 Lab key card behave more how you would expect plus removes some strange deadzones around Specimen 13's keys.
  • Switched to doing color grading with a look-up-table (LUT) for specimen color effects, replacing old color filter effects. This means that if Lisa & Tirsiak chase you at the same time your vision is no longer almost black.
  • Updated how the player moves when crawling to play the footstep noises and head bob properly.
  • Steam now connects after the splash video so it shouldn't make the intro stutter anymore.
  • Made UI Bleeps more consistent, especially in the options that were very bleep-less.


  • Fixed the problem where you would lose sensitivity or button mappings for controllers if you started the game with them plugged in if they had been plugged in before. Now you should be able to plug, unplug, start the game with it plugged in, whatever your setup may be.
  • Made the text on the note that spawns Specimen 2 less blindingly bright
  • Pausing while Specimen 6 descends from or ascends to the ceiling no longer freezes/crashes the game.
  • The combination lock in Specimen 13's area is actually blurry if you don't have the lantern
  • Water footstep sounds weren't playing after exiting Specimen 13's area
  • White Face has been fixed. Probably.
  • Monster 2 has a back to the model.
  • Flashlight wasn't showing up in the school sections.
  • Doors in the lab caused a slight view jump when you used them.
  • Bunk bed ladders have a back side now.
  • Unknown Specimen 5's Specimen 1's weren't cleaned up if you died or exited to menu while they were active and they would persist through subsequent new/loaded games.
  • Some menus were missing English localization.
  • Some of Specimen 12's closet pieces were on the wrong layer and could soft lock the game/break everything.
  • Pressing the UI Submit button on a controller from a game over screen would instantly select new game again.
  • There was an incorrect navmesh in one of the hallway rooms with the railings that (non-incorporeal) Specimen would walk right through.
  • You could get stuck in Otto's spawn room if you had specimen off. Now you can eat the floor pizza and move on, as is intended.
  • Specimen 9 can no longer get you in Specimen 12's area while you're hiding. Enough people complained that we changed it.
  • You can't get stuck behind the doors in the white room in the ending sequence anymore.

6/25/2019 Evening Quick Fixes:

  • Tirsiak doesn't make dark fish rooms in Endless too dark to see.
  • Specimen 6 no longer counts some time between room loads as time you not looking at him so he could attack you randomly in the next room rather than descending from the door.
  • The Spec 9 boss cannot be walked through in his vulnerable form anymore.
  • Fixed multiple duplicate specimen using the new LUT (Tirsiak, Lisa) clearing the LUT too early when one despawned but one was still active.
  • Fixed a really weird navmesh on one of the ramp halls
  • Changed the lower bound of target fps to 30 in the options when vsync is disabled.
  • Fixed Monster 2's glitch effect (it had the wrong sprite).
  • Fixed the 3d model of the whale popping in weirdly.
  • Fixed a high FOV problem on Specimen 9's killscreen
  • Fixed you being able to pause during the Specimen 9 boss fight intro
  • Fixed Otto running through the door before breaking it
  • Fixed the material on the fish tanks losing its shininess.
  • Fixed white face breaking the game again if he "killed" you while a room was loading

07/08/2019 Patch:

  • Fixed ability to open the menu & be in control of the game at the same time (which was allowing for a lot of other really weird behavior like duplicate room loads).
  • Fixed (a slightly different reason for) the issue where Spec 9 could come after you unexpectedly after hiding in Specimen 12's area.
  • Prevent you from being able to swing your weapon while hiding in Specimen 12's area.
  • Changed Unknown Specimen 1 (White Face)'s teleport to prevent him from teleporting directly on top of you (giving him a free hit).
  • Fixed some misaligned stuff that was causing floating Specimen 2 puddles in Unknown Specimen 1's second phase.
  • Fixed the Endless version of Monster 2's spawn room so if you skip spawning him or his sequence doesn't finish he still chases you as normal.
  • Changed some of Endless Monster 2's logic so that he has a short cooldown between teleports - reducing the chance he gets a free hit on you if you have to walk close to the spawn door.
  • Replaced the "50/50 Room" with an Endless-specific version that has a short hallway to make it less fatal.
  • Now your Endless score is written when you save so the leaderboards should be easier to track your progress on.

07/22/2019 Patch:

  • "No Escape" text in endless is back when you're being chased (it was a text bug - the button still didn't work)
  • VR menu un-broken in options
  • Spec 9 Boss fireballs do damage again

Spooky's Halloween 2019 Update! - Oct 25th, 2019

VR Changes:

  • New HUD: Now the display of the interactable label, health, and stamina in VR is attached to where you are looking and collides with the world. The old HUD would cause depth conflicts with the world, which didn’t bother some people, but made others nauseous.
  • Snap Turn Option: Turning options are now available, you can use smooth turn, or a snap turn of 30, 45, or 90 degrees. 30 degree snap turn is now the default, as it is much more comfortable than smooth turning.
  • Updated render path to Single Pass Stereo: This was weird and complicated but the end result is that in VR the game renders a TON faster and should be viable to play on even lower spec computers.
  • Removal of forced look changes/most forced movement: This was a common complaint and one of the biggest sources of simulator sickness. There aren’t a lot of places in Spooky’s where this happens (Boss Fight, ending of Karamari Hospital) but it’s jarring when it does happen.
  • Hide world while paused: Again, this is to prevent depth conflicts between the pause menu and the world.
  • Changed note placement technique: Previously notes were rendered regardless of what else was on screen, making for a jarring depth conflict when reading notes on popped out cutouts or when close to tables.
  • Staircase Collision Changed: Staircases now use ramps for player movement collision - the previous jarring movement from the steps was a source of discomfort.


  • Room loading and room transition optimizations.
  • Spooky now has a 3D model.
  • Minigame cabinets reworked.
  • Added Endless Scores to the in-game menu.

Minor Updates:

  • Updated TextMeshPro version and replaced a lot of legacy UI Text components with TextMeshPro ones.
  • New 3D models
    • Clay Man minion in the Boss Fight
    • Keys in Specimen 6’s area
    • The candle (now with a flame sometimes!)
  • Elevator polish pass to make the motion correspond more accurately to the audio
  • Good ending polish pass & minor updates so you can float around

Bug Fixes:

  • Ambient noises don’t continue playing between rooms
  • Unknown Spec 5’s room no longer freezes the game if encountered w/ specimen off
  • Neutral ending text stays on the screen long enough to read
  • Boss Fight’s hand attack is now actually threatening (previously if you did not move, it would not damage you)
  • A ton of small material cleanups for crispy pixel edges
  • Some KH performance improvements
  • A bunch of material fixes in Specimen 11s area. The flat top grill once again displays its front as it is supposed to

10/27 Patch:

  • Fixed whiteface 2nd phase not working
  • Fixed pause menu re-opening when you backed out of it
  • Fixed leaving the minigames

12/21 Patch:

  • Fixed "Continue" not showing up on the first save
  • Fixed school section not having flashlight on the last room

Welcome to The Doll House - Oct 2nd, 2020

The Doll House is released as a free update, alongside some hotfixes.

  • Fixed ability to do Hellgate more than once if you left and returned to the lab (which broke the ending)
  • Fixed Husk animations getting stuck weird in certain cases
  • Fixed it being possible to have multiple dolls
  • Fixed furnace consuming the doll hands if you said you didn't want to put them in it

Halloween 2021 Update - Oct 29th, 2021


  • Updated to a new Unity version
  • Specimen 5 new visual effects.
  • Specimen 8 reworked mechanically.
  • Specimen 13 chase updated mechanically - new paths only she can use, rechase support in endless, some combinations allowed.
  • Husks, Woormy Charles, the Hooked Doll, and the Clown can now appear in endless mode with unique starting rooms.
  • An endless skip room becomes available from the start when your best score on the leaderboards exceeds 1000.
  • New leaderboard for Endless Mode - this is the final leaderboard.
  • Dollhouse inventory shows up in VR
  • Dollhouse achievements added
  • Reworked the clock puzzle in The Dollhouse
  • Added a prompt to the options menu if you cancel with changes made.
  • A bunch of minor visual & sound effects polish here and there - mostly in the Dollhouse and the Base Mansion.
  • Added an option called “Reduce Flashing” that should make the game a lot easier to play for people with photosensitive epilepsy or anyone who doesn’t like repeated/fast flashing. It’s not a guarantee, however, so always stop playing immediately if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Specimen 2, 5, and Monster 5’s speed increased.


  • Dollhouse - You could backtrack once the KIRAGEN was started and collect the doll for the hellgate chase which made it unintentionally a lot easier.
  • Dollhouse - Exiting to the main menu during a Spooky dialog cutscene could softlock the game.
  • Dollhouse - During the spirit seal cutscene you could pause and softlock the game.
  • Dollhouse - You could re-enter the spirit seal room after the final countdown started causing it to start multiple times and do very weird (broken) things.
  • Dollhouse - Updated how far away from the camera the Map & Doll are positioned for both VR & wide FOVs to make them less painful to look at.
  • Dollhouse - Doug’s audio wasn’t set up right so you could hear it through the walls.
  • VR - Updated how player messages were displayed so that they show up correctly in every mode and also doesn’t show “Sample Text” on start.
  • VR - Pause menu doesn’t show up in the correct direction with some combinations of Look To Turn &
  • Turn Snap being on.
  • There were a bunch of weird issues with skyboxes causing things like the dark area in Specimen 7’s section to look wrong.
  • Fixed some wonky materials on a number of rooms.
  • Backtracking through a specific door in Specimen 10’s area connected to the wrong door.
  • Starting animations were incorrectly set up in the Base Mansion boss fight.
  • Fixed note materials that had an incorrect draw ordering causing them to appear behind effects.
  • Bad ending for the base mode had a number of small issues, especially when you were using a wide FOV.
  • Fixed the collider positioning on some that were incorrectly placed.
  • Specimen 11’s hallucinations have returned.
  • Fixed dying in the fun tunnels causing you to crawl in the kill screen and get stuck when restarting/loading the game.
  • Specimen 8 praises in the Hellgate sequence
  • Specimen 10’s screen effect broke fog when paused.
  • Prevent the KIRAGEN from being used again after the Hellgate activates to keep you from getting locked for a few precious seconds.
  • Hellgate specimen have their correct extra killscreen text now.
  • Woormy Charles can no longer get you stuck in a corner forever.
  • Woormy Charles no longer does weird fast slide attacks under some conditions.
  • Fixed hitting Woormy Charles being weird and unreliable.
  • Specimen 3 could get stuck on other Specimen 3 and just wiggle back and forth forever in narrow corridors.
  • Return the fingies to Dollhouse
  • No Escape logic tightened up, it wasn’t showing up when it should if you hadn’t saved yet.
  • Fixed metal sound effect in the room 500 metal floor part.
  • Fixed Specimen 11 room door unlock order
  • Fixed Specimen 8 room door lock
  • KH - Fixed the ability to scam the in-game timer with the medallion door by entering/exiting the hall repeatedly
  • Fixed a softlock where Unknown Specimen 3 could make you vomit during a room transition
  • Fixed a softlock where the game would get stuck on a black screen if EM Specimen 4 stopped chasing on the same room a new EM Specimen 4 started chasing

11/21/21 Patch Notes - Nov 21st, 2021

  • Fixed SteamVR starting when selecting non-VR mode
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in the rare chandelier room
  • Fixed being able to pick up a second pinwheel piece in the hole room
  • Fixed the pinwheel piece item indicator on the Hooked Doll showing up when revisiting the basement
  • Fixed the endless score screen not appearing
  • Fixed backtracking in the endless skip room breaking the game
  • Fixed some walls in the dollhouse you could knock husks through
  • Fixed a draw-order problem with the husks' floor decal breaking pits
  • Fixed hitting the meat in Specimen 11's hell chase causing the axe to still look held up
  • Removed the ability for Spooper & White Face to show up together [identifier 1]
  • Fixed the screen effect getting stuck if you picked up the note after the nightmare sequence repeatedly
  • Fixed Specimen 10's area having the wrong texture state when you first enter it
  • Made EM Hooked Doll match your vertical position so her behavior is less confusing in rooms with ramps
  • Fixed Specimen 8 being able to get stuck places and not portal
  • Fixed layers on the pit colliders so Woormy Charles doesn't touch them like walls
  • Fixed Specimen 2, 8, and Monster 5 not floating over gaps in some rooms correctly
  • Fixed an incorrectly placed specimen accessory in one of Whiteface's second chase rooms
  • Fixed a rare condition where your movement could be locked when exiting Ms Spook repeatedly
  • Fixed some crate positions that could get Specimen 13 stuck
  • Slightly increased EM Woormy Charles' damage

Spooky's VR Fix Update - June 22nd, 2022


  • Fixed the UI element for the countdown in the dollhouse not showing appearing
  • Fixed Specimen 13 spawning in the last 5 rooms breaking the ending sequence of the base mansion
  • Fixed a duplicate camera in the neutral ending
  • Fixed Specimen 6’s music restarting when you left his spawn room
  • Fixed Whiteface’s roots having positioning and material errors
  • Fixed it being possible to have Spooky appear behind geometry during the ending sequence
  • Fixed the pause menu being very out of alignment after recentering VR while playing the game
  • Fixed lighting errors in one small room
  • Removed Let's Player Rare room due to people misinterpreting it and is no longer accurate for Spooky's HD specifically.


  • Small tweaks on the visuals and timing in the neutral and bad endings of the base mansion
  • Added a display for what VR SDK is currently active in the options menu
  • Small tweaks on the nightmare sequence in the dollhouse to make it more unnerving
  • Took 100ms of sound effect delay off Specimen 6’s audio cue for teleporting behind you


  1. Spooper cannot appear in White Face's second chase, not its first.